NordPass Review

While useful, NordPass is still rudimentary on many levels

Updated: July 04,2022

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The math is simple: the more passwords you have, the greater the chance that you’ll lose or forget the one you need. On the flip side, picking the same password more than once is generally a bad idea.

We’re gathering login data for various apps, servers, sites, and even games with every digital step we make. As the list of passwords we need grows, we will eventually lose the list, become sloppy, or use the same password multiple times, thus decreasing its protection value.

One way to solve this issue is by using password managers. In this NordPass review, we’ll cover one of the ones on the market made by a company known for robust and innovative network privacy solutions. We’ll also compare its features to the market competition to see if this app lives up to the legacy that NordVPN has built.

Price Range:
$0 - $4.99/month
ios logo
mac logo
linux logo
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windows logo
  • Number of devices: 1 - 5
  • Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Encryption: XChaCha20
  • Multi-factor authentication: Yes
  • Password generator: 60
  • Offline mode: Yes
  • Price range: free - $4.99/month
  • Best price: $2.49/month (two-year plan)
pros thumb up Pros
  • Advanced encryption
  • 2FA with a security key
  • Intuitive and polished interface
  • Excellent browser extension
pros thumb down Cons
  • Competition is slightly cheaper
  • Elementary autofill features

NordPass Pricing

NordPass offers several pricing plans, including a very good free one. As usual, signing up for an extended period of time makes the subscription costs go down significantly. Furthermore, the paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordPass Free

The free version of one of the best password keeper apps comes with several excellent features. The most notable one is the unlimited password storage, which many competitors do not include in free versions of their software. You also get the option to sync stored passwords across several devices automatically and use multi-factor authentication. Finally, the free version includes a password generator, autofill and autosave functionality, and the option to create secure notes and store credit card data.

nordpass interface screenshot

The free version of NordPass is limited to one device at a time, meaning you cannot be logged in to your mobile NordPass app and the desktop version simultaneously. The software is smart enough to sync the data between the devices automatically, though. This version is missing the Trusted Contacts feature used to share passwords with friends or other users via an encrypted connection. You also can’t use the option to recognize weak and reused passwords, stay logged in while switching devices, or search the dark web for data leaks.

NordPass Premium

The Premium NordPass plan costs $4.99 per month, $35.88 per year on a yearly subscription, or $59.76 in total for a two-year subscription. There’s a catch, though: your two-year NordPass premium subscription will automatically renew for an additional year after the initial subscription period expires. That bonus year will use the then-applicable renewal price, whatever that may be.

A user can use the Premium version on up to six separate devices simultaneously. All features from the free version are available here, along with the Trusted Contacts option, secure item sharing, password health checkups, and the ability to scan the dark web for data breaches. This should help in cases of password manager breach incidents and ID thefts, though if your data has already been compromised, there may not be much you can do.

NordPass Family

Those who choose the Family Premium package get all of the benefits that Free and Premium users have. The key advantage here is that a single family subscription can be used by up to five unique users. This NordPass subscription costs $3.99 per month at the moment, but the trick is that you can only get a one-year-long license. With the current price, one year of NordPass Family will set you back $47.88, owing to a massive 84% discount.

NordPass Business and Enterprise

With the Business subscription, you get the main features we’ve covered in the Free and Premium versions, plus a couple of extras aimed at small-to-medium-sized companies. It includes the ability to create groups and share items within them, analyze the organization’s passwords for weaknesses, recover accounts with lost passwords, apply company-wide settings, and get 24/7 customer support.

This NordPass premium alternative for business users supports up to 250 business accounts. The starting five-user package will set you back $31.95 per user for a one-month subscription, $239.40 on a one-year subscription, or $430.80 if you opt to pay for two years in advance. If you want to order for more than 250 users, you’ll have to get in touch with the Sales team via an inquiry form.

Lastly, NordPass offers an Enterprise package aimed at larger companies. It includes all of the features we’ve already mentioned from the Business subscription, plus the option to use Microsoft Azure single sign-on (SSO) functionality, a dedicated account manager, and an onboarding service. Both the business and enterprise version get the most significant commodity, the premium support service that is open non-stop.

Main Features

NordPass password manager comes with a slew of useful features that will keep your passwords safe while making the process of filling data on websites quicker. Even without Premium, your passwords will be well-protected.

Security and Encryption

Password managers deal with sensitive information. Safekeeping this precious data needs to be backed up by a robust security system. It is why most companies use AES encryption. SSL/TSL encryption is a popular alternative, but Nord chooses only the highest-grade security for its products, so we were interested to see what they picked here.

nordpass interface screenshot 2

During our NordPass review, we’ve discovered that the company went for xChaCha20 encryption, which is rarely used in commercial products. It is a more sophisticated protection system that should be less prone to cache-timing cyber attacks due to its design.

The way it works with the NordPass is that passwords on your device are encrypted using the xChaCha20 encryption before they’re sent to the company’s servers. When you want to access your password, the encrypted info is synced back to your computer or mobile device. You only need a master password to unlock the information. With the xChaCha20 encryption, NordPass keeps safe storage of your data since it does not know your master password and can never decrypt your data without it. Keeping your master password safe is essential – you don’t want to lose access to important password-protected files and be forced to use data loss prevention software later.

The xChaCha20 encryption showed so much promise that even Google started implementing it. Nord’s password app also underwent an independent audit by German cybersecurity firm Cure53 in 2020 and received a very positive review.

Password Generator

Any password manager worth its salt will have advanced password generation tools. NordPass has a very easy-to-use tool available as part of the desktop app or as a browser extension. There is also the NordPass online password generator, which you can use to create complex passwords for free.

NordPass can create passwords containing between eight and 60 characters, with 12 characters set as a default. You specify if the password should include digits, symbols, lowercase/uppercase letters, and leave out potentially confusing characters through the options. Thanks to its excellent interface, we had no problems creating complex passwords for our Netflix accounts as an added layer of protection.

Sharing Passwords and Items

With the Trusted Contacts option, you can safely share passwords with other NordPass users through an encrypted connection. NordPass security has an excellent feature here: both contact sides have to exchange an encrypted message to confirm that the link is safe and secure. It’s a nice security move that ensures a secure and consensual exchange of information.

Beyond that, you can also share items stored in the vault. The trick is that free version users can only access and open existing shared items. In contrast, premium users are the only ones that can add new items to the vault. Users can share credit card info, login details, or secure notes in an effortless manner.

nordpass interface screenshot 3

As you move the mouse over an item in the NordPass desktop app, select the three-dotted menu on the right side and click the Share option. Type in the recipient’s email and click on the Share Item button. A user who is going to receive the shared file will get the notification email on how to create a NordPass account and open the file. It is an excellent method for exchanging subscription information such as Amazon Prime passwords between family members.

Organize Your Passwords

One feature that we liked is sorting passwords into folders to help organize them better. Thanks to the simplicity of the NordPass interface, folders have sections that can house any file type that NordPass recognizes. We organized passwords into folders for streaming accounts, social media, science magazines, and entertainment.

Biometric and Two-Factor Authentication

One method to increase login security is to activate multi-factor authentication. Besides knowing the master password, you need to have a dedicated device for performing the 2FA/biometric check before accessing your account. The NordPass app employs both standard two-step and biometric authentication.

To activate NordPass two-factor authentication, go to settings from the main menu, and select the Enable button next to the two-factor authentication option. You’ll get a barcode and a secret key that Google Authenticator, Authy, or similar authenticators will read. When those apps decipher the keys, you will get verification codes that you’ll need to insert into NordPass.

Another option is security keys. These are physical devices that you can plug in via a USB port typically. They work as an added protection layer – even if a hacker steals your private data, a NordPass review of your login credentials would be incomplete without the physical security key. As with traditional ​​electronic password keeper devices, a hacker would need both the hardware and the password(s) to get in.

On top of this, you have a biometric authentication option that uses your face or fingerprint to log into your account. Since devices need FaceID software or a biometric scanner, this authentication method will work the best on iOS and Android smartphones.

Credit Cards and Secure Notes

With NordPass, you can save credit card details inside an encrypted vault that can be accessed anywhere a NordPass app is installed. It’s one of the nifty NordPass features that allows you to have secured access to sensitive payment data and gives you the ability to share it safely. You can easily copy and paste credit card details on websites when using the NordPass extension. The only limit is that you cannot copy/paste your physical billing address details. Instead, you’ll have to type in this info manually every time.

nordpass interface screenshot 4

The Secure Notes section allows you to store unlimited text notes, which is great for insurance policy numbers, Netflix, and Wi-Fi passwords. Unfortunately, you cannot sort these notes into different categories, so this feature feels a little bit basic and undercooked.

NordPass Browser Extensions

Most password managers have browser extensions that offer a couple of unique features, and NordPass is no different. The extension supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Safari browsers. After installing Chrome, we noticed a NordPass logo showing up next to empty fields for username and password. Upon clicking the symbol, NordPass automatically filled in login data and memorized it in the vault.

We did another test by creating a new Gmail account. Here, NordPass immediately recognized our intention and provided a randomly generated password. The app also offered to store newly created Gmail login info in the vault for future auto-filling needs. The NordPass autofill feature will automatically fill in user logins and passwords. Still, for more personal information such as credit cards, the best you can do is copy/paste this information from your vault. This is a security measure aimed at stopping keyloggers and other methods hackers might use to steal your data.

Ease of Use

There is an old saying: “A warrior knows where his path will lead him, while a wise man knows how to walk the path undisturbed.” The same can be said for password managers and their accessibility. It’s not enough today to merely offer a vast number of features to your customers: you need to make sure those features are intuitive and straightforward to use. When it comes to ​​NordPass, ease of use was one of the main concerns for the development team, and we think they did a splendid job.

Installation Process

One defining trait for all Nord apps is simplicity. The same goes for installing NordPass. After you go to the company’s website, merely locate the free version, click on the download button and open the installer after finishing the download. The entire installation process is automated – you just need to choose the installation directory.

Keep in mind that the standard Nord account works for NordVPN but not for NordPass. To use both, you’d have to have two accounts. Considering how much NordPass will cost you, this makes sense, but we would have liked more options for connecting the company’s two most popular services. Considering you’ll be using two separate Nord accounts, make sure to create different passwords for each.

Supported Platforms

NordPass supports all of the major operating systems. This means that it works on Windows, macOS, Linux, and both Android and iOS devices. We’ve tested the functionality and stability of the NordPass app in Windows and on Mac and ran into no problems whatsoever. Similarly, we didn’t have any significant issues when using NordPass on mobile devices, except that it couldn’t handle autofill data in Safari. The app worked satisfactorily on all other mobile browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Brave.

User Interface

Elegance and accessibility were the fundamental guiding principles for the team designing the NordPass user interface. Every aspect of the software is intuitive, starting with the basics: adding your first password. You can create a new password or select to import an existing one from a .CSV file. While testing out various options during our NordPass review, we didn’t run into any notable troubles or bugs: the interface is well-designed and snappy, which is something we’ve come to expect from Nord.

Customer Support

NordPass customer support offers its services through email and live chat. The staff is available 24 hours, seven days a week, and the agents tend to respond very quickly, especially on live chat. Email is a little slower, of course, but you should typically expect a response within a few hours at most. Finally, there is a great FAQ section on the site, with answers to many common issues that users face – we recommend this or the live chat as your starting point when facing any problems with the software.

How Does NordPass Compare to Other Password Managers?
NordPass Review Logo
$0 - $4.99/month
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Dashlane Review Logo
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RoboForm Review Logo
$0 - $3.98/month
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NordPass vs. LastPass

When comparing NordPass vs. LastPass, we’ve concluded that the two popular password managers are relatively well matched. The main difference lies in their autofill capabilities. NordPass will only autofill username and password, while LastPass will do so for the physical address and credit card data, too. It also offers more robust business-related features such as better team management.

NordPass has a few tricks up its sleeve, too. For example, it offers a recovery code if you lose your master password. LastPass only gives you a password hint, which we didn’t find all that useful. Pricing-wise, they are pretty evenly matched.

NordPass vs. Dashlane

In this clash of the titans, Dashlane takes a narrow victory since it offers a free VPN with its premium packages, and you can organize its version of Secure Notes into categories. NordPass provides a recovery code for a lost master password, while if you lose the master password with Dashlane, you are pretty much out of luck. Another advantage for NordPass is that it creates more complex passwords. While we’re pretty sure that Dashlane’s up-to-40-character passwords will do the job just fine, the 60-character limit that NordPass provides will undoubtedly create even safer passwords.

NordPass vs. RoboForm

Lastly, when comparing NordPass to RoboForm, security nuts will be happy to know that the latter allows passwords with up to 512 characters, compared to NordPass’s 60 character limit. NordPass also lacks the business and team management options that RoboForm has and doesn’t quite match up when it comes to the autofill options. That being said, NordPass offers live chat support even to free plan users, while RoboForm customers will have to get the paid Everywhere plan to get it.

NordPass Review – Bottom Line

While there’s still room for improvement, NordPass is shaping up to become a fantastic password manager. It’s one of the most accessible password management apps we’ve ever used, and the security options available are some of the best in the industry. In addition to great NordPass customer support, we were very impressed with how the app ran across multiple devices and operating systems. We did not run into a single glitch or bug in hours of testing the software, and our overall user experience was very enjoyable.

Is NordPass any good?

Nordpass is suitable as a standalone password manager, with a solid password generator, autofill options, and one of the most advanced encryption methods on the market.

Is NordPass better than LastPass?

Both programs are very good and offer mostly the same features for a similar price. Check our review above for more details.

Is Dashlane better than NordPass?

It depends on your needs, really. If you want more robust autofill options and an added VPN service, Dashlane’s premium packages will be a better option. As our NordPass review already mentioned, if the creation of more complex passwords is a priority, NordPass is a better option.

Is NordPass easy to use?

Nordpass is one of the most accessible password management apps we’ve ever used, and you should have no problems getting used to its interface.