Windscribe Review

Military-grade encryption and the R.O.B.E.R.T. feature propel Windscribe to the top of most VPN rank lists

Updated: March 24,2022

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Concerns over internet privacy mean that downloading a sound VPN is now more of a necessity than a luxury. You can never truly know who is snooping on your data, nor can you know if you can trust any public Wi-Fi network. Who knows whether the airport or cafe Wi-Fi that you’re hooked up to has been manipulated and your personal information is being tracked?

Regardless of whether or not you’re committed to subscribing to a VPN, you need to know if the one you’re considering is solid. That’s why we’ve written this Windscribe review. We’ll give you a rundown of its price, installation process, interface, and some of its great features so you can decide whether or not it’s the tool to improve your browsing experience.

Price Range:
$4.08 - $9.00/month
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  • Works on virtually any platform or device you can imagine
  • Unlimited devices supported on one account
  • A fair 10GB a month free version
  • Top of the line encryption
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  • Servers in 63 countries, 110 cities worldwide
  • Easy and intuitive, straightforward to use
  • Unblocks Netflix
pros thumb down Cons
  • Less than optimal speeds outside the US
  • Customer support not always available

Windscribe Pricing

The first thing on your mind when browsing through VPNs will likely be cost. It’s understandable that you might be looking for a free VPN because you may not consider this service particularly important. This is not the case. By choosing not to pay for a VPN, you’ll miss out on some of the app’s most useful and important features.

In our Windscribe VPN review, we’ll go through all the company’s different pricing options and what they offer. Once you’ve seen the features you get and the relatively miniscule price you have to pay for them, we’re confident that you’ll decide that a paid plan is worth your time and money. At the very least, you can judge whether Windscribe is a decent service for your needs.

Nevertheless, we’ll begin this part with a Windscribe free review. Yes, you can get Windscribe VPN for free, although this service comes with limitations, as you’d expect from almost anything that’s free. The free version allows you 10 GB of usage per month – 2 GB if you don’t provide your email address. We must say that this is an excellent amount of data if you’re trying to figure out if Windscribe VPN is worth paying for.

Unfortunately, the free version can only access VPNs from 10 countries, putting severe limitations on what you can do. Having checked out our brief free Windscribe review and tried it for yourself, you may realize that over the long term, you’ll need to consider a paid subscription to Windscribe.

Windscribe offers several payment options depending on what services you need. The company charges $9 per month if you choose to go for a month-by-month subscription plan. If you wish to sign up for an annual subscription, you’ll pay $49 per year, which works out at $4.08 per month. When you review Windscribe in detail, you’ll see this is a very good price.

As an alternative, Windscribe also offers a ‘Build a Plan’ option priced at $1.00 per location per month. You must select at least two locations, and each location adds just 10 GB of data per month (on top of the standard 10 GB). So, the cheapest paid plan would be $2 per month, giving you 30 GB worth of VPN services from two separate locations. Bonus tip: you can earn an extra 5 GB of data by writing a brief review of Windscribe VPN on Twitter.

There are other plans to take advantage of, too. You have the option of covering up to 10 devices at your residence for $8 per month with Windscribe’s Residential plan. As well as this, there are also options for businesses. Windscribe offers business VPN services for $3 per employee per month, with a minimum of five employees signed up. Our Windscribe review argues that this offers terrific value for startups and small businesses.

With any of these plans, you can help keep your networks private and visit websites that may otherwise be impossible to access from your location. Windscribe VPN also offers an excellent range of payment options, as, unlike most VPN providers, the company gives you the option to pay in Bitcoin.

Installation Process and User Interface

Having made an assessment of Windscribe’s price, it’s now time to take a look at how easy the program is to use. The installation process is very straightforward. You have the option to add it as a Chrome VPN extension or to download it onto your device. We chose to download Windscribe for Mac to review it, but you should know that Windscribe is also available on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, and works on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It takes less than a minute to install it onto your device, from which point you simply drag it into your downloads folder and it’s ready for use.

Once you’ve made a Windscribe download and installed it onto your device, you’ll be prompted to add the Windscribe Chrome extension for extra benefits that you can view below. This is equally easy to do, and you can also sort out this aspect of the program in less than a minute.


Once you’ve downloaded Windscribe onto your device and added it as a Google Chrome extension, it’s straightforward to adjust the settings to your preferences. The toolbar for  Windscribe Chrome extension to review your preferences can be found in the top-right-hand corner of your display screen.


From the Google Chrome extension bar, you can also select which country you prefer to connect to in the Settings section. Different countries allow you to visit different websites and unlock different content, depending on what is legal and licensed in that country. For instance, when you switch to the UK, you’ll be able to view what UK users view if you sign into your Netflix account. Before you download Windscribe VPN, review what countries the provider offers and whether they will unlock the content you want to access.


Features of Windscribe VPN


In this section of our review of Windscribe, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the program and how you can use it to improve your browsing experience. The first point of note is the strength of Windscribe’s privacy features. The company uses an AES-256 cipher alongside SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key to keep you safe while browsing.

This is especially important when you’re traveling or connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. You can never know whether a government agency or an everyday scammer is snooping in on your day-to-day activities. By keeping your online activities private, you’re protecting your information from being compromised. This is why we’ve put our Windscribe security review at the forefront of the Features section.

The other way Windscribe protects your personal security is by not keeping data logs of your browsing activity. Your connection logs, session logs, and IP timestamps are all kept anonymous, and there is no way of tracking this activity.

