Vine’s out, the new thing is TikTok – Statistics for 2020

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The internet goes crazy for short videos. First there was Vine. Then everyone raved about Snapchat, with its “blink and you’ll miss it” format. Today, if you want to be one of the cool kids, you need to be on TikTok.

What started as Douyin, a video sharing app made in China, has now become one of the leading mobile apps among teenagers and young adults. TikTok is already reshaping the internet and proving to be more than just a flash in the pan.

It’s easy to get lost in this endless stream of music videos and memes, but it’s worth remembering that TikTok is a thriving business, not just an entertainment platform. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important TikTok statistics for 2020.

Key TikTok statistics

  • TikTok has 500 million active monthly users.
  • The TikTok app has been downloaded 1.5 billion times.
  • Around 66% of TikTok users are under 30 years old.

TikTok usage statistics

1. TikTok has 500 million active monthly users.


It’s not so common to see a mobile app or a social network gain such a huge following in just a couple of years. TikTok has managed exactly that simply because, many users claim, it offers a more genuine experience without the feeling that someone is trying to sell you something. You don’t even need to sign up for an account if you don’t want to – just fire up the app and you’re good to go.

2. TikTok has been downloaded more than 1.5 billion times since its launch.

(Sensor Tower)

TikTok download statistics are impressive. In 2019 alone, TikTok app was downloaded 614 million times, making it the third-most popular non-gaming app for smartphones. February 2019 marked a great milestone for the platform; it passed a billion all-time downloads across Android and iOS. Among the top five mobile apps of the past year, TikTok is the only non-Facebook-owned app.

3. 80% of all TikTok downloads have taken place on Android devices.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

TikTok is extremely popular in Asian countries where Android smartphones rule the market. Month by month, the app has regularly topped both Google Play Store and Apple App Store charts, but with significantly more downloads on Android than on iOS. The TikTok app and video player work the same on both platforms, though, so there’s really no difference in the user experience; it’s just that Android is the platform of choice in the regions where TikTok is seeing the highest usage numbers.

4. India is the fastest-growing TikTok market with 467 million downloads.

(Sensor Tower)

Even with a temporary ban in India in early 2019 due to some content concerns, this market has managed to overtake China, TikTok’s country of origin. In total, 31% of all installations have taken place in this country. China sits a way behind in second place, with 11.5% or 173.2 million installations according to 2019 TikTok statistics. The United States is the third-largest TikTok market with 123.8 million downloads, accounting for 8.2% of the installation base.

5. TikTok is available in 141 countries and 75 languages.


Like any other high-profile app, TikTok needed to branch out as much as possible to provide local content to its millions of users around the globe. There’s a high chance TikTok is available in your language and country.

6. Douyin has 400 million monthly active users.


The platform isn’t doing too badly in its home country, either. Douyin is only available in China. It’s thriving because the Chinese audience is more accustomed to this app than its younger brother, TikTok. All the big e-celebrities in China prefer Douyin, with some of them having more than 50 million users.

7. Around 66% of TikTok users are under 30 years old.

(App Ape Lab)

Since its inception, this social network has been most popular among younger generations. Generation Z and millennials make up for the majority of the user base according to TikTok’s marketing statistics, with people older than 40 accounting for a very small percentage of active users. The app is specifically designed to cater to the way young people consume video content; it’s not cluttered, allows for easy browsing, and doesn’t require the user to sign up for an account.

8. 55.6% of TikTok’s user base is male.

(App Ape Lab)

TikTok’s demographics show that it’s slightly more popular among the male audience across all age groups. Analysts believe the reason behind this gender split lies in the way most people use the app; many users prefer to just browse and watch other people’s content instead of uploading their own. If we take into account that the most popular TikTokers are female, it’s easy to figure out why so many guys use this app…

9. 22% of American millennials and members of Gen Z use TikTok.


A November 2019 survey conducted among American internet users aged between 13 and 38 generated some interesting TikTok statistics. TikTok clearly still has a way to go, as only one in five members of this sought-after demographic said they use the platform. That said, the youngest crowd – 13- to 16-year-olds – were more likely to use TikTok, with 42% of them already having the app on their phone.

10. TikTok’s engagement rate of 29% is very low.

(Mobile Marketer)

Compared to other social networks, TikTok has by far the lowest engagement rate. This rate is measured by the number of daily and monthly monthly active users compared to the total installation base. By this metric, TikTok falls short of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Each of those apps has an engagement rate of around 95%.

11. On average, a TikTok user spends 52 minutes a day on the app.

(Business of Apps)

Despite its low engagement rate, data and statistics show TikTok is addictive among those who enjoy it. After all, it’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of seemingly endless short videos. As we’ve already mentioned, the app is designed to constantly offer new content that, driven by an algorithm, points users toward videos they haven’t previously seen. Because of this endless stream and users’ tendency to binge for hours, there isn’t really a best time to post on TikTok, especially if you’re targeting a global audience.

12. TikTok users in the US open the app eight times a day on average.


So, how are those minutes spread throughout the day? American TikTok analytics don’t paint quite as addictive a picture as many claim. This means the average TikTok session is just 6.5 minutes long. However, if we take into account that a video on this platform is usually 15 seconds long, that means a user could watch up to 26 short videos per session.

13. 55% of TikTok users have uploaded their own videos in the past month.


We’re all different, so it makes sense that we each use social media differently. Recent TikTok statistics confirm this. Some people prefer to release their creative juices and make video mashups, but for a significant percentage of TikTok users, this app is a platform for entertainment. Creating “Duet” videos is popular, too – 43% of users said they have used this feature at least once, while 41% of users have created a reaction video to someone else’s TikTok clip.

