What Is The Average Time Spent On Instagram?

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Instagram is currently one of the leading social media platforms for video and photo media. This 2023, it ranks 4th with 2.35 billion active users worldwide, classifying it as an evolving social platform.

This platform has one of the highest engagement rates across all social media platforms. The “Like” button has been used 4.2 billion times daily.

According to recent statistics, Facebook is the pioneering social media platform with 2.9 active monthly users. However, Instagram shows it can cater to the audience with its wide range of features and evolving updates, which quickly eclipsed the popularity of its competitors.

Many internet users are devoting more time to Instagram as its users continue to rise. This article will delve into the latest usage statistics and time spent on Instagram to learn the average time spent on Instagram.

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  • Instagram active users spend nearly 30 minutes daily globally.
  • An active Instagram user spends around 12 hours on the platform monthly.
  • Instagram users in Turkey consume an average of 21 hours on the app monthly.
  • British children spend 48 minutes on Instagram daily.

Instagram Usage Statistics 2023

Instagram can reach roughly 310 million users through ads, which has increased to 23.5% total number of users for the past months leading up to April 2023. These latest figures indicate that approximately 20.3% of the world’s population uses Instagram today.

However, the platform limits the use of its platform to ages 13 years old and above; Instagram’s eligible use rate will likely be even higher than these figures suggest.

Average Time Spent on Instagram 2023

The average time spent on Instagram this 2023 is 29 minutes daily. In 2019 the average time used to be 15 minutes – usage has doubled in only four years. 63% of Instagram users also access the program daily. 

The following statistics are bite-sized data on the average time users spend on Instagram and what contributed to the increase in use. 

1. Instagram active users spend nearly 29 minutes daily globally.


Instagram users spend roughly 29 minutes per day on the platform globally. The platform’s users spend 10% more time each year, increasing their chances of seeing engaging content. 

These are Instagram features and segments that have improved the platform’s usage. 

  • Stories – these are viewed by approximately 500 million daily users, with a reduced reach rate than posts. Users under 25 spend an average of 32 minutes per story, while users over 25 spend 24 minutes per story.
  • Reels – approximately 2 billion active consumers worldwide interact with reels each month. 30% of user time is spent on Instagram reels.
  • Daily average user time – people spend about 30 minutes a day on Instagram, while on average, a user spends 2 hours and 31 minutes on social media. 

2. An active Instagram user spends around 12 hours on the platform monthly.


A typical Instagram user spends roughly 12 hours per month using the platform’s app during 2022. It has increased from an average of 11.2 hours per month last 2021.

Users spent an average of 10% more time using Instagram’s Android app in 2021 compared to 2020, equating to almost 1 extra hour per month.

However, it’s worth noting that the average for Instagram is quite a bit lower than the figures for Facebook and TikTok, both of which see Android users spend an average of 19.6 hours per month using their respective platform’s Apps.

3. Instagram users in Turkey consume an average of 21 hours on the app monthly.

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Instagram has an extensive international user base, but its popularity varies widely from country to country. Android users in Turkey spend more than 21 hours on the app monthly.

South Koreans and Mexicans, in comparison, use the app for fewer than 7 hours each month on average. The results for the United States show that Instagram’s Android app sees a monthly average of 7.7 hours per user, 35% less time than the typical user spends on the platform worldwide.

Here are the 16 countries with the most time spent on Instagram as of January 2023:

CountryNo. of hours spent on Instagram
Turkey21.4 hours
Argentina17.6 hours
Indonesia15.9 hours
Brazil15.4 hours
India14.9 hours
Russia9.6 hours
Canada and Singapore 9.5 hours
Australia and France8.6 hours
Germany8.5 hours
The United Kingdom and The United States7.7 hours
Mexico6.9 hours
South Korea6.1 hours

4. British children spend 48 minutes on Instagram daily.

(SocialFilms and Statista)

The average daily time investment of Instagram users around the globe is 32 minutes. However, this differs by age group.

In the UK, 25-year-olds spend an average of 32 minutes daily on Instagram. On the other hand, adults aged 25 and older devote more or less 25 mins daily. Moreover, Instagram is more prevalent among young people, garnering 30-48 minutes per day compared to other age groups.


Whether for personal reasons or influencer branding, Instagram’s platform is one of the most prominent marketing tools simply because everybody is now using Instagram. 

Instagram’s popular platform trends are shaping how consumers interact with companies, and each new feature focuses on aesthetics and creativity, providing users with all the guidance they need regarding music, animation, and filters. 

Using the platform strategically allows users to leverage their brand or increase influencer status quickly.


How effective are Instagram Reels for marketing?

Instagram Reels see the highest reach and engagement among all other media types. This platform makes it a highly effective way to market your brand.

Is Instagram becoming less popular?

Instagram has over 800 million users. Moreover, there are no signs that Instagram may lose some appeal. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Instagram has a growing and active user base.

How do you see post stats on Instagram?

You can see your Instagram post stats by tapping on the view insights button under the post. Remember that post stats are only available to users with a business or creator account.

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