Infographic – What You Need to Know About TOR

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The iceberg metaphor may be overused, but it’s the best one we’ve got. The internet we usually surf is just the tip, and vast amounts of data is being stored below the surface.

The Deep web is 500 times larger than the regular old internet of Google and Facebook. It’s where all the protected and encrypted data travels – banking information, usernames, passwords, and transactional data, among other things.

A subset of the Deep web is the Dark web. The scariest part of the internet, it’s the communication channel of thieves, assassins, drug dealers, and all other forms of villains and criminals. They thrive on the anonymity that comes with the Deep web. 

So, what if, just out of curiosity, you wanted to see what goes on in the dark corridors of the internet? What’s the scuba gear and oxygen mask you need to take a deep dive in the deep end?

It’s simple – you just install TOR (The Onion Router) and you’ll be able to cruise the hidden, below-surface traffic in no time.

We’ve made an infographic that neatly and succinctly describes everything you need to know about how TOR works, how to install and use it. For whatever you may need.

what you need to know about - infographic | dataprot
tor metrics - infographic | dataprot

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