VideoProc Review

A closer look into fast and light video editing software that harnesses GPU power

Updated: August 31,2022

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Demand for video content is on the rise, dictating a rise in video-related skills. Videographers already know how crucial it is to edit an otherwise drab video content into a captivating one and how easy that can be when working with the right software.

VideoProc Converter is a powerful all-in-one video processing software that enables users to convert, edit and resize videos. It brings a library of useful editing features and supports vast output of formats in an easy-to-use package. 

VideoProc has a built-in proxy server you can use when downloading videos for those concerned about personal cybersecurity.

Our VideoProc Converter review will explore all the software's options, benefits, and drawbacks

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Price range:
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  • Free version: Trial version
  • GPU acceleration: Level-3 hardware acceleration
  • Price range: $29.95-$57.95
  • Available on: Windows and Mac OS
  • Video format conversion: AVI to YouTube, MKV to iPhone, GIF to MP4, H264 to H265, 3D to 2D
  • Editing features: Rotate, cut, crop, merge, split, subtitle, watermark, video effects, subtitles, playback speed, video stabilizer, video size compression, video to GIF
pros thumb up Pros
  • Video editing software with an intuitive interface
  • A library of helpful editing features
  • Massive catalog of supported output formats
  • Excellent GPU acceleration for 4K videos
  • Media downloader engine
pros thumb down Cons
  • Email-only customer support
  • The trial version limits the video file to five minutes

VideoProc Pricing

VideoProc Converter has a variety of pricing plans that cater to different needs. Three pricing levels cost the same for Windows and Mac operating systems. The most basic program, Premium 365, starts at $29.95 when discounted or $59.90 for a total price on one device. It comes with a one-year license that includes a complete set of features, technical support, and free update support. Upon expiration, you can easily renew the license for another year.

videoproc converter pricing

For those looking for more advanced features, there is the option to buy the $37.95 individual plan (total price of $78.90) with all the basic benefits. This VideoProc price includes a lifetime license for one computer, constant updates for new playback codecs, and a free video editing app with standard and advanced editing features.

The family plan costs $57.95 when discounted or $119.90 at full price. Users will have access to all features included in the individual plan and a lifelong license and support for up to five computers. 

If you’re looking for a free trial, VideoProc Converter does offer it; however, it comes with some limitations. VideoProc’s free version only allows for processing media files up to five minutes long. There is no option to save videos or access the effects.

The trial and full version have a built-in media downloader for user-generated video and audio that you can download from sites like YouTube or  SoundCloud. Just be sure that your system is protected from malware and viruses before you start downloading.

VideoProc Features

This software has plenty of editing features that will be of use to professionals and amateurs alike, regardless of whether they use VideoProc on Mac or Windows. The sheer scope of supported output format is amazing, and the GPU acceleration speeds up the editing and transcoding process, while VideoProc Converter remains light on the system.

Let’s go through its features.

Video Editing Software

Regardless of whether you’re a video editing professional or just thinking about getting into this growing industry, VideoProc is a perfect choice. It offers a wide range of features that make editing and exporting high-quality videos a breeze. It allows users to crop, trim, merge videos, or add subtitles.

video editing software

While cutting video with VideoProc is a straightforward process, there aren't many creative visual effects featured. You do have access to several filters and can adjust contrast and brightness or set the sharpness of your video material.

Video Editor Toolbox

Besides the standard editing tools, you can find additional options in the video editor toolbox. Removing noise will erase visual or audio artifacts to make the video cleaner. Stabilized video function prevents or reduces shaky video footage to get a highly professional video instead of an amateur-looking clip.

The “fix fisheye” feature removes the fisheye aspect of the video with the lens correction option. The “add watermark” option in the VideoProc video converter helps you place a text, timecode, or logo on the video. You can enhance the video by synchronizing audio and video components or setting the right audio volume on the playback.

More options allow users to turn a piece of a video into a GIF or a .mkv file while keeping the original video quality. You can also turn audio from a video clip into an M3U8 file.

