Ten smartphone security tips
Check out DataProt's guides for the best smartphone security software: Best VPN for Android Best VPN for iOS Best Antivirus for Android Adulting can be hard. Eat your greens, exercise, get enough sleep, pay your bills. And always remember to keep your phone protected. With how promine
What is fake news and how do you spot it  
The modern day disinformation epidemic is not the first chapter in the dissemination of made-up facts. The so-called age of post-truth existed long before misinformation became known as fake news. But today that term has become an integral part of global political warfare. It can affect elections
What is a password manager and how does it make you safer?
Check out DataProt's list of the best password managers: Best Password Manager overall Best Password Manager for Mac Best Password Manager for Android A lot of us tend to start our day by logging into our email, social media accounts or the Spotify playlist. For some, that means too m
What are cookies? The good and the bad of browser cookies
You can’t visit a website these days without getting one of those troubling notifications. You know: “This site uses cookies..." A pop-up window implores you to accept or reject cookies. The website may offer you an opportunity to accept all cookies or no cookies or just certain kinds of cookie
What is end-to-end encryption?
It's a protocol that encrypts information traveling between two points, for instance, between two users texting. Every embarrassing thing you do online, every site you visit and every word you type can be seen or stored by a third party. The modern internet is an eavesdropping paradise and an
What is encryption software?
It's a tool to keep your stored data safe from prying eyes. Confidence in the internet is on the decline. Our privacy and personal data are at constant risk of falling into the hands of online snoopers who are often acting on behalf of corporations and security agencies. This is especially conce
Tools of election interference: From fake news to deepfakes 
Election interference predates the internet. However, rapid technological advancements introduced multiple new frontiers through which elections can be manipulated. The 448-page Mueller report, which was released in April 2019, offers some insight into how state actors work to mold the opinions o
Infographic – Be safe: Use a VPN
Protect your internet privacy, find the Best VPN. Which sites you visit in the wee hours of the night should be your business and your business only. Not your Internet service provider’s, not the government’s, nor any other eavesdropping nosey parker’s. You don’t even have to have anyt
Infographic – What you need to know about TOR
The iceberg metaphor may be overused, but it’s the best one we’ve got. The internet we usually surf is just the tip, and vast amounts of data is being stored below the surface. The Deep web is 500 times larger than the regular old internet of Google and Facebook. It’s where all the protecte
10 of the biggest data breaches in history
Data breaches by the dozens happen every day. Cybercriminals are constantly coming up with new ways to access databases loaded with sensitive information they can sell on the dark web or use for future attacks. If the daily news has you wondering about the biggest data breaches of all time, we have
What is the dark web? Myths and facts about the hidden internet
Legend has it that humans use only 10 percent of their brains. Whether that’s actually true or not we’ll leave to the experts. What we do know for certain, is that for everyday use, we access only 10 percent of the internet. The websites that we visit daily belong to the surface web, the part
The onion theory of data security layers
Computer security is like a cake. No, a parfait. No, it is definitely like an onion - a plain, rather boring-looking vegetable. But that’s just an illusion. Just as an onion is nothing special from the outside, a good security system doesn’t look like much. But once you bite into it, you sink