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What Is OpenVPN and How Does It Work?
VPN protocol that offers outstanding security layers and compatibility with nearly any device or platform. OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol that uses virtual private network technologies to ensure secure point-to-point and site-to-site connections. It launched in 2001, and today, 20 years lat
What Is Web Hosting And How To Choose The Right One For Your Site
If you’re thinking about advertising your business on the Internet or establishing your online presence, you have probably come across the term web hosting. In today's article, we will do our best to answer the question “What is web hosting?” and explain why you need it and how you can benefi
Senate Appropriates Over $1.9B for Cybersecurity in Infrastructure Bill
As a part of the $944 billion funding package meant for the nation’s infrastructure, including the electric grid, water systems, roads and bridges, airports, and ports, among other priorities, the US Senate allocated $1.9 billion for cybersecurity. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs