Ivan’s character can be summed up in two traits – a pedantic stubbornness and an insatiable love for music. Naturally, he wouldn’t let the mere fact that his home country is geo-blocked from certain music streaming platforms interfere with his never-ending quest for new artists. The endeavour of researching the tools of hiding his identity also made him an online privacy enthusiast. His contribution to DataProt are his in-depth, meticulous, and critical reviews of cyber-security products.
Kaspersky: Course on Safeguarding Children Online Available on Skill Cup
The company behind one of the world’s best antivirus solutions has teamed up with the microlearning mobile platform Skill Cup to develop and launch a mobile-based training course aimed at helping parents teach their kids about cybersecurity. Based on the Skill Cup mobile app and available for A
How To Stop a WebRTC Leak on Your Favorite Browser
As we have moved so much of our lives online, privacy has become a priority. For that particular reason, we at DataProt advise using one of the recommended VPN services to protect your information and privacy. However, not everything can be solved with a gadget-like extension or app. It’s importan
Exela’s DrySign Launched in India
Exela Technologies launched its proprietary digital signature platform, DrySign, in one of the world’s biggest markets. Following a successful launch of the platform in Canada and the US in 2020, Exela is now entering India’s digital sphere. DrySign enables users to sign documents online while f
How To Uninstall Malwarebytes From Your Device
Having an antivirus tool installed on your device is a must, as you need protection from all the malware trying to infiltrate your computer. However, some computers come with an antivirus program preinstalled, which is often not the antivirus software you’d pick for your device. Malwarebytes is
How To Disable Windows Defender
If you are a Windows 10 user, it’s more than likely that you had to wrestle with the often stubborn Microsoft Defender Antivirus at least once. That’s why, here at DataProt, we usually opt for reliable third-party antivirus alternatives. If you’re like us and you’re trying to get to the b
Internet Safety for Kids – a Detailed Guide
Nowadays, children spend more time online than ever before and, as useful as the internet is, the unfortunate truth is that it’s also a risky place. Its numerous advantages can easily turn into potential threats; to help prevent that, we decided to put together an internet safety for kids guide. W
A Guide On How To Turn Off Avast (Temporarily & Permanently)
With the number of malicious cyber warfare attacks continuously rising in recent years, having an antivirus is a must. Avast antivirus houses plenty of options to protect your device, keeping potential malicious attacks on the internet at arm’s length. If you are using the full or even the free ve