How to Cancel ExpressVPN | A Step-by-Step Guide

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Keeping your private information secure on the internet is becoming an ever-increasing challenge today. Most people use antivirus software to prevent hackers from gaining access to their computer and a VPN to stop data leakage online. It’s also true that VPN services are getting better and more powerful every year, with ExpressVPN in particular earning rave reviews.

But all things change, and there’s no reason to stick with your VPN if a better offer arises. It’s essential to know how to cancel ExpressVPN properly before you decide to move on, and that’s exactly what we’ll teach you in this article.

No Second Season

First things first, you can’t cancel your ExpressVPN subscription from the app. Instead, you’ll need to do everything through the website. That said, canceling your subscription is very easy. If you’re looking to sever your ties with ExpressVPN, first go to the website and log in.

From My Account, select the Subscription menu, where you’ll see when your subscription expires and renews. Go to the “Manage subscription settings” option and click on “Turn off automatic renewal” to toggle this option off.

ExpressVPN has an automatic renewal option to simplify things for users. However, it’s crucial to understand how to cancel an ExpressVPN subscription and avoid getting charged again. Once you click on the option to turn off automatic renewal, a new window will pop up with text that reads: “I have an issue and don’t want to keep using ExpressVPN.”

There are several suggested answers you can choose from, but each one of those will lead you to the troubleshooting section. To avoid this, select the answer “Other” and click on “I don’t want to keep using the service” below.

You’re nearly done. In the “Service stops…” window, click on “Stop my service at the expiration date.” Once your subscription period expires, the company’s system will cancel your ExpressVPN subscription. PayPal users will have to cancel the instant payment notification (IPN) as well. For those who pay for ExpressVPN with Paymentwall or BitPay, subscriptions are canceled automatically once this period ends.

Mobile Cancellation

Android users can cancel their subscription via the site just as we’ve described above. ExpressVPN is also a user favorite among iOS VPNs in 2021, but if you want to cancel your subscription, the solution is slightly different; you’ll have to do it via the Apple store.

Go to your phone settings and find your name. Press the “Subscriptions” button, which will show all active subscriptions on your phone. Select “ExpressVPN subscription” and press “Cancel subscription.”

Ask For a Refund

If you’ve just started using the service, there’s an ExpressVPN cancel refund valid up to 30 days after you subscribe. This 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to cancel your subscription risk-free with no questions asked. If you’re not happy with the company’s services or you simply don’t have any further use for the VPN, you can request a refund within 30 days of activating your subscription.

The best way to get an ExpressVPN refund is to contact the company’s live chat customer service. To do that, log in on the site, click on the lower-right corner to open the live chat window, then simply contact an ExpressVPN customer service operator.

You don’t need to delete your ExpressVPN account to get your refund; simply ask the operator for a refund on your ExpressVPN account and answer a couple of friendly questions. Customer support agents are very responsive, so you’ll hear from them within a minute. You should receive your refund within seven working days. Keep in mind that PayPal users get refunds the quickest.

You have the right to get a refund regardless of the length of the subscription you purchased or your reason for asking for a refund. Just remember to do it within 30 days if you want to get your money back.

iOS users also need to know how to cancel ExpressVPN and ask for a refund, since it’s straightforward to do. Simply go to and sign in. Here, locate ExpressVPN subscription, and press the “Report a Problem” button.

In your request, mention ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee and ask for a refund. After that, the only thing to do is to check that Apple follows up on your request, since it’s not technically the company’s responsibility.

Android users need to go to ExpressVPN and log in to request a refund for ExpressVPN before they cancel their account. Press the live chat button to get in touch with customer support, then tell the operator that you don’t need a VPN. Once the customer support operator notifies you that your subscription is canceled, you’ll get a refund within seven to 10 business days.

Keep Your Information Secure

Once you cancel your subscription to ExpressVPN, it would be wise to look for another VPN replacement to keep your private information secure, or at the very least think about getting antivirus software. It’s good to learn how to cancel ExpressVPN and get your money back, but surfing the web without any protection could be very dangerous.

Malicious attacks on the internet are getting more sophisticated with every passing day. A good VPN – along with a solid antivirus and malware removal and protection software – is the perfect way to keep yourself safe online.

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