Screen Recording

The screen recorder is one of the most valuable features VideoProc has, especially for vloggers. It allows you to record your screen and audio simultaneously, making tutorials, gaming videos, or reaction videos simple to do. You can use VideoProc for YouTube or any other platform. 

You can quickly capture and record an iOS or desktop screen with three recording tools: record video from a webcam, do a voiceover and create picture-in-picture recordings.

With a resizable window feature, you can manually select the recording area on the screen. Utility tools allow you to highlight or add new content while recording. The chroma key tool separates your video into layers based on detected colors. It’s great for recording in front of the green screen and adding the digital background of your choice.

VideoProc supports a wide variety of codecs and formats, all without a need for external codec packs. The latest codecs for VideoProc include H.265 for selected formats and more standard H.264, as well as a variety of MPEGs. 

GPU Acceleration

VideoProc uses Level-3 hardware acceleration for processing, encoding, and decoding, making it one of the rare software options with GPU accelerated video editing that we've tested. GPU acceleration is powered by AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel HD Graphics for faster transcoding and editing of videos. 

gpu acceleration

The video editing process is up to 47 times faster thanks to the GPU acceleration feature. This includes editing of, usually tricky, 4K clips. Graphics-based acceleration reduces video size output up to 90%, with minimal loss in playback quality and keeping up to 98% of the initial image quality, which we tested for the VideoProc review.

You can quickly edit and export high-quality videos without putting strain on your computer's CPU. VideoProc manages to free up to 60% of total CPU resources

A list of VideoProc hardware requirements is not that extensive. Low GPU and a variety of graphics cards such as NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, AMD Radeon HD 7700, M1 generation of Apple silicon chips, or the Intel HD Graphics 2000 integrated GPUs all work well with this converter. 

4K Video Editing

You can edit 4K videos with VideoProc without a significant quality loss. The software supports a range of video codecs, including MKV, MP4, H.264, and HEVC/H.265, VP8/9, XviD, and more.

Besides 4K videos, you can process other large video formats taxing to the CPU, like high-definition and ultra-HD videos. The GPU accelerator removes most of this burden from processors and places it on graphics cards.

You can make 30, 60, 120, or 240 FPS videos that are smooth to watch. There is an option to make VideoProc slow-motion clips, full VR, or 3D videos. 

Video Converter

The software supports more than 370 input and output formats, including popular ones like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and FLV. You can also use VideoProc to convert audio files and images. It’s always a good idea to implement a malware protection tool when you deal with various videos of unknown origin.

video converter

Another useful feature is batch transcoding, which allows for simultaneous conversion of files. In VideoProc, you can also merge your video files into a single movie and split large videos into smaller segments without any quality loss.

When looking into VideoProc converting file formats, it’s worth mentioning the software comes with a range of device-specific conversion profiles. You can quickly and easily convert videos for specific devices, such as smartphones, game consoles, and TVs. VideoProc can even optimize your video for social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Users can upscale 720p and 1080p to UHD and 4K and downscale a 4K clip to 2K, 1080p, or 720p resolution. You can adjust the quality of the video and make quick auto-copies.

Audio Converter

VideoProc can convert audio files. The software supports all popular audio formats, such as MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. One of the excellent VideoProc’s audio features is that you can change an audio file into a 5.1 surround compatible format, commonly used in home theaters. 

VideoProc expertly extracts audio from video files without losing the playback quality. 

DVD Converter

VideoProc supports all DVD types, including CSS-encrypted DVDs.

dvd converter

The built-in DVD ripper can quickly and easily decrypt and copy the content of a DVD to your computer's hard drive. You can then convert the files into any format you want and even add VideoProc subtitles.

Media Downloader Engine

VideoProc comes with an integrated media downloader engine, designed to quickly and easily download videos from several popular platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also convert the content to popular file formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and FLV. 

