Social Hustle: How Much Money OnlyFans Creators Make?

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Nearly half of the world’s population is active on social media. Because of this, a lot of different social media platforms have also popped up. 

Digital platforms such as OnlyFans serve as both venues for daily communication and sources of earnings in the modern world. 

But unlike other social media platforms, OnlyFans give their creators the freedom to express themselves without being banned or suspended. The website also aims to protect its artists and subscribers which is why it limits searching for a username

Through this website, various digital content creators make more money than other professionals. Even known celebrities are joining this platform.

In this article, discover how much money you can make as an OnlyFans content creator.

How Much Money OnlyFans Creators Make

OnlyFans has become a viable revenue stream for many influencers, particularly adult content creators. These creators usually put out content such as photos or videos while some also do live streams. It is important to remember that it may not be illegal to screenshot these content on OnlyFans, there are repercussions if you are caught doing so.

The website’s typical content creator earns an average of $151 to $180 monthly, although some famous personalities can earn six figures or more. 

The monthly subscription costs on OnlyFans range between $4.99 and $49.99. OnlyFans generally do not offer refunds on these subscriptions. Subscribers can also send money tips to the creators, starting at $5. 

OnlyFans creators earn 80% of the income fees; the remaining 20% will go to the website. The creators can also set up several membership tiers; sometimes, they even provide free accounts. 

A creator also has the option to refer someone and gain a referral bonus. 

How OnlyFans Referrals Work?

A referral program is another option that OnlyFans offers. Participants in this program can earn more money by referring new creators to the website.

Since the referral system is automated, OnlyFans could only associate an account with your referral if a user signs up using your referral code.    

The referral payout will be 5% of the referred creator’s earnings for the first 12 months, and referrers can get up to $50,000.00 for each creator they refer.

Payment for referrals is processed on the first working day of each month. 

There are also no restrictions on the number of referred creators or the sum of your referral earnings.

Who Are the OnlyFans’ Top 10 Earners?

Subscriptions, direct messaging, tipping, pay-per-view material, and other revenue streams are among the top ways to monetize on OnlyFans. 

Most creators who made it to the top of the earner’s list receive their monthly funding from their fans. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities like Cardi B and Bella Thorne joined the platform, and they currently rank among Onlyfans’ top earners

Here’s the list of 10 top creators, active and inactive, on this social media platform.

  1. Blac Chyna – $20 million per month

Blac is a reality TV personality and a social media entrepreneur. She earned a total of $240 million before leaving the platform. She’s the top earner among the celebrities listed here, with a monthly income of $20 million.

  1. Bella Thorne – $11 million per month

Bella is an American model, singer, and actress. Despite offering a free-of-charged subscription fee, she was still the second-highest earner on OnlyFans with $11 million in monthly income. Her 24.4 million loyal and dedicated followers have supported her since joining the platform.  

  1. Cardi B – $9.43 million per month

Cardi B is a well-known American rapper born in New York. Before deactivating her account, she was one of the top earners on OnlyFans. She reportedly had a monthly income of roughly $9.43 million.    

  1. Tyga – $7.69 million per month

Tyaga is an American rap artist who was born in Compton, California. Before deleting his account, he had 21.6 million followers, making him one of OnlyFans’ most popular and highest-paid creators, with a monthly income of $7.69 million. 

  1. Mia Khalifa – $6.42 million per month

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American media personality and an adult entertainer. She has 22.7 million followers and earns $6.42 million per month.

  1. Bhad Bhabie – $5.2 million per month

Bhad Bhabie is a rapper and a young actress who made over $1 million in her first six hours on the platform. Her current monthly income is estimated to be $5.2 million.

  1. Erica Mena –  $4.49 million per month

Erica is an American TV personality, a former model, and a video vixen who appears in various hip-hop music videos. As one of OnlyFan’s top earners, she earned $4.49 million monthly as a content creator.

  1. Farrah Abraham  $4.17 million per month

Farrah is an American model, reality TV personality, singer, and adult film actress. She is an internationally recognized author and entrepreneur. She brings in around $4.17 million monthly income as a digital content creator.

  1. Belle Delphine – $3.42 million per month

Belle is a South African-English adult film actress, model, and YouTuber. She is known for her satirical content, and her gorgeous looks bring in an incredible $3.42 million worth of income per month.

  1. Jojo Babie $2.67 million per month

Jojo is an Asian model born in Kansas, USA. She is famous on OnlyFans for her exclusive adult content, earning her a monthly income of $2.67 million.

How Many Fans and Creators Are Using OnlyFans?

Over 190 million accounts are registered with OnlyFans, including over 3 million creators. 

OnlyFans is made up of 70% of women content creators, while men account for about 29%. The remaining 1% of the community identifies as non-binary or genderqueer.

Numerous new users have been reported to have joined during the pandemic lockdowns. 

The platform continues to expand, with hundreds of thousands of new users joining the trend daily. The company now focuses on Latin America and Australia to further grow its customer base.

Are There Earnings Caps on OnlyFans?

Yes, an OnlyFans account has some earnings caps. Monthly subscriptions, pay-per-view (PPV), private messaging and media, and tips are all capped at specific rates.

The minimum and maximum subscription rates for a paid page are $4.99 and $49.99, respectively. 

Content creators without a subscription model used to charge up to $200 for their pay-per-view content, but now it is capped at $50. 

Additionally, tips and private messages were limited to $100. Fortunately, the $100 cap only applies for the first four months. It will increase to the initial cap of $200 as long as you stay engaged with the site.


The number of subscribers a creator has determines how much money they make on OnlyFans. 

The earnings can be huge, with some making millions of dollars annually.

However, it would help if you remembered that content creation on OnlyFans is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You may use several strategies to grow your fan base and eventually earn a lot of money.

All you need is a solid and devoted following; being a well-known star from the entertainment sector with a high subscription cost is unnecessary—your ability to make money increases with the number of subscribers you have.


Do OnlyFans creators make good money?

Yes, several OnlyFans personalities earn millions of dollars a year.

Is it hard to make money on OnlyFans?

You can only quickly make a little money as an OnlyFans content creator. Like any other business or profession, you must work hard to reach the top.

Is it easy to be successful on OnlyFans?

Success on OnlyFans is achievable but can be challenging, so you need to take some time and exert much effort. You must be patient and dedicated to promoting your page and making yourself known.

Can you be anonymous on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can be anonymous on OnlyFans using a pseudonym and photographs that don’t show your face. However, most top earners were able to gain subscribers because of their looks and appeal.

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