Carbonite Review

Carbonite's unlimited storage option is extremely alluring, but the one device limit per account feels too constricting

Updated: July 08,2022

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We all know how important it is to ensure your personal data is safe and secure, especially since we live under the constant threat of cyberattacks.

People use cloud backup solutions to protect their data from different sorts of corruption, hardware failure, or just accidental file deletion. Carbonite is one of the most popular cloud backup services you can find these days, so we decided to inspect and test all of its features. By the end of our Carbonite review, you will know what its strengths and weaknesses are and be able to decide if it’s the right solution for you.

Carbonite started its journey back in 2006, and has since developed to fit everyone’s cloud backup needs: Today, Carbonite can be used to save personal or business files, and as server backup software.

Price range:
$4.99 - $8.99/month
mac logo
windows logo
  • User-friendly client
  • Courier delivery of recovered files
  • Remote file access from any device
  • External hard drive backup
  • Automatic backups
  • Physical drive backup
pros thumb up Pros
  • Unlimited backup
  • Strong security measures
  • Phone, email, and live chat support
pros thumb down Cons
  • Carbonite Home plans back up only one device
  • Slow download speed

Carbonite Pricing

Carbonite has subscription plans for both home users and businesses. Carbonite Home plans (previously known as Personal plans) are designed for home users and home-based small businesses, while Carbonite Business plans target mid-sized and larger companies.

While doing our Carbonite Safe review, we could see that the prices differ based on the included features. With Carbonite Home, you can choose between one of three options: Carbonite Safe Basic, Carbonite Safe Plus, and Carbonite Safe Prime.

carbonite pricing

Even though the plans are displayed with monthly prices, they are billed annually, and you can sign up for a two- or three-year subscription. All Carbonite Safe options include unlimited backup space for your backed-up files, as well as automatic file and photo backup.

However, there are some advanced features you will only get with the Carbonite Safe Prime plan, so let’s see what options you can choose from.

Carbonite Safe Basic

To review Carbonite’s subscription plans, we need to start with the most basic one. Carbonite Safe Basic comes with a $58.99/year price, or $4.99 a month. We have to say this seems like a fair price for the abundance of valuable features. Apart from the unlimited and automatic backup, the Safe Basic plan includes:

  • a secure, encrypted cloud
  • remote file access from any device
  • all file and photo formats
  • phone, live chat, and email customer support

Carbonite Safe Plus

With a discount, Carbonite Safe Plus can be yours for just $83.99 a year. The Carbonite Safe Plus review we conducted showed that, on top of the previously mentioned features, this plan offers:

  • external hard drive backup
  • automatic video backup
  • Webroot® computer antivirus

Carbonite Safe Prime

The Prime plan incorporates all the benefits from the two lower-priced plans and adds one advanced feature – courier delivery of recovered files.

Carbonite Safe Prime is available for $104.99 a year, which is $8.99 in monthly installments.

All of these plans will cover one PC or Mac. You would need to purchase multiple subscriptions to extend your coverage to more than one device.

Although Carbonite doesn’t offer a 100% free plan like some of its competitors, you can try out the Carbonite free trial. The trial lasts for 15 days, and does not require you to provide any card information, just your email address, password, and country of residence. The trial gives you just enough time to see whether Carbonite is the right cloud backup solution for you.

Carbonite Safe Core

As we have previously mentioned, Carbonite is designed to fit everyone’s needs. If you own a company and need to back up more than one computer, you should think about getting one of the Carbonite Business plans, all of which have a 30-day free trial.

The next part of our Carbonite review will be dedicated to three business plans: Carbonite Safe Core, Carbonite Safe Power, and Carbonite Safe Ultimate.

Carbonite Safe Core costs $287.99 a year and provides 250 GB of shared backup storage for up to 25 computers. By signing up for this plan, you get:

  • A browser-based dashboard through which you can easily monitor the backup status of all your devices
  • External hard drive backup
  • Access to all your backed up files at any time, from any location
  • Automatic and constant backup of all your files, as Carbonite reviews and saves all crucial business data
  • 128-bit encryption to keep your data safe.
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) support – vital for anyone running a healthcare business
  • Support for FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and GLBA (The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act / Financial Modernization Act)
  • US-based customer support, seven days a week

Be advised, however, that the Carbonite Safe Core plan is compatible with Windows 7, 8, or 10 and Macs with macOS 10.7 and above.

