If there were a way to inject internet straight into one’s bloodstream, ones and zeros would course through Bojan’s veins. Bojan eats, lives, and breathes online both professionally as a cybersecurity reporter and privately as an avid gamer. Bojan learned the dangers of malicious online agents the hard way. He fell victim to a ransomware attack that corrupted years’ worth of research data. The jolting experience made him realize that even the most experienced individuals can fall prey to criminals, if they forgo the basic tenets of online safety. He joined the DataProt team to inform the uninformed and help them avoid the mistakes that cost him a whole lot of stress.
Google Assistant updated with new privacy features
Google is rolling out a slew of new features for its YouTube and Assistant apps that are designed to strengthen user privacy.  At the CES 2020 earlier this week, Google revealed that one of the additions for Assistant will allow users to delete their history of voice commands by saying, "Hey Go
Michigan school district closed due to ransomware attack
Students at three public schools in Michigan had their winter break extended after a  ransomware attack paralyzed several servers.   The December 27 hack against Richmond Community Schools affected telephones, copiers and classroom technology. The hackers requested a payout of $10,000 in Bitco
Greta Thunberg’s name used in malware attack
Hackers used Greta Thunberg’s name to try and steal financial credentials during the Christmas season. Researchers from SophosLabs unveiled a coordinated campaign that attempted to deliver Emotet malware to unsuspecting victims around the globe. The cybercriminals behind the scheme sent out mali
Chinese hackers bypass two-factor authentication 
A Chinese government-linked hacking group is believed to be behind a wave of worldwide attacks, bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) in the process.  According to a report by Dutch cyber-security firm Fox-IT, the group is targeting government entities and service providers in fields like he
New Trojans sneak into Google Play Store
Researchers have found new malware in eight Android apps distributed through the Play Store. The tech giant Google responded to the revelations by deleting only one. The Venus malware was discovered by French cybersecurity agency Evina, which warned users that the malicious software takes the for
Avast and AVG Firefox add-ons back online
AVG and Avast Online Security extensions are back online after reportedly conforming to Mozilla’s data privacy policy. The extensions are designed to warn users if a URL they are visiting is malicious, phishing, or a scam site.  But earlier this month, Mozilla removed four extensions from t
Twitter for Android users told to update app over security bug
Do you use an Android smartphone to access Twitter? If you do, be sure to update the app as soon as possible. A December 20 post on the official Twitter blog revealed a vulnerability in the Twitter for Android app “that could allow a bad actor to see nonpublic account information or to control
Apple offers $1 million for smartphone and desktop hacks
Apple’s previously private bug-hunting club has been opened up to all security researchers, who now have a chance to earn big bucks for discovering flaws in Apple operating systems.    The Apple Security Bounty information page outlines the program’s rules and rewards, revealing that maxim
Two-factor authentication statistics: A good password is not enough
Jimmy’s email was just hacked. The next day he woke up with a bunch of charges on his credit card he was certain he never made. Jimmy is frustrated and irritated. But what he doesn’t know is that a simple two-factor authentication app could have saved him from all of this trouble. He used
Thousands of Ring accounts exposed in data leak
More than 3,000 Amazon Ring camera users reportedly had their personal information exposed in a recent data leak.  According to BuzzFeed News, the leak compromised the login credentials of Ring customers, potentially allowing hackers access to payment information, addresses and even camera foota
Canada’s leading lab-test provider hit by massive data breach
One of Canada’s largest medical services companies revealed that millions of customers had their personal information stolen in a data breach in late October.  Hackers may have obtained addresses, passwords, dates of birth, and health card numbers of 15 million LifeLabs customers. The private
Romanian hacker duo jailed
Members of the infamous Bayrob Group have been locked up after being found guilty by an Ohio court on 21 charges related to cybercrimes.  The two Romanian nationals, Bogdan Nicolescu and Radu Miclaus, ran the cybercrime ring out of Bucharest, infecting 400,000 computers with malware, and swindel