14. More than a million daily video views were registered during 2016, the year of TikTok’s launch.

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

TikTok marketing statistics show that the platform was pulling some impressive numbers right from the get go. In its first year on the market, the platform reported users were already watching more than a million videos each day, translating to nearly 400 million yearly views. The idea behind the platform is to create highly rewatchable viral videos, so it’s not uncommon for a TikTok viewer to watch the same video several times on repeat before moving on to the next one.

TikTok trends and celebrities

15. With 38 million followers, Loren Gray is the most popular TikTok celebrity.


TikTok statistics show the huge potential for creators to generate publicity on this young platform. Loren Gray, a 17-year-old singer from Pennsylvania, has 18 million followers on Instagram and 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube. But Gray’s biggest fanbase is on TikTok, where she’s more popular than Baby Ariel (30 million followers), filmmaker Zach King (28.4 million followers), and all the biggest brand accounts. Lisa and Lena used to be the top TikTok users with 32 million followers, but they left the network and deleted their account in March 2019.

16. “Fake ID” by Riton and Kah-Lo has been used in 1.4 million TikTok clips.


Each time a user creates new TikTok videos, they have the option to include a song in their creation. The song can be pre-set before recording, so they can sync their clip with the beat, or added later. One of the most commonly picked songs on the platform is, appropriately given TikTok’s main user base, “Fake ID”, produced by English DJ Riton and Nigerian female singer Faridah Seriki, also known as Kah-Lo.

17. #raindropchallenge generated nearly 1 billion views in 2018.


Challenges play an integral part in how users interact with this social network, as confirmed by TikTok app statistics. These challenges can be user-created or promoted by advertisers. Whatever the case, hashtags are a common denominator for these fun activities on TikTok. The most popular one was based on a rain filter. More than a year later, it’s still going strong.

18. The most popular TikTok video of 2019 has 17 million likes.


What does it take to produce the most successful viral short video of the year? A bucket of toothpaste, some other household chemicals, and a bunch of friends to make the silliest world record experiment. David Dobrik and Nick Uhas created the most popular TikTok video of 2019 with their “elephant toothpaste” experiment that had millions of people laughing.

19. Will Smith was the biggest TikTok celebrity in 2019 with 11.9 million followers


The American actor and rapper was embraced by the TikTok crowd, becoming the biggest e-celebrity on this network in 2019. “The wrecking ball” Miley Cyrus came in second place with 2.3 million followers, while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the third-most popular celebrity on TikTok.

Financial statistics about TikTok

20. In 2019 alone, TikTok earned $115.3 million from user spending.

(Sensor Tower)

TikTok has monetized its platform by offering coins that users can purchase in bundles of various prices. These bundles start as low as $1 and can cost up to $100, but the company often adjusts the number of coins one gets with their purchase. Coins can then be spent to tip creators on the platform during their live streams. The whole system works similarly to Twitch’s Bits and the split between TikTok and people creating the live content is 80-20 in favor of the creator.

21. Americans have spent $23 million on TikTok coins since August 2018.


The United States might not be TikTok’s largest market when it comes to sheer number of users and downloads, but Americans have already shown massive support for the platform, both with promotion and spending their hard-earned dollars. Based on TikTok statistics from October 2019, since the launch of the platform on the American market, TikTok has generated 24% of its total in-app earnings in this country alone.

22. ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is worth $78 billion.


Near the end of the 2018 fiscal year, ByteDance secured $3 billion in additional investments, becoming the most valuable “unicorn” (startup worth more than $1 billion) in the world. This startup owns several popular platforms and has received several large investments since it entered the market in 2012. But it’s not so easy to own a piece of this company – TikTok’s stock price isn’t publicly available, and experts say the funding is coming mostly from venture capital.

Frequently asked questions

How many people use TikTok?

There are 500 million active TikTok users on a monthly basis. However, the actual user base is much bigger if we take into account this app’s download statistics. Since the app was launched, Google Play Store and Apple App Store have recorded a total of 1.5 billion downloads. Unlike other video-sharing platforms, TikTok users don’t tend to actively use it every day, although the number of people on the platform is rapidly growing.

How long are Tik Tok videos?

TikTok videos can be up to 15 seconds long, but multiple videos can be connected for a total of 60 seconds runtime. Videos don’t necessarily need to be recorded through the app itself, which many see as an advantage – longer videos can be produced on PC, for example, and then uploaded via the TikTok app.

Which country uses Tik Tok the most?

Outside of China, India has the most TikTok users. Since the app launched in India, it has managed to garner 467 million downloads in that country.

What is the most liked TikTok?

TikTok user statistics show that Loren Gray is the most popular TikTok star. This young singer and entertainer has 38 million followers and her TikToks have been liked more than 2 billion times. Some of her more popular clips have nearly 5 million likes.

Can you make money on TikTok?

Yes, it is possible to make money on TikTok, even though it’s not immediately clear how millions of creators can monetize their content. Aside from taking brand deals and sponsored videos, users can partake in live streaming and directly earn money through their performances – viewers can send tips using TikTok coins if they like what they see. Of the proceedings, 80% are paid out to the user, while the company keeps the remaining 20%. The platform currently doesn’t share ad revenue with channels, but there are plans to introduce that feature in the near future.

What age group uses TikTok?

TikTok is most popular among young people, especially those in Generation Z. The video format and app features are tailored to the habits of younger generations. According to the latest TikTok statistics, two-thirds of TikTok users are under 30 years of age.


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