If you want to back up to 25 computers and a server, you should probably consider the Carbonite Safe Power plan.

Carbonite Safe Power

To do a thorough review of Carbonite, we must not forget the Carbonite Safe Power plan. This plan is for all those who want all the features of Carbonite Safe Core but also need to back up a server. Carbonite Safe Power also includes:

  • Support for one server (physical and virtual), databases, external hard drives, live applications, Hyper-V, and NAS devices. Your servers will always be online, even during the backups.
  • Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption
  • The ability to back up data for one server, and individual virtual machines
  • Bare metal image backup
  • Customizable backup schedules

While writing this Carbonite Safe Power review, we couldn’t miss the price – this plan can be yours for $599.99 a year. It comes with 500 GB of shared backup storage for up to 25 computers and one server. Besides that, it also includes a server image backup and a bare-metal restore for one physical or virtual server. You can also add an extra 100 GB of storage space for $99.99.

Carbonite Safe Ultimate

If you want to have all the functionalities of Carbonite Safe Power, but also include the backup of unlimited servers, Carbonite Safe Ultimate should be your choice. As you’ll see from our Carbonite Safe Ultimate review, it has the same military-grade encryption, customized backup schedules, and bare metal image backup from the previous plan. The only different thing is the unlimited number of servers you can back up.

The price for the Carbonite Safe Ultimate plan is $999.99 per year and includes 500 GB of shared backup storage. If you decide to add another 100 GB of storage, the total price for one year will be $1099.98.

Additional Products and Features

Carbonite Home and Carbonite Business plans are not the only assets of this data protection software. Some advanced options make Carbonite stand out as one of the best cloud backup solutions on the market. Let’s review those Carbonite features to see what they’re all about.

Carbonite Endpoint

Carbonite Endpoint offers complete endpoint protection for modern workforces. Many organizations have transferred to remote work, and that comes with different security challenges. Endpoint data is vulnerable to various threats, like theft, hardware failure, ransomware attacks, and user error, so its safety should be a priority with all businesses.

With Carbonite Endpoint, organizations can back up their data and protect themselves from a major data loss event. There is also a geo-tracking feature that shows the location of the data at all times.

Carbonite Server

Carbonite Server is the server backup solution for physical, virtual, and legacy systems. The Carbonite Server review we conducted shows that this product offers numerous deployment options, and you can use it to restore live or historical data from the cloud.

Carbonite Server is easy to use, and it offers cloud disaster recovery, secure protection with 256-bit encryption, and other advanced features.

Carbonite Migrate

This product allows you to easily migrate physical, virtual, and cloud workloads. This can be done with minimal risk, and you can perform a migration to and from any environment. One of the essential things to know about Carbonite Migrate is that it has near-zero downtime.

Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365

For the purposes of our Carbonite review, we inspected all Carbonite products, and one of them is the Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365. This product offers complete backup for the entire Microsoft 365 suite, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Email, and Teams. It allows businesses to recover individual files and folders, as well as complete site collections.

Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 also runs automatic backups up to four times a day, and offers 24/7 onboarding and recovery support from professionals.

Ease of Use

While testing Carbonite’s software for our review, we were consistently impressed by the product’s ease of use. The simplicity and user-friendliness are the first things you notice upon accessing Carbonite’s dashboard. The process for backing up or restoring files is also very straightforward.

When you start up the Carbonite client, you first see a navigation bar with all the backup categories on the left.


This panel is divided into a few main sections: Back Up, Restore Files, Account, and Help. Below the panel, you can easily access your folders and drives, browse them, and decide whether to back them up.

Carbonite Backup will review all your data automatically and back it up unless you pause it through the Back Up section of the client. The Help category offers different video tutorials, guides, a knowledge base, and an FAQ section.


