Data leaks, privacy intrusions, ransomware attacks - dangers such are these seem to be both increasingly frequent and subsequently larger in scale. This is the price we pay for living in a deeply interconnected and digitalized cyber-scape. Damjan, whose career started in anthropology, applies his background in humanities to analyze and dissect the Brave New Cyber World we live in. His main interests are cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies, and AI. Besides writing reviews, he spends time digging up dirt on Big Tech, advising people on safe Internet practices, and cleaning his tin foil hat.
RentTango and airSlate’s Partnership to Reshape Real Estate Industry
RentTango’s users can now use airSlate’s electronic signature solution to sign contracts much more efficiently. The signature software, signNow, will make signing lease agreements possible anywhere and on any device. This new partnership between a workflow automation leader and a major real-e
Veremark Raises $2.8M for Its Background Checker
Global preemployment screening service Veremark has recently completed its seed round and successfully raised $2.8 million in follow-on investments from Triple Point Ventures, SOV Ventures, and ACF Investors, bringing the total raised amount to $3.8 million. Veremark has announced its plans to us
CLEAR Biometrics to Improve Background and Vaccination Status Checks
CLEAR has partnered up with Checkr, an employee background-check company, to enable easy identity verification using its biometrics tools. Its integration in Checkr’s platform gives employers an all-in-one hiring solution for achieving faster and more reliable hiring processes. Both companies a
Ransomware Attackers Threaten to Release Stolen Gigabyte Data
The Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has recently suffered a ransomware attack targeting their internal network and the American Megatrends’ Git Repository. Now, ransomware hackers are threatening to release 112GB of captured data to the public unless the ransom is paid. Gigaby
‘Master Faces’ Bypass Over 40% of Facial Authentication Systems
Researchers from Israel have built a neural network that can create ‘master faces’ - generalized facial images that can bypass facial ID authentication. According to their findings, face ID for 40% of the population can be tricked using only nine ‘master faces’, spelling a grim future for th
Vultur Malware Steals Banking and Cryptocurrency App Credentials
A new form of Android malware called Vultur uses device screen recording and keylogging to snatch login credentials from banking and cryptocurrency applications. Vultur was first detected by the Amsterdam-based cybersecurity research company ThreatFabric in late March. The malware got its name du
Microsoft Acquires CloudKnox Security Startup
On Wednesday, July 21, Microsoft announced that it had acquired the Californian startup CloudKnox Security. CloudKnox develops software that helps companies and organizations manage the level of access to cloud resources that they give to machines and users. This move by Microsoft signals that the c
Up to 1,500 Small Businesses Compromised in Kaseya Ransomware Attack
Kaseya, an IT solutions developer that was the victim of a huge ransomware attack on July 2, said that up to 1,500 of its clients have been compromised. This was only the latest in the string of ransomware attacks that have hit US businesses and services, taking an increasingly large toll on their b
Security Vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux Revealed on Same Day
Security vulnerabilities for two popular operating systems - Windows and Linux - were both revealed on the same day, July 20th. These security flaws can allow hackers with toehold access to bypass security and elevate access, letting them extract passwords and other sensitive data. Toehold access
Pegasus Spyware Used to Spy on Journalists, Politicians, and Activists
Pegasus, military-grade spyware created by a private Israeli cybersurveillance company called NSO, has been used to spy on over 50,000 people around the world, including journalists, politicians, and human rights activists. This information comes from an investigation coordinated by Forbidden Sto
VPN Router – What It Is And How To Install It
If you are looking for an adequate way of protecting your privacy, you probably already use a VPN service. Some researchers have predicted that the VPN market will continue to grow 12% each year until 2026. Most internet users install VPN clients on their computers or use in-browser VPNs to secur