Dusan is our resident tech, cybersecurity, and Warhammer 40k expert. Since space exploration wasn’t in the stars for him, Dusan began cruising cyberspace – and loved it. Still, he is pretty aware of the online world becoming a far more dangerous place than one might think, where knowing how to protect your data is a must. His engineering background and passion for all things tech are what drives him to help others safeguard their digital lives. When he is not poking around VPNs or anti-malware software, he likes to paint minis and send poor, innocent graphics cards into crypto mines.
Israel Details Plan for Better Internet Security
Israel’s National Cyber Directorate hopes to improve internet security by setting up a rating system for web hosting providers. The hosting companies that choose to implement the program will have to introduce a series of security measures to receive a certificate confirming that they meet the sta
How to Use ExpressVPN for Netflix?
Some of us still vividly remember having just two TV channels available and rushing to the bathroom during commercials. The age of Netflix has made all that a thing of the past, as the streaming platform gained worldwide popularity. However, Netflix restricts its content according to country, so
NVIDIA Reveals Morpheus – AI Cybersecurity Framework
NVIDIA has announced Morpheus, a cloud-based framework that will use AI to detect and react to cybersecurity breaches and attacks. The GPU Technology Conference 2021 virtual keynote centered around Morpheus and its use of machine learning to respond to threats, data leaks, phishing, malware, and oth
NordVPN and FireStick: The Perfect Match
The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a powerful device that allows you to stream content from platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and others on any smart TV and without paying multiple subscriptions. But what happens if you want to access geographically restricted content? There is a way to bypass re
Biden Administration to Announce Russia Sanctions Over SolarWinds Hack
The US will announce sanctions on Russia on April 15 in response to election interference and malicious cyber attacks. As part of the sanction measures, at least 30 entities will be blacklisted, along with 10 Russian diplomats and officials set to be expelled from the United States. The US will t
What are cookies? The good and the bad of browser cookies
You can’t visit a website these days without getting one of those troubling notifications. You know: “This site uses cookies..." A pop-up window implores you to accept or reject cookies. The website may offer you an opportunity to accept all cookies or no cookies or just certain kinds of cookie