Cylance Review

Robust AI-powered malware prevention tool that still lacks a dedicated desktop app

Updated: July 20,2022

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Cylance is an antivirus software company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Irvine, California. Unlike other protective software, Cylance prevents threats using artificial intelligence rather than reactively detecting viruses. Our detailed Cylance review showed that this software has a 95% detection rate in malware scanning. It will work on most machines, as it’s compatible with:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • macOS 10.9 – 11.2
  • Linux Red Hat/CentOS 6 and 7
  • Android and iOS

Could it be the antivirus software for you? Let’s find out.

Price Range:
$5.99 - $8.25/month
ios logo
mac logo
android logo
windows logo
  • AI-powered malware protection
  • Blocks never-before-seen threats
  • Zero-day prevention
  • Memory exploitation detection
  • Script management
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
pros thumb up Pros
  • No need for frequent updates
  • High-level of protection
  • User-friendly
pros thumb down Cons
  • No desktop app
  • Internet connection required
  • No spam or popup blocker

Cylance Antivirus Overview

After testing the antivirus thoroughly and inspecting Cylance reviews online, we are happy to conclude that there’s a lot to praise. First and foremost, this software is primarily aimed at home users, so the interface is easily navigable. To reduce its impact on your network, Cylance has a silent security mode, but it’s a lightweight bit of software even without special options turned on.

Reliability and value-for-money are vital things to keep in mind when choosing malware protection. Thankfully, the most significant asset this product brings to the table is recognizing and quarantining threats before they even reach your device.

On the other hand, most of Cylance’s competitors work by removing malware that’s already affecting your computer. BlackBerry Limited acquired the company in 2019 for $1.4 billion, thus securing funds that have helped Cylance build secure endpoints for their users and maintain this competitive edge.

On industry-standard tests, Cylance detected 1,048 out of 1,100 pieces of malware. This performance puts it below Avira and Norton, for example, both of which have perfect scores on the same test. However, this minuscule error rate is still outstanding, but we made sure to review Cylance’s other features thoroughly to see whether they justify this slight drop in performance.

Cylance Subscription Plans

There are three main options:

1 month
1 year
2 years

1 device - $5.99

5 devices - $9.99

10 devices - $14.99

1 device - $29

5 devices - $39

10 devices - $49

1 device - $58

5 devices - $138

10 devices - $198

billed monthly

billed annually 

billed every 2 years

All packages offer the same level of protection – the only difference is the number of devices and the amount of time the license can be used.

Unfortunately, there’s no Cylance free trial, but you can take advantage of the unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s enough time to test things out and request a refund if Cylance wasn’t the right choice for you.

Our Cylance software review has shown that this is an easy-to-use antivirus with powerful protective features which will not affect any device’s overall performance. You can play games and watch movies safe in the knowledge that Cylance will both protect your computer from malware and protect you from annoying notifications or pop-up messages.

Different Products and Benefits

Cylance offers three antivirus programs, each aimed at a specific client group. The first two options are designed for businesses, while the last one is intended for home use. We made sure to review these Cylance products in detail to make picking one effortless. You can choose between one of these options:

  • Protect – AI-driven endpoint security
  • Optics – advanced security
  • Smart Antivirus – personal protective use

Cylance Smart Antivirus Review

This version of Cylance has the most extensive user base, so we’ll make sure to bring up all its relevant characteristics. As mentioned, it’s lightweight and only checks files that are active, open, or in use, using artificial intelligence to power the malware scanner. It’s also cloud-based, which means that it uses a much smaller amount of resources compared to other antivirus software.

The downside of the Cylance Smart Antivirus – and Cylance in general – is the lack of a desktop app. Every Cylance Smart Antivirus review we came across brings this up, as it is the biggest bone of contention with customers. Cylance runs on a web-based dashboard which is easy to use and provides complete protection to your device, as well as all other devices connected to your Cylance account, but if you don’t have an internet connection, you won’t have access to it, either.

cylance review user interface

BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect, formerly known as Cylance Protect, does not use malware signatures to ensure protection against threats to your device, like similar software often does. The primary purpose of Cylance Protect was to review and identify malicious code and files based on their behavior, and it is what Blackberry Protect still does, just under a different name. To do so, it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning – a step-up from most competitors.

The Cylance-turned-BlackBerry download process is pretty easy. You can sign up for a demo of the product before purchasing a subscription. In either case, you’ll need to register your information. Once you install BlackBerry Protect, it will perform an initial scan of all files on your device to check for potential threats. Future scans are based on changes detected, so they won’t trigger for no reason.

Almost every Cylance antivirus for Mac review, and those from Windows users, are unified in approval of the software, giving it high scores even after it changed owners. Its user-friendly dashboard and the fact that it is really simple to manage or deploy are BlackBerry Protect’s main advantages. Changing the protection level for different devices and servers is quite simple, and it doesn’t require daily updates, freeing you from annoying prompts.

Multiple renowned companies are using BlackBerry Protect to make sure their business is secure. Among them, you can find Panasonic, Toyota, Noble Energy, Kiewit, etc.

