PandaDoc Review

Updated: February 03,2022

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To make money and land clients in the corporate world, businesses need to facilitate an engaging, timely, and professional experience. The best way to go about achieving this is to streamline the process of creating, approving, and signing everything from proposals to contracts. Enter document management software.

PandaDoc is a business productivity solution that helps clients manage a range of documents, including quotes and invoices. It provides digital signatures and can also support the company’s HR staff track the onboarding process of new hires. On top of that, PandaDoc enables businesses to transition to paperless transactions and adopt a more sustainable workflow, saving millions of tons of paper in the process. Keep reading to find out about all of the pros and cons of PandaDoc.

Price Range:
$0 - $49/month/user
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  • Compliance: ESIGN, UETA, HIPAA, and SOC 2 Type II
  • Legally binding: Yes
  • Payment collection: Yes
  • Supported file types: pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, Docx
  • Available on: Web-based, any device
  • Integrations: CRM, payments, storage, productivity, design, Zapier
pros thumb up Pros
  • Free plan
  • Intuitive UI
  • Excellent app
  • Great CRM Integration
  • Drag-and-drop library of content
pros thumb down Cons
  • Lacks safety features
  • Bulk sending only with extra charges

What Is PandaDoc?

Drawing up and signing sales proposals, HR documents, contracts, and quotes is a time-consuming process that can undermine your team’s productivity. PandaDoc is designed to streamline the whole process, optimize sales and marketing tasks, and reduce the costs of sending the documents. In addition to its digital signature software solutions, PandaDoc provides advanced analytics tools that tell you when recipients viewed your proposals and how much time they spent on each page. Moreover, it can help the marketing team track customer engagement.

Your HR team can also benefit from the platform’s HR automation tools that speed up employee onboarding and offboarding processes and track their lifecycle in the company. While freeing up different departments from manual, error-prone tasks, PandaDoc harnesses cloud technology that allows you to store the data and documents for further use across all platforms.

The award-winning company promises its clients nothing short of document workflow nirvana. Our PandaDoc review examines the validity of that claim by taking a closer look at all of the software’s components.

PandaDoc Pricing

Tools designed to enhance your company’s workflow tend to be pricey. However, PandaDoc offers a free solution and three subscription plans that suit everyone’s needs. Plans are available on a monthly and annual basis, but the annual subscription helps customers save up to 24%. All paid plans come with a 14-days free trial that allows you to test out the features.

  • Free eSign: With the free account, users get an unlimited number of legally binding eSignatures, unlimited document uploads, including PDFs, as well as activity tracking and notifications. As soon as the documents are signed, this plan enables you to accept payments via credit card, PayPal, or ACH. The package comes with other essentials for basic workflow management, including a mobile app for easy access to documentation on the go.
  • PandaDoc Essentials: For $19/month per user, clients who choose this tier get all the perks from the free plan, plus the option to create docs using public and custom templates and the built-in rich media drag-and-drop document editor. Essentials also enables subscribers to collect eSignatures and track and analyze docs in real-time to ensure better-quality feedback. Coupled with round-the-clock customer support, the whole experience is hassle-free.
  • PandaDoc Business: The PandaDoc plan for businesses is touted as the most popular one on the website and costs an affordable $49/month per user. With it, companies can take advantage of all the aforementioned features in addition to seamless CRM and Zapier integrations, automation workflows, document customization and branding, and content library management. Another notable feature allows you to collect information using self-service forms. Each account includes 250 docs per year, and you can purchase additional forms for $2 per document. Meanwhile, the Bulk send option enables you to create and send personalized documents in bulk.
  • PandaDoc Enterprise: Teams that require more capabilities can get them at a custom price. In addition to all the Business plan features, an Enterprise subscription gives customers single-sign-on or SSO support and custom user roles. It helps them create unlimited team workspaces, add Salesforce integration, and get reports on user performance and content. Other features include automatic reminders for subscription renewal, content locking, and even API capabilities (for extra fees).

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PandaDoc Features

Now that you’re familiar with the pricing plans, let’s dive deeper into the features offered by  PandaDoc. The following sections cover both basic and more advanced options that are part of the PandaDoc offer.


