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Tools of election interference: From fake news to deepfakes 
Election interference predates the internet. However, rapid technological advancements introduced multiple new frontiers through which elections can be manipulated. The 448-page Mueller report, which was released in April 2019, offers some insight into how state actors work to mold the opinions o
The largest battlefield in history – 30 Cyber warfare statistics
Abraham Lincoln once referred to the battlefields of the past as “hallowed grounds” - places frozen in time to forever commemorate those who have fought and fallen. While places like Gettysburg serve as monuments for future generations, in our day and age the greatest battles are not fought on p
Cyber criminals camouflage malware with Grammy-winning tracks
Songs by three Grammy Award-winning artists took the prize for the most popular hiding places for malware.   According to Kaspersky, more than 30,000 malware files were wrapped behind song titles from Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Post Malone. Malicious files bearing the names of these three
Tinder introduces panic button to protect users from dangerous dates 
The popular hookup app Tinder updated its security features to include a panic button designed to alert authorities if a date goes terribly wrong. The dating platform also added location tracking and photo verification. The new functions allow users to save details about the person they are meeti
Tech executives become targets of swattings 
Police are struggling to find a solution to the growing number of Swatting incidents that are reportedly targeting tech giants and their wealthy executives.  Swatting is a harassment tactic that involves deceiving police with false reports of a violent crime inside a home hoping they deploy a he
Chris Hadnagy announces new conference to tackle human hacking issues
The man behind the Social Engineering’s Capture the Flag contest at DEF CON announced he was launching the first social engineering event geared towards the business, security, technology and psychology industries.  Chris Hadnagy is a leading cybersecurity expert who keeps Fortune 500 companie
New York senators propose banning government agencies from paying ransomware demands
Lawmakers in the state of New York are trying to ban local entities from using taxpayer money to pay ransomware demands.   The ban was proposed by Republican New York State Senator Phil Boyle and Democrat David Carlucci who tabled two separate bills last week that are currently under discussion
Report predicts boost in mobile payments security through increased tokenization
A new report by Juniper Research is forecasting a spike in annual revenue from tokenized mobile payments in the coming four years.  The research published earlier in the week anticipates revenues to climb from $17 billion in 2019 to over $40 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 23
US Cyber Command’s campaign to hack ISIS faced bureaucratic & data storage challenges 
Newly declassified documents show that US Cyber Command had to overcome intense bureaucratic hurdles in order to launch its flagship operation against the so-called Islamic State.  The trove of documents made public this week reveal numerous challenges with Operation Glowing Symphony including d
FBI to notify state election officials about hacks 
The FBI will be notifying state election officials about cyber breaches to election systems in their jurisdictions. The announcement by the Bureau comes as Americans prepare to head to the polls later this year.    According to the Justice Department, the move is designed to increase transpare
Senators introduce bill to coordinate cybersecurity at all levels of government
State governments need to get serious about cybersecurity - and the federal government is stepping in to make sure they do. A bipartisan group of four US Senators has introduced the Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act, which would create a federally funded program to make sure every state has a c
30 big data statistics everybody’s talking about
Have you ever looked at the night sky and thought to yourself: How many stars are out there? Well, you could ask a similar question about big data. While nothing quite compares to the infinity of the universe, the amount of data generated throughout the expansion of the internet certainly comes clos