How To Find Dating Profiles Through Their Phone Number

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If you are using dating apps or websites to find your one true love or just for fun, it’s always important to be cautious when interacting with strangers online. There are multiple ways of finding someone’s dating profile.

People search sites such as BeenVerified, or TruthFinder can help you find information on someone. It is possible to find someone’s dating profile (even their OnlyFans!) or their birthday with the limited information they give you. So, how?

In this article, you will learn that there are many ways to find out the dating profile of someone using only their phone number.

Ways to Find Someone’s Dating Profile

People have become victims of online dating scams. Scammers have been actively using romance in dating apps to convince a victim to enter into a romantic relationship with them. Once they gain their trust, these cybercriminals will ask the victim for money or gifts.

It’s easy to hide one’s true identity by having multiple identities online. But there are ways to determine whether the person you are talking to is who they are. 

Here are some of the ways to find someone’s dating profile by phone number:

Method 1: Use Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

A reverse phone lookup tool allows people to determine a person’s profile based on limited information such as a phone number. This tool is an effective way to find someone’s dating profile that comes with a cost.

Here are some of the reverse lookup services you should check out:


Spokeo is a free online directory having phone numbers and address information. It’s a great resource to locate the address of an old friend, loved one, or neighbor. This service also works for VoIP phone numbers.

This reverse phone lookup provider offers one of the most popular ways of performing a reverse lookup. Knowing a person’s phone number would mean you can also find their name, email addresses, and the social media platforms they’re using. 

Here’s how to use Spokeo:

Step 1: Go to Spokeo.

Step 2: Click ‘Phone’ and input the number in the search bar.

Step 3: Wait for the results. 

You will have the option to sign up for a trial period that costs $0.95. For this amount, Spokeo will give a full report related to the phone number, which may include the name, address, and social network accounts.


BeenVerified aggregates public records in one report. It is a search tool that allows people to check out who they met through an online dating website, look for old friends, or even know what information the internet has about you.

This provider can offer its users multiple information. However, it is important to remember that BeenVerified is not an authorized credit reporting agency, so it should not be used to determine a person’s eligibility for employment or renting.

Here’s how to use BeenVerified:

Step 1: Go to BeenVerified

Step 2: Click the ‘Reverse Phone Lookup’ button. Input in the search bar the number.

Step 3: Input your email address to get your results. Click ‘Submit.’ and wait for the results. 

Because this is a paid service, you might need to subscribe to a trial period to get the full report. After putting in the required payment details, the page will show the report for that phone number. 

Social Catfish

Social Catfish’s mission is to “help you stay safe.” It offers an online dating investigation service to help determine whether the person you met on the dating app is not catfishing you. 

The site checks one’s digital footprint by using its proprietary online tools. This service verifies phone numbers, emails, social media profiles, images, jobs, and other information about a person.

Here’s how to use Social Catfish:

Step 1: Go to Social Catfish.

Step 2: Choose the Phone button and type in the phone number. Click Search.

Step 3: Input your email address to get the full report. Then click Continue.

You will be directed to a paywall before fully accessing the report. Fill in the payment details of either Paypal or credit card. Then, click ‘Unlock Result Now.’

Social Catfish’s pricing varies depending on your chosen membership plan. But it is upgradeable at any given time and will be an additional monthly charge for your existing plan.


Intelius is one of the leading reverse phone lookup tools in the market.

The website offers quick results in finding people’s public accounts including dating profiles. You only need a name, address, or phone number to get a report immediately.

Here’s how to use Intelius:

Step 1: Go to Intelius

Step 2: Click the ‘Phone’ option, and input the 10-digit number in the search bar.

Step 3: Wait for the results. 

The page will require you to verify your age if you’re over 18, as reports may be very graphic.

The good thing about Intelius is that it has a mobile app for iOS and Android users, and the trial period costs as low as $0.95. 

Method 2: Use Social Media

Facebook is a social media platform that allows users to sign up using a phone number. Because of this, you can utilize this as a medium to perform a reverse phone number lookup

You only need to type the phone number with the area code in the search bar and hit ‘Enter.’

However, this will only work if:

  1. The user linked their phone number to their account; or
  2. The user has updated their privacy settings and can be found using their phone number.

Bottom Line

Dating can be fun—regardless if it’s done online or in person. But always remember before meeting someone to check out their background and whether they are who they say they are. On the other hand, stay safe and protect your privacy by limiting what personal information you share online and keeping your privacy setting updated.


Can you search for a phone number on dating apps?

It is possible, but it takes a lot of work to do. Most dating apps and websites do not allow users to search for someone using their phone number to protect their user’s privacy. However, some dating apps like Tinder and Bumble allow users to find someone by entering their phone number in the search bar.

Can you search to see if someone is on a dating site?

Yes, searching for someone on a dating site is possible using search engines like Google, Bing, and even DuckDuckGo! You type in the search bar the name, the person’s phone number, and the word ‘dating’ or even the dating site domain name. 

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