The Ultimate List of Data Brokers To Watch Out For

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In today’s age, information is increasingly becoming the currency of the online world. Research shows that the data broker market will grow at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2021 to 2031.  

Data brokers collect, analyze, and package ample amounts of personal data from different sources, such as online platforms, public records, and consumer transactions. It also includes demographics, browsing habits, purchasing patterns, and social media activities.

In this article, you’ll discover numerous data brokers and learn how to control your personal information on these sites.

List of Data Brokers You Should Know 

A data broker, also known as an information broker, is an agency that collects and sells broad amounts of personal and consumer data. These entities gather information from different sources and complete it into comprehensive profiles.

Here are the best players in the data brokerage market today. 

1. Acxiom

Acxiom is a prominent data broker that relies on advanced data analytics and technology-driven applications to process and interpret large volumes of data. 

This data broker uses technology to derive meaningful insights and deliver targeted marketing, personalized client strategies, and statistics for up-to-date data and information. 

Acxiom’s clients are companies in the financial, insurance, automotive, retail, investment, telecom, healthcare, entertainment, travel, non-profit, and government sectors. 

Notable companies using Acxioms services include: 

  • Ford
  • Levi’s
  • L’Oreal
  • Toyota
  • Unilever
  • Chase Bank
  • Citi Bank. 

How to opt out: Acxiom Opt Out

2. Experian

Known primarily as a credit reporting agency, Experian also operates as a data broker. They compile and analyze data on individuals’ credit history, financial activities, and demographic information.

As a credit reporting agency, Experian mainly offers services catered to the following: 

  • Credit monitoring
  • Annual credit report
  • Experian CreditLock
  • 3-bureau reports
  • FICO scores
  • Understanding and improvement of credit scores.

Businesses and companies utilize data from Experian for credit scoring, identity verification, and targeted marketing.

If you are availing of Experian’s services, opting out will not affect your credit scores or current credit report. 

How to opt out: Experian Opt Out

3. TransUnion

TransUnion, like Experian, is a leading credit reporting agency that engages in data brokerage. They gather and analyze consumer credit information, including credit scores, payment patterns, and public records.

They also offer service solutions only available to the agency, such as:

  • TruVision
  • TruLookup
  • TruEmpower
  • TruContact
  • TruVision
  • TruValidate
  • TruAudience

TransUnion’s data is harnessed by businesses to enhance risk assessment, verify identities, and optimize marketing strategies. These are some of those companies:

  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Epsilon

How to opt out: TransUnion Opt Out.

4. Oracle Data Cloud

Oracle Data Cloud is a cloud computing service that acts as an IaaS, Daas, Saas, and Paas. As a data brokerage company, they specialize in collecting and analyzing consumer behavior and managing it within the data center. They gather information from different sources, including:

  • Online browsing activities
  • Social media interactions
  • Purchase histories.

The cloud company collects data for targeted advertising, marketing campaigns, statistical demographics, retail, real estate, and B2B.

How to opt out: Oracle Data Cloud Opt Out.

5. CoreLogic

CoreLogic is a data broker focusing on real estate, property-related information, and business intelligence

The company analyzes information and data to provide analytics and specialized services in consumer credit, financial markets, real estate, regulatory compliance, natural disaster projections, and fraud.

They compile and provide data on the following:

  • Property ownership
  • Sales History
  • Mortgage Information
  • Property valuations

Sign this form and email them to [email protected] to opt out of their marketing communications. Before you opt out of CoreLogic’s services, read their Privacy Policy to know how they handle data.

6. Data Axle

Data Axle is a data broker that gathers and provides business-to-business (B2B) data. They provide thorough business information, including contact details, company profiles, and industry-specific data.

The company offers a comprehensive and extensive data reach that includes Business Data, Consumer Data, Donor Data, and B2C Links. Their services also include: 

  • Data processing
  • Database Services
  • Acquisition Email
  • Lead Generation
  • Data Monetization

Marketers, sales professionals, and researchers utilize Data Axle’s data services, including these companies:

  • Salesforce
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft Advertising

How to opt out: Data Axle’s opt-out.

7. Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Nielsen Marketing Cloud is a data broker specializing in audience measurement and consumer insights. They collect and analyze media consumption, purchasing behavior, and demographic data.

Nielsen’s data services help advertisers, media companies, and marketers make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies. These are some of the prominent companies availing Nielsen:

  • NBC Universal
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Netflix

How to opt out: Nielsen Marketing Cloud Opt Out.

8. Equifax

Equifax is another primary credit reporting agency that doubles as a data broker. Along with Experian and TransUnion, they form the Big 3 in consumer credit reporting. 

Equifax  collects and maintains extensive consumer credit information, including credit scores, payment histories, and public records.

The agency also offers services such as comprehensive protection against identity theft, monitoring of credit scores and potential fraud, access to credit reports, and updates on credit scores.

Lenders, insurers, and other finance-based entities utilize Equifax’s data services to assess creditworthiness and manage risk. Here are a few companies that use Equifax:

  • Wells Fargo
  • State Farm
  • AT&T

How to opt out: Equifax Opt Out.

9. Foursquare Labs, Inc.

Foursquare is a location-based data broker that collects and analyzes data related to consumer visits and behaviors at physical locations.

They provide insights on foot traffic patterns, consumer preferences, and location-based advertising opportunities with these companies:

  • Uber
  • Samsung
  • Twitter

How to opt out: Foursquare Opt Out.

10. OnAudience

OnAudience is a data provider that specializes in audience data for programmatic advertising.

They collect and segment data on online user behavior, interests, and demographics to create audience profiles that advertisers like WPP, Facebook, and Vodafone can target.

How to opt out: OnAudience Opt Out.

Considering this list of data brokers, it is important to consider proactive measures to protect your personal information.

One practical step towards protecting our privacy is opting out of data broker sites to minimize the potential identity theft risk.

Opting Out of Data Broker Sites in Cases of Identity Theft

Opting out of data broker sites allows individuals to regain control over personal information and protect privacy.

By opting out, individuals can limit the amount of data available, reducing the risk of misusing information or falling into the wrong hands.

Victims of identity theft can also visit to access guides, templates, and educational materials that can empower them to navigate the complexities of identity theft, understand their rights, and take action toward recovery.

Here are some approaches to what you can do in cases of identity theft:

  • Report the identity theft
  • Notify credit bureaus
  • Contact financial institutions
  • Monitor accounts regularly
  • Opt out of data broker sites

Remember, in the face of identity theft, knowledge, action, and persistence are vital to overcoming the challenges and reclaiming control over your digital identity.


The prevalence of data brokers in today’s digital landscape underscores the importance of understanding their operations and their implications on individuals and society.

The list of data brokers provided in the article is valuable for gaining insights into the extent of data brokerage and its impact on our digital lives.

To protect our privacy and regain control over personal information, opting out of data broker sites is an important step. By doing so, you can limit the exposure of our data and reduce the potential risk of identity theft.

Platforms like offer invaluable guidance and support to individuals affected by identity theft.

Utilizing all these resources can help you act toward the power of privacy and limit the dissemination of sensitive information.


Are data brokers regulated?

Regulations regarding data brokers vary across jurisdictions. Many countries have implemented data protection laws that provide individuals with certain rights, such as access and deletion of their information.

How long does it take for opting out of data broker sites to take effect?

The timeframe for opting out of data broker sites to take effect can vary. While some data brokers may remove your information immediately, others may take a few weeks to process and update their databases.

Are there any fees associated with opting out of data broker sites?

In most cases, opting out of data broker sites is free of charge. Data brokers are generally obligated to allow individuals to opt out of their services without imposing fees or costs.

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