Ivan’s character can be summed up in two traits – a pedantic stubbornness and an insatiable love for music. Naturally, he wouldn’t let the mere fact that his home country is geo-blocked from certain music streaming platforms interfere with his never-ending quest for new artists. The endeavour of researching the tools of hiding his identity also made him an online privacy enthusiast. His contribution to DataProt are his in-depth, meticulous, and critical reviews of cyber-security products.
What Is the Deep Web? – All You Need To Know
Curiosity is the defining trait of Homo sapiens. It took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon, and we suspect it’s also what brought you, dear reader, to this page. Mysterious and hidden things never cease to intrigue us, and the deep web, that larger portion of the Internet lying below its searchable
Analysis Reveals Fake Military Vessel Location Data Being Broadcast
A recently published analysis conducted by conservation technology nonprofit SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch, a website that monitors fishing activity globally, has revealed that the locations or even entire voyages of 100 warships belonging to 14 European countries have been faked since August 20
Two Years After the Texas Ransomware Attack: What’s Changed?
In August 2019, the emergency management coordinator in Borger, Texas, Jason Whisler, received a phone call informing him that the city’s entire computer system had been hacked. The attack effectively crippled day-to-day operations, freezing workers out of their files and preventing residents f
Webroot Warns – Streaming Sites Full of Malicious Content
The famous cybersecurity software company, Webroot published results of its research in May 2021, showing that 92 percent of illegal sports streaming sites had malicious content. Webroot has identified Bitcoin and mobile apps scams, notifications and search results hijacking, and fleeceware on these
Using a VPN Tunnel to Hide Your Web Browsing Data
In the old days, kings and queens sent important state-related messages in envelopes closed with the royal seal. Every court had royal messengers who would personally deliver these letters to other parties unopened. Nowadays, everybody can send their information like royalty by using a virtual priva