What’s On the Other Side of Your Inbox – 20 SPAM Statistics for 2021
Did you check your spam folder lately? It’s like walking into a giant shopping mall where everyone wants you to buy their products, hire their services, or marry a Nigerian prince. Thousands upon thousands of emails, all encompassed under a common denominator. Spam. We've compiled 20 spam statist
Save Your Data with These Empowering Password Statistics
If you’ve ever used number passwords like “123456” or “123455678” to protect an online account, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve had a stolen password at some point. In the age of IoT device proliferation, when your computer and your fridge are sharing data faster than you can im
Shopping in the 21st century – 30 eCommerce statistics
If you can’t buy it on the web, they say, it doesn’t exist. A quick glance at Amazon or eBay suggests there is truth to the adage. But how true is it really? Are brick-and-mortar shops going the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo? eCommerce statistics tell us where we are so we can figure out whe
Mobile banking statistics: The future of money is in the palm of your hand
In Tanzania, women who are traveling for critically needed surgery can pay for the bus fare via text message. In Pakistan, people are no longer waiting in line at banks; they’re making use of Telenor’s fully mobile bank accounts instead. First came the automated teller machine, then came inte
Are they taking our jobs? AI statistics for 2021
Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has always seemed scary. We all remember that famous line uttered by HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey - “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave.” Or, even worse, the machine uprising from the Terminator movies. As much as we hope the future will b
Social Media Statistics For Your Friends And Followers 
Social media has changed everything. In just over a decade, it transformed relationships, news outlets, businesses and the very definition of privacy. Today, it transcends borders, ages, genders and educational backgrounds. And despite all the fake news and online abuse scandals, social media sta
The largest battlefield in history – 30 Cyber warfare statistics
Abraham Lincoln once referred to the battlefields of the past as “hallowed grounds” - places frozen in time to forever commemorate those who have fought and fallen. While places like Gettysburg serve as monuments for future generations, in our day and age the greatest battles are not fought on p
Gaming statistics: from the depths of Spacewar to the peaks of Fortnite
Check out DataProt's list of the best VPNs for gaming. The creators of the first known video game to be played at multiple computer installations had no idea they had become pioneers in one of the biggest industries of the 21st century. The year was 1962, and the MIT students created Spacewar! F
Vine’s out, the new thing is TikTok – Statistics for 2020
Check out DataProt's guides for the best smartphone security software: Best VPN for Android Best VPN for iOS Best Antivirus for Android The internet goes crazy for short videos. First there was Vine. Then everyone raved about Snapchat, with its “blink and you’ll miss it” format.
You won’t need to filter these Snapchat statistics!
Check out DataProt's guides for the best smartphone security software: Best VPN for Android Best VPN for iOS Best Antivirus for Android In a world where everything on the internet stays on the internet, an app that deletes photos once you’ve seen them sounds like a silly idea. Who
It’s rewind time! Check out an amazing year in YouTube statistics
Ever since the first cat-playing-piano video surfaced online, these fluffballs have ruled the internet. Today, there is no better way to share funny clips of your pet riding a Roomba than via YouTube. A website that started out with a clip of a guy standing next to a bunch of elephants at the San Di
30 big data statistics everybody’s talking about
Have you ever looked at the night sky and thought to yourself: How many stars are out there? Well, you could ask a similar question about big data. While nothing quite compares to the infinity of the universe, the amount of data generated throughout the expansion of the internet certainly comes clos