BlackBerry Optics

While conducting our Cylance review, we felt we needed to review BlackBerry Optics, too, since it’s the same Cylance product, under a changed name. It turns out that this advanced protection option provides consistent endpoint visibility. This greatly aids in discovering hard-to-find threats. The main goals of BlackBerry Optics are:

  • Preventing malware incidents
  • Automating threat detection
  • Finding hidden threats
  • Reacting as quickly as possible

BlackBerry Optics offers zero-day prevention, which means that the AI model eliminates attack risks by preventing zero-day payloads from executing. If you run an organization looking for advanced multiple-attack-vector protection, this might be just the option for you.

Our Cylance Inc. vulnerability scan review yielded impressive results. The Cylance/BlackBerry malware scanner detected and quarantined 100% of the ransomware files and 95% of the malware files in our testing conditions.

Platform Availability

We already mentioned that the Cylance and BlackBerry protective software works on the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10; macOS 10.9-15, and 11.2; Android and iOS. Be advised, however – it requires a two-core processor or better.

An internet connection and browser are also required to register the product. From then on, Cylance will review and protect your device exhaustively; just make sure your RAM is above the 2-GB mark.

Also note that, for now, the Cylance Smart Antivirus is available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. The Android app is available in all previously mentioned countries, while the iOS app is available only in the US.

Cylance vs. Avast

Cylance is a well-known name in the endpoint security field, and it remains relevant even after its acquisition. Even though a Cylance independent review is not that easy to find, there are plenty of customer reviews to make up for that.

Some of them cite concerns about insufficient independent lab tests, but this is still a new product, and there is plenty of time for it to prove itself. Not to mention that its defensive methodology is quite unusual, which makes it a bit hard to test. Nevertheless, so far, it’s been nothing but reliable in protecting various devices, at a low cost to boot.

When you compare it to other companies with similar products, make sure to take the most important features into account. For example, we decided to make a side-by-side comparison of Cylance vs. Avast to help you get a clearer picture.

What makes Cylance so different from all its competitors is how lightweight it is. It’s silent, with no pop-ups or notifications, so you won’t even notice it running in the background.

Cylance’s one weakness is the lack of a free trial. That can turn away some potential customers, but even with that in mind, Cylance reviews from customers show they are satisfied with this software in most cases. If you feel differently, you can always request an unconditional refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Another feature that casts Cylance in a negative light compared to Avast is a web shield and a spam blocker. Unlike Avast, Cylance doesn’t have any protection against potentially malicious or fraudulent URLs. It does not protect your devices from phishing websites that may cause security breaches, while Avast blocks dangerous websites before they even open.

The Cylance antivirus will review dangerous files and quarantine them automatically, without asking you about which course of action to take. After one month, those files will be deleted, so you don’t have to waste time doing that manually.

How Has Cylance Changed Over Time?

As a company with an admirable reputation and a broad user database, Cylance is constantly exploring new ways to improve its endpoint solutions. Cyber threats are emerging daily, and you can’t rely on slow updates and signatures if you wish to stay protected. Cylance uses AI and cutting-edge algorithms to proactively protect your device.

During the SE Labs Breach Response Test conducted in July 2021, BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics won the AAA award for detecting and preventing cyberattacks. They managed to identify all the threats and prevent any damage from being inflicted.

Customer Support

If you experience any difficulties, you can reach out to the Cylance support team. There’s no direct phone line, but you can use the form on BlackBerry’s Cylance website to submit a request. Once you send this message, a Cylance agent will get back to you in a timely manner to lend you a hand.

Another thing you can do if you’re having trouble with this artificial intelligence antivirus solution is to check the 24/7 online support resources. These include a comprehensive knowledge base and BlackBerry community forums, where you can share your experiences with other customers and experts.

How Does Cylance Compare to Other Antivirus Solutions?
Cylance Review Logo
$5.99 - $8.25/month
Free Version:
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$29.95 - $49.95/year
Free Version:
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Avast Antivirus Review Logo
$0 - $79.99/year
Free Version:
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Cylance Review – Bottom Line

If you give Cylance or any of its BlackBerry counterparts a chance, you will see that it offers a high detection rate for a low price. Its centralized dashboard for managing threats and ensuring all of your devices are secure is also a big plus. If you read our detailed Cylance Inc. review, you know this software can serve you both as an antivirus for your personal devices, or those in your company. Cylance has various features to offer under different billing terms.

Is Cylance any good?

Considering the low pricing and all the features this antivirus has, we would definitely recommend it. The Cylance dashboard makes monitoring and analyzing your connected devices as straightforward as possible and easily compensates for the lack of a Cylance desktop app.

Is Cylance Protect an antivirus?

Yes, however, it now goes under the name BlackBerry Protect. Our Cylance AV review uncovered that many worldwide-renowned companies, such as Panasonic and Toyota, use this particular software version. Using a progressive new approach in preventing malware attacks, this antivirus will keep your device safe without daily updates or noisy pop-ups.

What is Cylance software?

It is an antivirus that uses artificial intelligence to proactively contain malware or threats to your device. Most vendors you know are working on detecting and quarantining those threats once they’re already there, while Cylance aims to stop them before they even reach your device.

Does Cylance support Linux?

After a thorough Cylance review, we can confirm that there is an enhanced BlackBerry Optics feature optimized for several Linux Versions, like RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS, and SUSE. With this entry into the Linux environment, BlackBerry is now covering a larger set of endpoints that are usually the initial target of malware attacks.