If there were a way to inject internet straight into one’s bloodstream, ones and zeros would course through Bojan’s veins. Bojan eats, lives, and breathes online both professionally as a cybersecurity reporter and privately as an avid gamer. Bojan learned the dangers of malicious online agents the hard way. He fell victim to a ransomware attack that corrupted years’ worth of research data. The jolting experience made him realize that even the most experienced individuals can fall prey to criminals, if they forgo the basic tenets of online safety. He joined the DataProt team to inform the uninformed and help them avoid the mistakes that cost him a whole lot of stress.
Microsoft’s customer service database leaked online
Microsoft exposed nearly 250 million customer records, spanning 14 years, by making the data accessible to anyone with a web browser.  Comparitech researchers discovered the massive batch of exposed data that contained customer support logs and other sensitive information, which could have been
Vine’s out, the new thing is TikTok – Statistics for 2020
Check out DataProt's guides for the best smartphone security software: Best VPN for Android Best VPN for iOS Best Antivirus for Android The internet goes crazy for short videos. First there was Vine. Then everyone raved about Snapchat, with its “blink and you’ll miss it” format.
Hacker leaks over 500,000 Telnet credentials for IoT devices
A hacker published a trove of credentials for more than 515,000 servers, IOT devices and routers in what is being described as one of the biggest leaks to date. The list, published on a popular hacking forum, exposes usernames, passwords, and IP addresses. The hacker, who himself runs a DDoS-f
Ubisoft files lawsuit against DDoS attackers  
Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against the owners of SNG.ONE, an alleged distributed denial-of-service attack website. The lawsuit filed in a California court last week lists a number of people from across the globe as defendants.  Ubisoft is behind blockbuster video game franchises like Far Cry, Rainb
You won’t need to filter these Snapchat statistics!
Check out DataProt's guides for the best smartphone security software: Best VPN for Android Best VPN for iOS Best Antivirus for Android In a world where everything on the internet stays on the internet, an app that deletes photos once you’ve seen them sounds like a silly idea. Who
It’s rewind time! Check out an amazing year in YouTube statistics
Ever since the first cat-playing-piano video surfaced online, these fluffballs have ruled the internet. Today, there is no better way to share funny clips of your pet riding a Roomba than via YouTube. A website that started out with a clip of a guy standing next to a bunch of elephants at the San Di
Google brings its security keys to iPhone
iPhone users can now employ their devices as a physical security key for logging into first-party Google services.  The tech giant extended its Advanced Protection Program to include the iPhone platform, adding another log-in factor to the sign-in process. The two-factor authentication serves as
NSA reveals major Windows security flaw
The US National Security Agency alerted Microsoft to a major flaw in its Windows 10 operating system which could have exposed users to hacking or surveillance. Microsoft quickly responded by announcing that it had rolled out a software update to fix the vulnerability.  The NSA made the revela
Australian bushfire donation site hit by data stealing malware
A website set up to collect donations for victims of Australia’s bushfires has fallen victim to a credit card skimming attack.  Researchers at Malwarebytes reported in a Twitter post that Magecart groups infected the site by implanting a card-skimming script on the checkout page of the website
1 million dollars & a Model 3 up for grabs in Tesla’s hacking challenge
A million-dollar payday and a free electric car are up for grabs in Tesla's latest hacking challenge. Elon Musk’s electric vehicle manufacturing venture announced that it was returning to the “Pwn2Own” hacking competition, which is due to be held in Vancouver in March as part of the CanSec
Microsoft’s new OST says company won’t use data for profiling & advertising
Microsoft published a new version of its Online Services Terms following accusations that the company was violating the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The allegations came from the Dutch Ministry of Justice over Microsoft’s collection of telemetry data from Office 365 Plus a
Ransomware payments quadrupled in 2019 – Survey 
A recent survey found that 15% of those that suffered a ransomware attack in 2019 paid the attackers. The figure quadrupled from the previous year when only 4% of ransomware victims paid the ransom.   Although the overall number of attacks is down from 12% in 2018 to 10% last year, the Dark Rea