As part of our Windscribe privacy review, we must note that the only information the company stores is your bandwidth use over the past 30 days, which is then deleted after that period has passed. This is excellent as it means that you can never be personally identified when using Windscribe. You can even sign up for the service anonymously and pay using cryptocurrency, which means that even your paid subscription is untraceable.

One of the premium features of Windscribe is R.O.B.E.R.T., a customizable server tool that lets you block IPs. You can select which types of online programs you want to appear when you’re browsing, and Windscribe reviews the content for you. For example, if you’re prone to gambling a bit too much and don’t wish to see any adverts regarding this, you can block any gambling sites from popping up. Fake news can also be blocked; if your uncle won’t stop talking about conspiracy theories, simply block them from his computer. Likewise, you can stop all forms of malware and ads from corrupting your browsing experience.


There are many benefits of Windscribe’s R.O.B.E.R.T. program. The number of websites tracking your activity will be significantly reduced and you’ll see fewer adverts in general, not just the ones that you’ve asked Windscribe to review and to block. On top of this, you’ll use less data if you use a broadband cellular network to browse the internet. This is because many websites actually contain more data in adverts than they do in content. The R.O.B.E.R.T. system is totally under your control, giving you the freedom to browse the web the way you want.

The amount of access you get to R.O.B.E.R.T. depends on what subscription you choose. Those with the free subscription will get ads and malware blocked, as well as the ability to adjust three access rules. The Build a Plan option gives you all blocklists and ten access rules, while with Windscribe Pro, you can review all blocklists and adjust 1,000 access rules according to your preferences.

Windscribe and Netflix

Now let’s move on to the issue that undoubtedly brought many of you here: a  Windscribe VPN review of Netflix. Don’t worry, we’re well aware that accessing another country’s Netflix is the real reason you want a good VPN. While privacy and security are good, nothing beats kicking back with Cheetos and ice cream to watch your favorite Netflix programs that are only screened in another country.

Free VPNs, such as the popular Hola, used to work just fine when you were trying to bypass Netflix. Nowadays, we’re afraid you’ll likely have to pay for a VPN to sneak by Netflix, which is getting better at detecting proxy networks. Thankfully, we can confirm that when you sign up for Windscribe, Netflix works. The company even has a special program called Windflix that is dedicated to helping you access your favorite shows when you’re on vacation abroad.

During our testing process, we accessed both the US and UK Netflix and found that they both worked seamlessly. We also found that Windscribe can be useful in helping you use torrenting programs. As such, our Windscribe review for torrenting services – and for streaming Netflix – is entirely positive.

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Windscribe Review – Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re looking for a paid-for VPN with enhanced features, then after having made a VPN review of Windscribe, we’d strongly recommend the program to you. First of all, the service is well priced for what it offers. This is particularly true if you opt for the annual plan, which reduces the cost by more than 50%. Likewise, the ‘Build a Plan’ option can also offer great value if you only need to connect to limited locations. We struggled to find many flaws in Windscribe, so trying out the free version is an excellent idea if you’re looking for a multipurpose VPN.

By signing up for Windscribe, you’re helping to safeguard your browsing experiences by fending off malware and unwanted ads. Windscribe reviews unwanted websites such as fake news, gambling, and pornography, allowing you to block them to safeguard your kids online. However, perhaps Windscribe’s most valuable feature is that it gives you smooth, seamless access to Netflix from other countries.

Is Windscribe trustable?

Having installed Windscribe and used its features for a few days to analyze its capabilities and write a VPN Windscribe review, we can assure you that this is a VPN that you can trust. While using it, we found no security issues and loved that it blocked unsolicited adverts, stopped third parties from tracking our internet usage, and prevented nasty malware attacks. We trust it to be legitimate, and we hope you do too once you’ve checked it out. 

Does Windscribe hide your IP?

Yes. The primary purpose of using a VPN (beyond unlocking foreign Netflix libraries) is so that your internet activity cannot be tracked. This is done by hiding your IP address, which the VPN achieves by connecting it to a remote server. When this happens, all of your internet traffic flows through this server, meaning that what you search for and browse through cannot be tracked. If you’re looking for a solid VPN that will conduct this task for you discreetly, then Windscribe is certainly one we would recommend to you. 

Is Windscribe legal?

In short, yes. Using a VPN is legal almost everywhere; thus, using Windscribe is legal in those places. However, you must first check the law in the county you plan to use it from, as there are VPN restrictions in a few countries. Any Windscribe review for China, Russia, Turkey, and Iran should highlight that you may face problems if you use the service in those territories. That said, oppressive internet restrictions in these countries are in fact the reason many people there use VPNs in the first place.

Is Windscribe a free VPN?

Windscribe does have a free version. However, it limits you to 10 GB of data usage per month. This is okay if you just need it for a couple of small activities, but if you want to enjoy its full features over the long term, then you’ll have to pay. Plans start as low as $2 per month if you opt for Windscribe’s ‘Build a Plan’ option, but more features can be accessed if you sign up for   Windscribe Pro VPN to review the benefits of the full package for yourself. 

Is Windscribe VPN good?

Windscribe offers you everything it claims to. We know that many people avoid paying for VPNs, as they consider this service more of a luxury than something that’s necessary to protect their privacy. If you do pay for one, however, you’ll find that all of the features are of a much greater standard than the majority of free VPNs. After conducting our Windscribe review, we rank this company very highly, having found no obvious flaws and many benefits.