Can You Use Paypal, Visa Gift Card, Or Bitcoin On OnlyFans?

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Saving many content creators during the pandemic, OnlyFans rose to fame as a safe subscription-based social media platform worldwide.

OnlyFans allows creators to share exclusive content at a monthly subscription price ranging from $4.99 to $49.99 which is generally not refundable. The platform takes 20% of the earnings, and the rest goes to the content creator.

The site is a fast-growing platform. It reported a $433 million global profit before taxes in 2021. The average earnings in OnlyFans are around $180, but the biggest content creators can earn up to $100,000. 

If you’re looking for someone on OnlyFans and decide to subscribe, this article will let you know the accepted payment methods on the platform. 

Can You Use Paypal, Visa Gift Card, Or Bitcoin On OnlyFans?

The answer is NO  — to ALL of them. 

OnlyFans accepts only credit cards and debit cards. This includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Maestro debit cards, plus a number of Visa prepaid cards.

The platform uses 3D-secure authentication in all its transactions. It prevents fraud by giving 3-way protection to the merchant (OnlyFans), the card issuer, and the cardholder.

Some payment options do not support this feature. Besides this, read on to find out why you cannot use PayPal, Visa Gift Card, and Bitcoin on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans With PayPal

Online services want their payment options to be as varied as possible, so it is not that OnlyFans does not wish to accept PayPal. 

PayPal is a popular payment method, but why is it not accepted on OnlyFans? 

It is simply because PayPal prohibits it. PayPal does not allow purchases involving sexually-oriented digital goods and content

Some may argue that OnlyFans’ content is not exclusively sex-oriented or NSFW. However, an overwhelming majority of the site’s content is adult-related.

It does not seem like we’ll be able to use PayPal as a payment option on OnlyFans anytime in the future. Other e-wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, are also unavailable for payments on OnlyFans. 

Visa Gift Card For OnlyFans

A Visa gift card works the same way as a prepaid Visa card, so why is it denied on OnlyFans? 

Unfortunately, gift cards are not reloadable. Subscribing to a content creator means a monthly recurring payment. Gift cards are simply insufficient for that.

Also, gift cards can’t be associated with a billing address. More importantly, they don’t support 3D-secure authentication.

On the other hand, most prepaid cards require a billing address to sign up. Prepaid Visa cards support 3D-secure authentication and are also reloadable.

Using Bitcoin For OnlyFans

The use of cryptocurrency may sound perfect for OnlyFans since it supports anonymous transactions. 

However, that’s precisely why it is not suitable for OnlyFans. There’s no way to know if the user trying to pay for the OnlyFans content is a “minor.” 

Legal and social concerns are also in the way. Pornhub has already embraced cryptocurrencies in its transactions, but it is still far off before we see it on OnlyFans.


OnlyFans almost banned sexually-explicit content in 2021 but ended up reversing it days later due to backlash from its creators. Pressure from financial institutions was the main reason for the sudden policy shift.

For almost two years now, OnlyFans has found the sweet spot by sticking to credit and debit cards as their sole and safe payment options. 

However, it can be challenging for anyone who does not have a debit or credit card to pay to support their favorite content creator.
The use of PayPal, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies for OnlyFans may not be possible right now — but we can’t say for sure in the future.


Why is my card not working on OnlyFans?

If you’re using a debit or credit card, check if you have enough funds. Double-check your card info. Make sure your billing address matches the one registered to your bank account. If all else fails, try contacting your issuing bank.

Can you pay for OnlyFans with Crypto?

No. All the news about OnlyFans crypto is fake. A token named OnlyFans with FANNED as its sticker is fake and can’t be used for site transactions.

Can you use Venmo on OnlyFans?

Yes, but not through the mobile app as an e-wallet. You must request a Venmo MasterCard debit card to be shipped to your home for OnlyFans use.

How do I pay anonymously on OnlyFans?

When paying, there’s no way to be completely anonymous on OnlyFans. All you can do is limit your transactions. You can reload your OnlyFans Wallet Credits a huge sum or use a prepaid card not associated with your primary bank account.

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