Digital Signature vs. Electronic Signature: What Is the Difference?
Although they might sound similar, the terms “digital signature” and “electronic signature” actually differ in many ways. Understanding this difference is essential for anyone who runs a business and needs to collect these signatures. That’s why we’ve decided to break down these diffe
What are Keyloggers: Spyware From the Cold War Era
Whether you’re using your personal PC or typing away at work, you might decide to log into Facebook, access your e-banking account, or just send a confidential work email. Next thing you know, you’ve lost access to your account, your bank balance sits at $0, or sensitive company data has been le
What is a Botnet? | Cyberattack Technique Explained
With the recent string of high-profile attacks, ransomware has taken center stage when it comes to malware. However, that doesn’t mean that other forms and methods of cyber attacks have stopped being a threat. Some are still very actively used and dangerous, even though they might not carry the au
What Is Web Hosting And How To Choose The Right One For Your Site
If you’re thinking about advertising your business on the Internet or establishing your online presence, you have probably come across the term web hosting. In today's article, we will do our best to answer the question “What is web hosting?” and explain why you need it and how you can benefi
Benefits of Data Visualization
There are those among us who can easily make sense of vast chases of data. But the rest of us need visual aids to recognize patterns, identify trends and get the pulse of the customer base in order to increase profits. The key benefits of data visualization include faster and better decision-maki
What Is the Deep Web? – All You Need To Know
Curiosity is the defining trait of Homo sapiens. It took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon, and we suspect it’s also what brought you, dear reader, to this page. Mysterious and hidden things never cease to intrigue us, and the deep web, that larger portion of the Internet lying below its searchable
What Are Digital Signatures & How Do They Work
Digital forms of signatures are in most things we send or receive, well, digitally. You’re probably using such a signature in your documents and emails without even realizing. Let’s lift the curtains and reveal precisely what digital signatures are and how they’re helping you in your everyday
Ten Smartphone Security Tips
Adulting can be hard. Eat your greens, exercise, get enough sleep, pay your bills. And always remember to keep your phone protected. With how prominent smartphones are in our everyday lives, mobile security has become one of those topics you just cannot avoid. We are constantly reminded to change
What is fake news and how do you spot it  
The modern day disinformation epidemic is not the first chapter in the dissemination of made-up facts. The so-called age of post-truth existed long before misinformation became known as fake news. But today that term has become an integral part of global political warfare. It can affect elections
What is a password manager and how does it make you safer?
Check out DataProt's list of the best password managers: Best Password Manager overall Best Password Manager for Mac Best Password Manager for Android A lot of us tend to start our day by logging into our email, social media accounts or the Spotify playlist. For some, that means too m
What are cookies? The good and the bad of browser cookies
You can’t visit a website these days without getting one of those troubling notifications. You know: “This site uses cookies..." A pop-up window implores you to accept or reject cookies. The website may offer you an opportunity to accept all cookies or no cookies or just certain kinds of cookie
What is end-to-end encryption?
It's a protocol that encrypts information traveling between two points, for instance, between two users texting. Every embarrassing thing you do online, every site you visit and every word you type can be seen or stored by a third party. The modern internet is an eavesdropping paradise and an