If user-friendliness and straightforwardness are what you are looking for in a cloud backup solution, Carbonite will surely be a good option.

Customer Support

In case you have any issues with the client and the help section did not solve it, feel free to get in touch with Carbonite customer support. Their agents operate through email, live chat, and phone. The Carbonite Safe phone support operates Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. CET. Carbonite Safe Backup Pro & Partner Support can be reached Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. CET, and from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. CET on weekends.

Outside these hours, you can also use an email contact form. However, be advised that the average response time for email inquiries is 24 hours.

How Does Carbonite Compare to Other Cloud Backup Services?
Carbonite Review Logo
$4.99 - $8.99/month
Storage capacity:
250 GB
mac icon windows icon
iDrive Review Logo
$0 - $11,599/year
Storage Capacity:
10 TB for Personal, 50 TB for Business
ios icon mac icon linux icon android icon windows icon
Backblaze Review Logo
$7/month - $130/two years
Free Trial:
mac icon windows icon

In the next part of our review, we’ll throw the spotlight on some of the more prominent alternatives to Carbonite. For this comparison, we’ve chosen IDrive and Backblaze, which are widely regarded as Carbonite’s main competitors.

IDrive vs Carbonite

One of the most significant differences between Carbonite and IDrive is that IDrive supports an unlimited number of devices per single user. In contrast, Carbonite only supports one device per user with one of the Carbonite Home plans.

IDrive offers a plethora of features, and Carbonite offers a simple backup experience, which is the better option for users who don’t wish to be overwhelmed with too many customization options. If there was a speed contest between Carbonite and IDrive, both solutions could find room for improvement in terms of maintaining good download rates.

In terms of pricing, we could say that Carbonite and IDrive are in the same range. The starting price for Carbonite Safe Basic is $58.99 a year, and the IDrive Personal plan currently costs $52.12 for the first year.

Backblaze vs Carbonite

Backblaze is another popular alternative that shares a lot of characteristics with Carbonite. Both support a single device per license while providing excellent security and unlimited storage. Moreover, both suffer from inferior speeds.

One of the main differences between the two is the private encryption that Carbonite offers and Backblaze doesn’t. Both of these solutions are available for Windows and Mac, but Backblaze also has mobile apps for iOS and Android, which Carbonite lacks.

External drive backup, incremental backup, and versioning are offered by both Carbonite and Backblaze at a very reasonable price. That said, Backblaze has a slightly higher price of $70 a year, compared to Carbonite’s $58.99.

Carbonite Product Upgrades

During our Carbonite review, we’ve closely examined all the benefits and drawbacks of its key features. We’ve also learned that there are several enhancements planned for the platform.

One of those is intended to refine the Carbonite Server backup. The new capabilities of the software should be available by the end of the year and include:

  • Hourly backups
  • Agent Auto-Configuration
  • Hyper-V Rapid VM Recovery
  • Offline Agent Deletion
  • New Netherlands Hosting for Carbonite Server

It remains to be seen how these new features will enhance the overall Carbonite experience, but we’re certainly excited to see what’s coming next.

Bottom Line

Now that we completed our thorough review of Carbonite and its features, let’s quickly summarize it. Overall, Carbonite is decent backup software: It’s reliable, and if you need unlimited backups, it won’t disappoint you. It’s a good option for all those who don’t like to be overloaded with features and wish to have a simple and effective cloud storage solution.

Is Carbonite any good?

Carbonite is a good choice for anyone looking for an undemanding way of securing their data. Unlike some of its competitors, Carbonite isn’t loaded with too many advanced features, and is extremely easy to use.

Does Carbonite slow down your computer?

The Carbonite review we performed has shown that disruptions are likely to happen only during its first complete backup. Other than that, it should not cause any issues with your device.

How much does Carbonite cost?

Carbonite offers different pricing plans. The most economical one is the Carbonite Safe Basic, and it goes for $58.99 per year.

Which is better: Carbonite or IDrive?

Both solutions are good, and the decision should be made based on your personal or business needs. Carbonite offers unlimited backup, while IDrive supports an unlimited number of devices.