Waiting for clients to sign documents and send them back to you is time-consuming and obsolete. PandaDoc made sure to speed up the whole process with its top-notch eSignature feature that automatizes creating and collecting signed documents. The unlimited eSignature option is one of the many features included in all pricing plans, including the free package.

All PandaDoc signatures are legally binding thanks to their compliance with federal ESIGN, UETA, HIPAA, and SOC2 Type II regulations. Asking for signatures and sending them across all devices works like a breeze. Simply upload the document you need signed, add all the recipients, and they’ll be able to sign with one click and send it back to you.

pandadoc registration process

PandaDoc Templates and Editor

Those who use PandaDoc software enhance their document workflow by creating personalized proposals, agreements, quotes, HR documents, and others in a matter of minutes. With more than 750 public and custom templates, making the documents and customizing them is easier than ever, and that’s something you won’t get with every other digital signature software.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop library of content and customer data automatically pulled from your CRM and a built-in document editor, you can create error-free forms and close deals faster. Once you’ve personalized your proposals or any other document, you can have your clients review and sign it with just one click.

pandadoc templates

PandaDoc Analytics Tools

Whether you’re a small startup or a big enterprise, understanding your customers is of the utmost importance for boosting sales. With the PandaDoc Audit trail and document analytics feature available with all paid plans, you’ll get insight into how many times the recipient viewed your documents and the time a potential customer spent on each page. You’ll also get notifications when the document is opened and completed. These also act as reminders informing you of the right time to follow up with a client and preparing you for all potential outcomes.

Tracking the documents through detailed and comprehensive real-time analytics is incredibly important for any business. When you know how long a potential customer looked at your proposal and what sections he was most interested in, you can better plan your next move by catering to your clients’ needs and preferences. This feature will benefit the sales and marketing teams the most, as they’ll be able to identify the weak spots and adjust the document content to be more attractive to customers.

PandaDoc Integrations

Third-party integrations unlock the potential to connect PandaDoc with other tools and improve communication with customers. PandaDoc has an incredibly robust line-up that’ll make your dashboard a one-stop-shop for document management. You can enjoy powerful integrations for Zapier and over 10 CRMs with big names such as HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics.

If you opt for the Enterprise plan, you get the advantage of using the Salesforce integration and streamlining your sales process with your Salesforce interface. Integrating these third-party apps allows you to import crucial data from all these systems and merge them into the documents you create with PandaDoc.


PandaDoc offers additional advanced features that aren’t part of the aforementioned pricing plans. Although the Forms feature is available with both the Business plan and the Enterprise plan, users are limited to 250 documents per year. They’ll have to pay $2 for every additional form. This highly useful tool collects information, feedback, and signatures from applicants, employees, and clients and stores them for further use. Forms are different from standard survey tools, as they prioritize collecting qualitative data instead of simply focusing on the numbers of people who signed them.

For tech-savvy users and developers that subscribe to the Enterprise plan and are willing to pay an additional fee, PandaDoc offers API capabilities. With access to a developer dashboard, you’ll get data visualization, monitor performance metrics, error rates, and data latency. Also, by leveraging PandaDoc’s developer-friendly API, you’ll be able to generate documents and capture eSignatures by embedding them into your app or website.

Ease of Use

PandaDoc is a web-based software supported on all Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can set up a business account through a straightforward registration process. You’ll get access to an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that’s easy to navigate. From there, you can add your signature and tailor the account to the specific needs of your business. Hit “Workspace settings” to add your brand logo to your company’s emails and add integrations and payment getaways.

pandadoc signup

In the “Templates” section, you can use existing templates or create new ones from scratch. You can filter through hundreds of documents divided into categories ranging from marketing to human resources. Hit the Documents tab to keep track of the documents and see the status of your proposals and letters. There’s a drag-and-drop option and the content library that lets you store your proposals for future use, and everything is easily accessible from the dashboard.

Available for Android and iOS, the PandaDoc app lets you review all your documents and sign them from your mobile devices. While tracking your document’s lifecycle when you’re on the go, you can use your app to create docs, send and collect eSignatures, and get real-time alerts without having to refresh the system manually.

pandadoc mobile dashboard

How Does PandaDoc Compare to Other Document Manager Software?
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Employing document management software is a great solution for any business, which is why the market is full of big names competing for clients. We’ll compare the features and our overall experience with two PandaDoc alternatives.

