What is a CDN? | Content Delivery Networks Explained
Those running successful websites for clients across the globe know how essential loading times can be for impatient customers. Site visitors leaving before completing a purchase will lead to lower reach and losses in revenue. Luckily, using a CDN can save the day here, as it’s designed to help lo
How to Encrypt Email: a Step-by-Step Guide
As one of the oldest and most universal forms of communication on the Internet, email has earned its place in the hall of fame of modern technology. However, even the simple act of sending virtual letters to people might easily become a nightmare for both the sender and the recipient. Namely, jud
How to Block ISP Tracking & Keep Your Privacy on the Internet
Privacy isn’t something we should take for granted, and that goes double for our internet privacy. However, many people aren’t aware that Internet Service Providers (ISP) have insight into their online habits and record their browsing activity. We wouldn’t be comfortable seeing someone sitt
Learn How To Write a Privacy Policy in a Few Easy Steps
One of the most delicate issues concerning Internet use today involves user privacy. It’s a fundamental right, and rightfully so, considering just how much personal information is knowingly and unknowingly given out on the world wide web. The biggest challenge comes from privacy regulation, as
Data Compression Explained
Have you ever needed to send a few hundred photos from your vacation by packing them into an archive? Maybe you remember ripping your CDs into MP3s in the days when the iPod was still a brand new gadget. Whatever the case may be, you probably remember how the resulting archive ended up being signifi
Account Takeover Fraud: What Is It and How To Prevent It
We are all witnesses that cybercrime is on the rise. And while cybercriminals and online vandals usually target companies and large institutions, ordinary individuals are the most common targets of certain forms of electronic theft. One such type of computer intrusion with potentially serious conseq
How to Cancel ExpressVPN | A Step-by-Step Guide
Keeping your private information secure on the internet is becoming an ever-increasing challenge today. Most people use antivirus software to prevent hackers from gaining access to their computer and a VPN to stop data leakage online. It’s also true that VPN services are getting better and more po
How To Cancel IPVanish: A Step-by-Step Guide
Although IPVanish has proved to be one of the best VPN services on the market, it’s not perfect for everyone. In case you’ve reviewed IPVanish VPN and concluded it doesn’t have all the features you need, you can always cancel the auto renewal of your subscription. The process is actually pr
Using a VPN Tunnel to Hide Your Web Browsing Data
In the old days, kings and queens sent important state-related messages in envelopes closed with the royal seal. Every court had royal messengers who would personally deliver these letters to other parties unopened. Nowadays, everybody can send their information like royalty by using a virtual priva
Zero-Day Exploit: A Threat Unknown
Cybersecurity agencies work around the clock to find and eliminate any exploits in both their software and hardware. The developers of apps and operating systems are always on the lookout for ways to protect their software and users from bad actors. But even with all that security, hackers still reg
How To Clone a Hard Drive | DataProt Guide
All hard drives have a shelf life before they become unusable, and your data is irreparably lost. You might decide to get a new computer and make a file backup with Backblaze, only to forget to transfer that one crucial project on your new hard drive before it gets lost. And for some people, making
What Is a VPN Protocol? 6 Most Common Protocols Explained
With so much of our time spent shopping online, torrenting, and streaming, privacy is paramount. Using a VPN is the only way to protect details about your identity, location, and other data. In a nutshell, a VPN masks your online behavior by scrambling your data and sending it through a private tunn