User Experience

With a plethora of features available to users, it's crucial that the software guides new and experienced users and offers reliable customer support. Luckily, VideoProc for Windows and Mac does exactly that, so it’s unlikely you’ll feel lost.

User Interface

VideoProc is simple to use. The software has an interface that is simple to navigate, making it a great option for beginners and experienced users alike. If you're new to video editing, VideoProc comes with a range of helpful tutorials, quickly getting you up to speed.

The main window is divided into four sections: video processing, DVD conversion and backup, video downloader, and video recorder. Each section contains a variety of options and settings that can be customized to fit your needs, regardless of whether you’re using VideoProc for free vs. the paid version. 

The video processing section includes options for converting, editing, and compressing large-sized videos while retaining the quality settings. The DVD option lets you transfer DVDs to one of many digital formats, as well as edit and convert DVDs. 

Customer Support

VideoProc has reliable customer support that is unfortunately limited to email contact. Despite 24/7 tech support, it can take a full day for VideoProc agents to respond. For those who dislike waiting, the VideoProc FAQ page may be a good source for solving common issues. 

VideoProc vs. Other Video Editing Software

With VideoProc, you can quickly and easily edit and process your videos without worrying about complex technicalities. The software is flexible, allowing you to customize your workflow to suit your specific needs. Let's check how it compares to other similar software.

VideoProc vs. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

VideoProc is very easy to use and comes with features that make it a great option for beginners and experienced users. It’s often compared to WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. 

While both offer support for 4K videos, VideoProc only supports resolutions up to 4K. At the same time, you can work with resolutions up to 8K on WinX HD. VideoProc doesn't have a range of export presets for social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, whereas WinX HD does.

However, Digiarty Software makes both apps. The WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe’s one-year license costs $25.95 when discounted and $59.95 for a lifetime license. Depending on what you need, WinX HD might be a good choice, but keep in mind that VideoProc has way better processing speed.

VideoProc vs. HandBrake

While both apps are great for encoding videos, Handbrake lacks some features that VideoProc has, such as the ability to download videos from YouTube and other popular video-sharing sites. 

Compared to the sheer number of supported video and audio formats, VideoProc takes the advantage over HandBrake. HandBrake also has a more challenging user interface that might confuse new users.

On the other hand, HandBrake is free to download and available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. The large HandBrake community is ready to help on the official forum, but there is no other form of customer support. 

VideoProc vs. MacX DVD Ripper Pro

The pricing is about the same for VideoProc and MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Both offer a great range of features, but VideoProc takes advantage of the number of supported formats and codecs. 

On the other hand, MacX DVD Ripper Pro does have an option to export and upload DVD videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other popular sites, which many other VideoProc alternative apps don’t have. 

VideoProc 4.0

VideoProc has undergone several changes since it was first released. The most recent version, VideoProc 4.0, supports 4K video processing and introduces a new user interface that is more intuitive and easier to use.

Over time, VideoProc received better CPU usage support, with newer versions using fewer processor resources than earlier. It made the app more accessible to people with older computer systems.

Bottom Line

VideoProc is an excellent video processing tool that is very easy to use. It has a range of features that make it a great option for beginners and professional video editors

VideoProc can handle most of your needs, and it’s user-friendly. VideoProc subscription plans are generally affordable and often on sale. 

If you are a Linux user, you might want to look for something else until VideoProc comes up with a Linux version. 

Overall, we think VideoProc is an excellent choice of an affordable and versatile video editor.

Is VideoProc trustworthy?

Yes, VideoProc is a reliable and safe video processing tool. It’s developed by Digiarty Software, a company that has been in the business for many years. Digiarty has a good reputation in the industry.

Is VideoProc malware?

No, VideoProc is not malware. It’s a safe and trustworthy video processing tool for new and experienced users.

Is VideoProc free to use?

No, VideoProc is not free. VideoProc is a paid video processing tool that offers a free trial. Our VideoProc review covers pricing in more detail. The free trial version has some limitations, such as watermarks on the output videos.