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Nuspire Reports Massive Increase in VPN Attacks During Q1 2021
Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP), reports a sharp rise in cyberattacks against VPN connections during Q1 of 2021. The company noted a 1,527% increase in Pulse Connect Secure VPN attacks and a nearly 2,000% increase in attacks aimed at Fortinet’s SSL VPN. Due to the n
Cisco Integrates ThousandEyes With SD-WAN Products
Cisco, a high-tech company specializing in networking, security, and cloud solutions, has announced the expansion of integrations of ThousandEyes solutions with many of its SD-WAN products, starting with the switches. “User experience is key to success in a digital world. We are focused on empo
JFrog Unveils First Private Distribution Network
Liquid software company JFrog announced the industry’s first Private Distribution Network during their annual swampUP conference in late May.  The new feature is part of JFrog Distribution, an integral part of the JFrog DevOps platform. The Private Distribution Network enables enterprises to s
How Do You Uninstall Norton Antivirus?
It’s one of the great frustrations of buying a new computer when the device comes with a particular antivirus preinstalled on it, especially if it’s just the trial version that quickly expires. Typically, you’d want to uninstall it, which can be time-consuming if you don’t know how. If yo
167 Fake Trading and Cryptocurrency Apps Exposed
Disguised under popular brand names, 167 fake applications for trading and cryptocurrency were scamming people out of their money - until Sophos researchers exposed them and published a report detailing the extent of the scam. The researchers explained that the attackers camouflaged these apps to
How To Allow Chrome To Access the Network in Your Firewall
Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser today, with approximately 64% of the market share. For many people, Chrome is the first choice for a default web browser, regardless of the device they use. It’s fast and reliable, but some users might experience problems with their firewall blockin
Google Chrome Implements Exploit Protection Update for Windows 10
Google has announced that Chrome 90 implemented Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection - a new Windows 10 security improvement that keeps memory stacks safe from cybersecurity bad actors. The role of this protective measure is to guard against ROP (return-oriented programming) malware attacks by usin
Passwordstate Hit with Malicious Harvest Hack
Australian firm Click Studios - the team behind the password manager Passwordstate - has announced that its app has been “harvested” by hackers who infiltrated it with a malicious software update. According to the company’s incident report, the “sophisticated” attack that infected the In-P