Internet of Things statistics for 2021 – Taking Things Apart
The last few years have seen the Internet of Things vision grow from a theoretical concept to a major priority for many organizations. As companies integrate IoT devices into their network infrastructures, they’re looking for new ways to use and manage the data they collect. Since IoT-enabled d
VPN Statistics for 2021 – Keeping Your Browsing Habits Private
Protect your internet privacy, find the Best VPN for your needs. The modern web is eroding personal privacy at an alarming rate. Huge corporations are selling data for profit. Hackers are stealing information. Governments are spying more than we realize. It’s more important than ever to keep y
A Not-So-Common Cold: Malware Statistics in 2021
Check out our list of the best antivirus software. Trojan horses, viruses, spyware… Some of these have fancy names, others just sound ominous. But there’s one thing they have in common: You don’t want these anywhere near your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Malware can take a huge toll
Piracy Is Back: Piracy Statistics for 2021
Find the best VPN for torrenting! For years, consumers griped about cable bundling and having to pay high prices for hundreds of channels they never watched in order to get the handful they enjoyed. Despite the growing availability of legal streaming options since then, piracy statistics show tha
Internet Privacy Statistics to Make You Wonder Who’s Got Info on You
Protect your internet privacy, find the Best VPN on the market. The internet. It’s hard to imagine life without it. From basic communication with friends and loved ones to instant transactions that make standing in line as outdated as fax machines, the web has become intricately interwoven into
Mobile Banking Statistics That Show Wallets Are a Thing of the Past
In Tanzania, women who are traveling for critically needed surgery can pay for the bus fare via text message. In Pakistan, people are no longer waiting in line at banks; they’re making use of Telenor’s fully mobile bank accounts instead. First came the automated teller machine, then came inte
55 Fascinating AI Statistics and Trends for 2021
Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has always seemed scary. We all remember that famous line uttered by HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey - “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Dave.” Or, even worse, the machine uprising from the Terminator movies. As much as we hope for a bright fu
Heart-Breaking Cyberbullying Statistics for 2021
Harassment is harassment - whether it happens at school, at the playground, on the job, or on the internet. But online bullying is downplayed. Victims are stigmatized, mocked as oversensitive snowflakes who can’t take a joke. Plenty of people are unwilling to accept that victims can be seriousl
What’s On the Other Side of Your Inbox – 20 SPAM Statistics for 2021
Did you check your spam folder lately? It’s like walking into a giant shopping mall where everyone wants you to buy their products, hire their services, or marry a Nigerian prince. Thousands upon thousands of emails, all encompassed under a common denominator. Spam. We've compiled 20 spam statist
Save Your Data with These Empowering Password Statistics
If you’ve ever used number passwords like “123456” or “123455678” to protect an online account, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve had a stolen password at some point. In the age of IoT device proliferation, when your computer and your fridge are sharing data faster than you can im
Shopping in the 21st century – 30 eCommerce statistics
If you can’t buy it on the web, they say, it doesn’t exist. A quick glance at Amazon or eBay suggests there is truth to the adage. But how true is it really? Are brick-and-mortar shops going the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo? eCommerce statistics tell us where we are so we can figure out whe
Social Media Statistics For Your Friends And Followers 
Social media has changed everything. In just over a decade, it transformed relationships, news outlets, businesses and the very definition of privacy. Today, it transcends borders, ages, genders and educational backgrounds. And despite all the fake news and online abuse scandals, social media sta