PandaDoc vs. DocuSign

While PandaDoc offers a full spectrum of services and solutions for managing documentation in addition to streamlining and boosting your business performance, DocuSign is more focused on providing legally binding eSignatures. It allows users to digitally sign all file types, including PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Excel files. However, PandaDoc has a native drag-and-drop document builder that lets you create and manage documents .

On the other hand, PandaDoc can’t beat the robust security features and strict privacy standards that DocuSign offers clients. With its AES 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and role-based authorization features, this ISO 27001-certified software addresses all the security needs of its clients.

PandaDoc is the better option when it comes to pricing. Its free tier has all the basic features one could ask for from a digital signature software, and its paid plans are even more impressive. DocuSign starts from $10 for the Individual plan and goes up to $40 for the Business plan. Its developer accounts that leverage API capabilities go all the way up to $480 per user per month.

Hellosign vs PandaDoc

Hellosign is another renowned software that lets you digitally sign documents. It also has all the features one needs to create documents. However, it fails to provide real-time analytics and offers a very limited number of integrations (only two). Moreover, when it comes to creating documents, Hellosign doesn’t have a drag-and-drop document builder nor a content library, so users have to do everything manually.

HelloSign comes in three paid plans: Essentials for $15/month per user, Standard for $25/month per user, and Premium for a custom price. The features included in these packages are limited when compared to PandaDoc. Still, it does offer Bulk sending with Standard and Premium pricing tiers, which is something PandaDoc offers only for extra charges.

How Has PandaDoc Changed Over Time?

Aside from constantly updating the templates library with new designs to spice up your business correspondence, PandaDoc keeps adding new features and updating the existing ones to facilitate a better overall experience.

In June 2021, it announced its integration with Zoom, enabling customers to sign the documents virtually and faster than ever over a single Zoom meeting. The company introduced PandaDoc for developers in August, allowing them to leverage powerful API technology for better results. A month later, PandaDoc upgraded its mobile app, adding real-time alerts to help you keep track of the lifecycle of your documents while on the go.

PandaDoc Customer Service

Even though using PandaDoc is pretty straightforward, you can always turn to the website’s Resources page if you encounter a problem or need assistance. It’s packed with useful information and tips to help you get started, ensuring a smooth customer experience. There is a library with valuable articles, a thorough FAQ page, blog posts, a knowledge base, and forums where you can get help from more experienced individuals or simply get to know like-minded people.

Those who need direct assistance from PandaDoc staff can reach out to its support team via ticket form, live chat, or social networks. Those who sign up for paid plans have round-the-clock access to live chat and email support.

Bottom Line

Even though there are numerous signature software options on the market, we’ve concluded that PandaDoc offers a unique service that goes beyond eSignatures, and includes document creation, document tracking, and robust analytics for analyzing gathered data and integrations with popular platforms. Its free plan has all the basic components for managing documents, and paid tiers are perfectly affordable. With an intuitive user interface and a recently upgraded mobile app, PandaDoc offers a well-rounded experience for both new users and tech-savvy developers.

What is PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is a document management platform that helps ease office tasks by assisting businesses with the creation, editing, and signing of documents such as proposals, quotes, and contracts.

What are PandaDoc's top competitors?

In our review, we compared PandaDoc with two of its most prominent competitors, DocuSign and Hellosign. Both companies offer similar services to PandaDoc but primarily focus on digital signatures. Meanwhile, PandaDoc reviews and tracks the whole lifecycle of documents using robust document creation as well as editing and analytics tools.

Is PandaDoc really free?

Yes, PandaDoc has a free plan with unlimited eSignatures, unlimited document uploads, activity tracking and notifications, and payment collecting tools. 

Which is better DocuSign or PandaDoc?

While PandaDoc has a native drag-and-drop document builder, editing tools, and templates for creating documents, DocuSign focuses on legally binding eSignatures. However, DocuSign has more robust and reliable security features to protect your digital correspondence.