Data leaks, privacy intrusions, ransomware attacks - dangers such are these seem to be both increasingly frequent and subsequently larger in scale. This is the price we pay for living in a deeply interconnected and digitalized cyber-scape. Damjan, whose career started in anthropology, applies his background in humanities to analyze and dissect the Brave New Cyber World we live in. His main interests are cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and AI. Besides writing reviews, he spends time digging up dirt on Big Tech, advising people on safe Internet practices, and cleaning his tin foil hat.
What Is Split Tunneling?
Best of Both Worlds VPNs function by tunneling and encrypting your connection, thus keeping your internet activity, location, identity, and IP hidden. Thanks to VPNs, you can unblock geo-locked and censored content, bypass state-wide firewalls, and torrent safely. While extremely useful, a VPN a
What Is PPTP VPN Protocol?
The retired predecessor of modern VPN protocols PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is the oldest VPN protocol for general use. It’s so old that it was originally designed to tunnel dial-up connections; just like dial-up connections, PPTP is now considered obsolete, and has been replaced by
WireGuard VPN – Stable, Quick, and Widely Available
This fairly new VPN protocol offers a great blend of speed and security. Pros of WireGuard Very fast Stable connections Secure code base Wide platform support Best cryptography available Cons of WireGuard Does not assign dynamic IPs No obfuscation Only supports the UD
What are Keyloggers: Spyware From the Cold War Era
Whether you’re using your personal PC or typing away at work, you might decide to log into Facebook, access your e-banking account, or just send a confidential work email. Next thing you know, you’ve lost access to your account, your bank balance sits at $0, or sensitive company data has been le
What is a Botnet? | Cyberattack Technique Explained
With the recent string of high-profile attacks, ransomware has taken center stage when it comes to malware. However, that doesn’t mean that other forms and methods of cyber attacks have stopped being a threat. Some are still very actively used and dangerous, even though they might not carry the au
Avast Launches Premium Version of Its Secure Browser
Avast, the company behind one of the most widely used antivirus programs in the world, has just launched a premium version of its secure browser called Avast Secure Browser PRO. The browser is based on the Chromium open-source code and comes with a VPN and ad blocker installed. Besides its flagsh
Datadog Announces Expansion Into Network Device Monitoring
Datadog is a company that has so far specialized in cloud and app monitoring. According to its latest announcement, Datadog is pushing out network device monitoring software that will allow “network engineers to monitor servers, routers, switches, and firewalls in data centers, as well as access p
RentTango and airSlate’s Partnership to Reshape Real Estate Industry
RentTango’s users can now use airSlate’s electronic signature solution to sign contracts much more efficiently. The signature software, signNow, will make signing lease agreements possible anywhere and on any device. This new partnership between a workflow automation leader and a major real-e
Veremark Raises $2.8M for Its Background Checker
Global preemployment screening service Veremark has recently completed its seed round and successfully raised $2.8 million in follow-on investments from Triple Point Ventures, SOV Ventures, and ACF Investors, bringing the total raised amount to $3.8 million. Veremark has announced its plans to us
CLEAR Biometrics to Improve Background and Vaccination Status Checks
CLEAR has partnered up with Checkr, an employee background-check company, to enable easy identity verification using its biometrics tools. Its integration in Checkr’s platform gives employers an all-in-one hiring solution for achieving faster and more reliable hiring processes. Both companies a