As someone who enjoys streaming music and binging her favourite TV shows on Netflix, Nikolina understands why it is so important to have a strong and secure connection. Nowadays it’s crucial to make sure your data is always protected while you get to explore the never-ending treasures of internet browsing. Beside helping people learn about online safety, Nikolina loves writing poetry, reading and hanging out with friends.
How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft: Stay Proactive!
Falling victim to identity theft is not fun. In fact, it’s easily one of the top ten experiences you want to avoid at all costs. Having someone impersonate you can be so frustrating that, by the time it is resolved, you end up wanting to move far away and live in the cabin in the woods. To make
A Year in Cybersecurity: Investments Grow, but So Does the Number of Cyberattacks
A new report by Canalys about the state of the cybersecurity industry in 2020 shows that even though companies are spending more money than ever to protect their data, the number of data breaches continues to rise. The report states that during the 12 months of 2020, approximately 30 billion file
Internet Privacy Statistics to Make You Wonder Who’s Got Info on You
Protect your internet privacy, find the Best VPN on the market. The internet. It’s hard to imagine life without it. From basic communication with friends and loved ones to instant transactions that make standing in line as outdated as fax machines, the web has become intricately interwoven into
What’s On the Other Side of Your Inbox – 20 SPAM Statistics for 2021
Did you check your spam folder lately? It’s like walking into a giant shopping mall where everyone wants you to buy their products, hire their services, or marry a Nigerian prince. Thousands upon thousands of emails, all encompassed under a common denominator. Spam. We've compiled 20 spam statist
Shopping in the 21st century – 30 eCommerce statistics
If you can’t buy it on the web, they say, it doesn’t exist. A quick glance at Amazon or eBay suggests there is truth to the adage. But how true is it really? Are brick-and-mortar shops going the way of the dinosaurs and the dodo? eCommerce statistics tell us where we are so we can figure out whe
Tools of election interference: From fake news to deepfakes 
Election interference predates the internet. However, rapid technological advancements introduced multiple new frontiers through which elections can be manipulated. The 448-page Mueller report, which was released in April 2019, offers some insight into how state actors work to mold the opinions o