Is There a Free Trial for TruthFinder?

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TruthFinder is a people search engine that gives access to a person’s name, contact information, and social media accounts. 

The website can even provide employment history, tax information, and criminal records. You can even use this site to find someone on OnlyFans (if you have to!).

If you want to look into a person you met online or a new neighbor, this site can be helpful for you. While TruthFinder does not have a free trial version, it has a great offer of a $5 trial period of 5 days. 

In this article, discover how you can get this special deal and experience the full capacity of TruthFinder.

How Can You Get a Free Trial for TruthFinder?

Anybody can run a free search on the website. However, you must sign up for a membership plan to view the detailed report. 

You can opt for the 5-day trial by paying $1 or you can also go straight to subscribing monthly. 

Here’s how to avail the $1 5-day trial period:

  1. Visit the TruthFinder website and subscribe to its 5-day free trial subscription for $1. 
  1. Proceed with the payment. The page will ask for your first name, last name, and email address.
  1. Click the payment method you want to use.
  1. Once accomplished, click the ‘Start my trial’ button.
click the ‘Start my trial’ button
  1. After purchasing the subscription, TruthFinder will ask you to verify your registered email address. Proceed to your email account and click the link to log in. See the photo below for Email confirmation reference.

  1. After logging in, it will be redirected to a new page asking for email verification. Click the ‘send verification email’ button to continue the process. You can change your registered email address by clicking ‘use a new email.’ 
clicking use a new email
  1. Once done, open the email with the subject “Verify your TruthFinder Account”. 
  1. Click the “Verify your Account” button. Check spam folders if no verification email received inside the your inbox. 
Verify your Account

9. Start searching

TruthFinder Membership Options

According to the website’s price page, it offers 3 different plans: 

TruthFinder Membership Options

These plans vary in price and features. Visit the TruthFinder pricing page to check the different features of these plans.

In addition, the website offers a 17% discount for subscribers who pay for the People Search Plan 2 months in advance. 

This decreases the monthly payment of $28.05 to $23.28, an excellent deal for people needing it. 

Is it safe to use TruthFinder?

TruthFinder promises that it is safe to use. Its business model is designed to keep its users safe. The company prides itself on using 128-bit encryption with an SSL verification certificate. This is to protect its users’ information. 

Final Thoughts

TruthFinder is considered one of the best people search engines. This background check services greatly aid the public in double-checking the people they meet. This gives access to multiple public records synthesized into one detailed report. 

However, the public still needs to be careful in using these platforms. The rationale behind these services is good, and it is up to the public how they will be used.


Can you cancel the 5-day trial?

Yes. You may cancel the 5-day trial. However, if the 5-day free trial is not ended, the full subscription will start and will be automatically charged $28.05. You may cancel before the next term begins.

How to cancel a subscription?

Call (855) 921-3711 for cancellation between 7:00 and 16:00 Pacific Monday – Friday (except holidays). You can also do online cancellations anytime by loggin in to your account.

Are TruthFinder accounts private?

Yes. accounts in TruthFinder are entirely private. Nobody will know if you search for them.

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