Ivan’s character can be summed up in two traits – a pedantic stubbornness and an insatiable love for music. Naturally, he wouldn’t let the mere fact that his home country is geo-blocked from certain music streaming platforms interfere with his never-ending quest for new artists. The endeavour of researching the tools of hiding his identity also made him an online privacy enthusiast. His contribution to DataProt are his in-depth, meticulous, and critical reviews of cyber-security products.
A Guide On How To Turn Off Avast (Temporarily & Permanently)
With the number of malicious cyber warfare attacks continuously rising in recent years, having an antivirus is a must. Avast antivirus houses plenty of options to protect your device, keeping potential malicious attacks on the internet at arm’s length. If you are using the full or even the free ve
Kaspersky’s Blocked App Is the Final Straw Leading Russia to Fine Apple
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation fined Apple $12 million on April 26 for alleged monopolistic actions and unfair leverage over third-party apps via its store. The Moscow Times reports that the fine was raised over a 2019 lawsuit that Kaspersky instigated against Apple. A
Hivelocity Launches Its WHMCS Module Along With Reseller Hosting
Hivelocity, the company known for edge computing, bare metal dedicated server, and private cloud solutions, announced its new WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) reseller module. Hivelocity partners can now use the WHMCS platform with the public RESTful API to sell dedicated server hosting di
Chinese Hackers Suspected for Exploiting a VPN Weakness to Target US Defense Industry
According to a report by the cybersecurity company FireEye, two China-based hacker groups have exploited a VPN weakness to access US defense industry research. The report shows hackers used previously Pulse Secure VPN’s known flaws, as well as a newly discovered one. The product is owned by Iva
Tripwire Survey: 99% of Security Professionals Struggle to Secure IoT Devices
The latest research report from Tripwire, which assessed the security of connected devices, found that the vast majority of IoT specialists are struggling with network security. The report is based on a survey involving 312 employees from different sectors that use IoT technology. 99% of the s
The best thing about NordVPN? Netflix is yet to catch it!
“It’s an injustice!” Calimero often said. The same sentiment arises when you see a commercial for something exciting coming up on Netflix, but you can’t watch it because you were born in or are living in the wrong country. Luckily, this injustice can easily be fixed by a good VPN. If you