If there were a way to inject internet straight into one’s bloodstream, ones and zeros would course through Bojan’s veins. Bojan eats, lives, and breathes online both professionally as a cybersecurity reporter and privately as an avid gamer. Bojan learned the dangers of malicious online agents the hard way. He fell victim to a ransomware attack that corrupted years’ worth of research data. The jolting experience made him realize that even the most experienced individuals can fall prey to criminals, if they forgo the basic tenets of online safety. He joined the DataProt team to inform the uninformed and help them avoid the mistakes that cost him a whole lot of stress.
Data Compression Explained
Have you ever needed to send a few hundred photos from your vacation by packing them into an archive? Maybe you remember ripping your CDs into MP3s in the days when the iPod was still a brand new gadget. Whatever the case may be, you probably remember how the resulting archive ended up being signifi
Account Takeover Fraud: What Is It and How To Prevent It
We are all witnesses that cybercrime is on the rise. And while cybercriminals and online vandals usually target companies and large institutions, ordinary individuals are the most common targets of certain forms of electronic theft. One such type of computer intrusion with potentially serious conseq
Zero-Day Exploit: A Threat Unknown
Cybersecurity agencies work around the clock to find and eliminate any exploits in both their software and hardware. The developers of apps and operating systems are always on the lookout for ways to protect their software and users from bad actors. But even with all that security, hackers still reg
Kaspersky Warns About Dangers of Dating Apps in Latest Report
In her latest report on dating apps called “Love in the digital age: What does the future hold for us?” Kaspersky’s security expert Tatyana Shishkova shed some light on the dangers of dating apps following a year of people sitting at home, “swiping,” and “hearting” one another. Shis
Kaseya Ransomware Attack Takes Down Hundreds of Businesses
Hours before the holiday weekend of July 4th, an especially nasty piece of ransomware attacked remote networking tools at Kaseya, a system management provider. It then managed to quickly spread over Kaseya’s client network, affecting businesses that used its software. According to security experts
Malta and US Governments Likeliest to Infringe User Privacy
The VPN provider Surfshark recently published its User Data Surveillance Report. The company analyzed the data requests authorities from various countries have been sending to the most popular apps and services hosted by Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. The data shows the total number of requ
Malware Related to COVID-19 Rises Amid Pandemic
According to researchers at McAfee, hackers are trying to profit off people who want to learn where to get their COVID vaccine. The creator of some of the world’s best antivirus software has recently published its Mobile Threat Report for 2021, documenting all malware targeted at mobile devices. I
How To Clone a Hard Drive | DataProt Guide
All hard drives have a shelf life before they become unusable, and your data is irreparably lost. You might decide to get a new computer and make a file backup with Backblaze, only to forget to transfer that one crucial project on your new hard drive before it gets lost. And for some people, making
CISA Moving Einstein Deeper into Networks Following SolarWinds Attack
More than six months after a disastrous supply chain attack, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced plans to expand the use of its Einstein intrusion detection system by moving it deep into federal networks. The move follows a March hearing of the Senate Homeland Securi
Adware Now Accounts for 45% of Android Malware
The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down the global economy, but mobile malware is spreading at breakneck speed. In an annual report, Avast revealed that adware continues to be the most common threat for mobile users in 2021. Among the various types of malware targeting Android devices, nearly
Norton’s New Feature Brings Ether Mining to Customers
Norton, one of the industry-leading antivirus and security software solutions, will be the first such company to offer cryptocurrency mining via its antivirus software, keeping up with the ever-expanding cryptocurrency craze. Norton announced the launching of the new feature, Norton Crypto, on Ju
ITWeb Security Summit 2021: SolarWinds Insights
According to Charl van der Walt, head of security research at Orange Cyberdefense, the recent SolarWinds hack has offered valuable insight into the actual cost of such a cyberattack. Van der Walt addressed the issue at the ITWeb Security Summit 2021 in his opening keynote address. US network moni