Dusan is our resident tech, cybersecurity, and Warhammer 40k expert. Since space exploration wasn’t in the stars for him, Dusan began cruising cyberspace – and loved it. Still, he is pretty aware of the online world becoming a far more dangerous place than one might think, where knowing how to protect your data is a must. His engineering background and passion for all things tech are what drives him to help others safeguard their digital lives. When he is not poking around VPNs or anti-malware software, he likes to paint minis and send poor, innocent graphics cards into crypto mines.
Surfshark Adds Antivirus to Cybersecurity Bundle
Surfshark, a renowned VPN service provider that helps users establish a secure internet connection, has decided to launch an antivirus feature to improve its level of protection and help users secure all their devices from online and offline threats. The company’s cybersecurity bundle called Su
Benefits of Data Visualization
There are those among us who can easily make sense of vast chases of data. But the rest of us need visual aids to recognize patterns, identify trends and get the pulse of the customer base in order to increase profits. The key benefits of data visualization include faster and better decision-maki
What Are Digital Signatures & How They Work
Digital forms of signatures are in most things we send or receive, well, digitally. You’re probably using such a signature in your documents and emails without even realizing. Let’s lift the curtains and reveal precisely what digital signatures are and how they’re helping you in your everyday
Arqit Releases QuantumCloud™ Encryption Service
Arqit, a cybersecurity company specializing in quantum encryption, has announced the release of their encryption service, QuantumCloud version 1.0. It is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software whose purpose is to help customers protect communication channels or data on any end-point, cloud, or edge
Learn How To Write a Privacy Policy in a Few Easy Steps
One of the most delicate issues concerning Internet use today involves user privacy. It’s a fundamental right, and rightfully so, considering just how much personal information is knowingly and unknowingly given out on the world wide web. The biggest challenge comes from privacy regulation, as
Deloitte Acquires TransientX and Sentek to Boost Cybersecurity
Earlier this week, Deloitte issued a press release announcing it has acquired two companies, TransientX and Sentek. These two deals will help improve Deloitte’s cyber threat remediation and secure networking solutions. Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory has acquired TransientX, a zero trust
What Is a VPN Protocol? 6 Most Common Protocols Explained
With so much of our time spent shopping online, torrenting, and streaming, privacy is paramount. Using a VPN is the only way to protect details about your identity, location, and other data. In a nutshell, a VPN masks your online behavior by scrambling your data and sending it through a private tunn
14 Eyes – A Serious Threat to Your Online Privacy
Spy movies are full of super cool characters who make most of us wish we were a field agent in the murky world of espionage. We all want to be just like the protagonists in Hollywood scripts who are only spying on the “bad guys” and not some average Joe surfing the web. But real life is a lit
Grax History Stream Clarifies Salesforce Data Pipe Process
On June 16, 2021, Grax, the SaaS Data Value Platform, announced the launch of History Stream. It will allow for Salesforce data saved in AWS or Azure to forward it directly to tools that use the Parquet format. This revolutionary SalesOps tool simplifies, speeds up, and reduces the cost to transmit