What is the Difference Between Fansly and OnlyFans

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Fansly and OnlyFans are adult subscription-based platforms that allow creators to offer exclusive content to audiences. Many creators have turned to Fansly and OnlyFans to earn money

Both platforms are known for NSFW content, although many other types of creators also use the platforms. 

These platforms have many similarities, but there are also significant differences. This article explores the differences between Fansly and OnlyFans.

The Differences Between Fansly and OnlyFans 

OnlyFans started in 2016, while Fansly was launched in 2020. OnlyFans was a more popular platform, especially during the pandemic. However, Fansly started gaining traction in 2021 after OnlyFans announced the removal of adult content. 

Many OnlyFans adult creators transferred to Fansly. Although in the same year, OnlyFans retracted the announcement of banning.

Currently, Fansly and OnlyFans often come head-to-head as the best adult subscription platform in the market. The following sections will help you determine which platform is the best for you. 

Ease of Use

Fansly has an excellent user interface compared to OnlyFans, based on creators’ reviews on Reddit. They claim it is easy to use, like allowing creators to have free and paid pages in one domain. 

Content creators can choose which content is free and which is exclusive. This makes it easier for potential fans to see the creator’s content and decide whether to sign up. If they subscribe, all other content will be unlocked, and subscribers have the luxury of watching those content. 

OnlyFans offer both adult and SFW content, unlike Fansly, which is mostly geared toward explicit content. The platform also handles all payment processing, so content creators need only to worry about what content to post. 

Other than this, OnlyFans offer advanced page analytics for creators to maximize their profiles, as well as community polls and stories that are temporarily available 24 hours.

Earning Methods

Both platforms consider their content creators as independent contractors. No tax withheld. Creators also earn through the subscription fees of fans.

Let’s break down the differences in earning methods for these two platforms:


Content creators earn 85% of their gross income since the platform takes a 15% cut of the total earnings. For the payout schedule, creators receive a payment within 3 days of request. The minimum request amount is $100.

Fansly content creators get paid through bank transfers, Skrill, or Paxum in the United States. 

Creators can also earn through a referral program. They earn 5% from the models they refer to the platform for a year. After a year, the referrer earns 1.5% from the models’ earnings for a lifetime.

Fansly content creators can also sell props and items directly on the website.


OnlyFans website permits its content creators to earn through monthly funding from their fans, one-time tips, live streams, and a pay-per-view feature. 

The platform takes a 20% cut from the total earnings of its creators. For the payout schedule, creators get paid within 3 days of requesting a balance, and a minimum request is $20.

There is also a referral program for OnlyFans content creators. Like Fansly, referrers can get 5% from the models they refer to the website. However, this commission fee is just for a year, unlike Fansly creators, that can get a lifetime commission.

Regarding the payment method, OnlyFans can get paid via bank transfer in the U.S. OnlyFans also has a no-refund policy

Subscription Pricing

Both platforms offer a free “teaser” option. Fansly and OnlyFans content creators can upload photos and videos and tag them as free content for the audience. While both platforms have subscription options, they differ in pricing. 

Fansly content creators offer exclusive content depending on the subscription tier of the audience. Recurring subscription ranges from $5 to $499.99 per month.

Creators on this platform have more freedom in their subscription offerings. The minimum one-time payment for direct messages (DM) is $5.

OnlyFans creators, on the other hand, can charge their audiences a minimum of $3 and a maximum of $49.99 monthly. Like Fansly, OnlyFans also offer one-time payment for direct messages at a minimum charge of $5. 

Which Is Better: Fansly or Onlyfans?

According to a Reddit survey, 33.8% voted for Fansly, while 22.9% for OnlyFans. According to the creators’ review, Fansly is easier to use than OnlyFans. 

Both platforms operate almost similarly. It just caters to different demographics of content creators. For instance, Fansly is utilized more by famous content creators who want a backup account. If you are a newbie, you can start with OnlyFans – a more established platform since its launch in 2016. 

Overall, no platform is better than the other since they have different features that help their target content creators. 

Bottom Line

Fansly and OnlyFans are two powerful adult subscription-based platforms. These websites help many content creators own their craft by giving them autonomy. OnlyFans also allow their users to have anonymity, similar to Fansly. 

Both platforms’ earning methods also encourage creators to be creative in their content strategies. 

Platforms like these give so much empowerment to the creators as it gives them the space to be brilliant businessmen and businesswomen. 

It doesn’t matter whether you choose Fansly or OnlyFans. As long as no one is harmed and everybody’s right is respected, they can serve similar purposes. 


Is it safe to join Fansly?

Although Fansly is less popular than OnlyFans, Fansly’s website is legit and safe to use. It is a subscription-based social media site owned by Select Media LLC

Is it legal to have OnlyFans?

Only Fan creators and audiences must be 18 years old and allowed by local laws to perform on its platform. If these requirements are met, they can post photos or videos to engage with their fans. 

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