Trend Micro Review

Trend Micro does great when it comes to ransomware protection and URL blocking, but malware detection and scanning performance could be better

Updated: July 20,2022

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The bare minimum for an antivirus brand is that it should be able to weed out all existing malware and protect the system against subsequent attacks. But Trend Micro exceeds that bare minimum, providing plenty of features such as a firewall booster, multilayered anti-ransomware protection, and a solid protection service for online shopping and banking transactions. In this Trend Micro review, we take an in-depth look at one of the most trustworthy cybersecurity providers in the market.

Trend Micro
Trend Micro
Price range:
$19.95 - 39.90/year
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  • Pay Guard protection for online transactions
  • Great anti-phishing and malicious URL blocking test scores
  • Multilayered protection against ransomware
  • Extensive features
  • Easy to use
  • Performs dark web scans
pros thumb up Pros
  • Behavior-based detection
  • Website rating
  • On-demand malware scan
  • On-access malware scan
  • Malicious URL blocking
  • Performs dark web scans
  • Phishing protection
pros thumb down Cons
  • No protection for Windows webcam
  • Heavy lags during scans

Trend Micro Pricing

Most antivirus programs come in at about or under $40 a year, as we see with popular brands like Webroot, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Norton, and many others. Trend Micro’s basic plan, Antivirus+ Security, costs $29.95 per year, licensable on just one PC. In comparison, McAfee AntiVirus Plus goes for $59.99 per year, but that plan covers licenses for all devices – Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, and not just one PC.

Trend Micro’s basic plan doesn’t cover multiple devices. Still, you can opt for higher-tier Trend Micro products – Trend Micro Internet Security, Trend Micro Maximum Security, or Trend Micro Premium Security that offer protection for three, five, and 10 devices, respectively.

Features and Tools

Trend Micro security programs start the process by scanning for malware, and then try to identify the markings of an attack on the system. If there’s anything suspicious, it gets sent to the company’s labs, but you can choose to opt out of it if you want. The software also defends devices from fileless malware, cryptocurrency mining malware, and tech-support scams.

PC Health Checkup

But there’s more to the steps that Trend virus protection takes to ensure maximum security for your devices. There’s the PC Health Checkup that optimizes your system while at the same time flagging down any weaknesses. It also prevents the installation of potentially unwanted programs. During the scan, Trend Micro suggests the removal of duplicate and unnecessary files and also gives suggestions for ensuring more data privacy.

Fraud Buster

The Fraud Buster feature uses AI to detect and alert the user about scams mostly hidden in webmail. Additionally, to improve web security, Trend Micro has browser extensions that issue warnings about malicious websites. These extensions are available on every major browser: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari.

Rescue Disk

Another feature in Trend Micro’s virus protection lineup is the Rescue Disk. According to the Trend Micro website, the Rescue Disk “allows you to use a CD, DVD, or USB drive to examine your computer without launching Microsoft Windows. It finds and removes persistent or difficult-to-clean security threats that can lurk deep within your operating system. Rescue Disk does not need to load potentially infected system files into memory before trying to remove them. It can scan hidden files, system drivers, and the Master Boot Record (MBR) of your computer’s hard drive without disturbing the operating system.”

This tool is one of the many free and downloadable tools offered by Trend Micro. However, the company has begun phasing out the Rescue Disk.

Virus Scanner

The Trend Micro virus scanner, available in all four security suites, has excellent test lab scores in detecting various malware. Its AV Test scores are either perfect or near perfect, much like competitors Norton, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky.

Trend Micro might be one of the best for malware protection; however, it can get a little too eager to flag off something random as a threat, and its scanning is a bit aggressive. The system impact in the background during normal processes is relatively light, but its system impact during scans is another story as it is heavy, resulting in problematic performance lags.

Trend Micro Security Suits

As mentioned, Trend Micro offers four security suites.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security Review

trend micro antivirus security review

The first in our Trend Micro antivirus review is the provider’s basic suite, Antivirus+ Security. This protection package offers malicious URL blocking and anti-phishing protection alongside basic antivirus protection. In addition, the Pay Guard feature keeps banking and shopping transactions away from grubby third parties.

The $29.95 subscription lasts for one year, and subsequent renewals cost $39.95 a year. Paying for two years upfront earns you a discount, so you get the package at $59.90 and renew at $64.95. By comparison, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus covers one device for $20 in the first year and $40 subsequently.

The interface is smooth, and you can run quick, full, or custom scans and choose where exactly you want to scan. Configurability is, however, limited. Trend Micro Antivirus Security is perfect for people who just want to use an antivirus program and are not interested in its inner workings.

The ransomware tests for Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security were also impressive. It not only detects ransomware and kills any threats off, but it also recovers any lost files that may have been encrypted by ransomware before detection. Only Kaspersky and Bitdefender have previously been able to perform both protection and recovery actions, so this really puts Trend Micro on a pedestal. This is a crucial fact to note, as anti-ransomware effectiveness isn’t just about killing off threats and preventing attacks but also about the recovery of lost files.

Trend Micro Internet Security Review

trend micro internet security review

Trend Micro Internet Security protects up to three devices (PCs). In addition to the features of the basic Antivirus+ Security package, it also offers PC maintenance and cleanup, social media privacy settings, and parental controls.

If you ask us, $39.95 for the first year and $79.95 for subsequent renewals is a reasonable price for the value provided. You could also go for the two-year license, priced at $59.90 and then $124.95 on subsequent renewals. This might look a little expensive, especially for the features added, and there is also the fact you cannot add any more devices to the initial three.

One interesting feature in the suite is the Parental Controls feature. From our Trend Micro review, we were impressed with just how well this feature worked. Trend Micro uses content filtering to block websites based on the content provided.

This means, for instance, you can choose to block websites filled with erotic or pornographic links but allow usage of sites that teach sex education. They are both classified under Adult, but with different implications. You can also filter images you consider unsuitable from search engines, and there is the option to block the search engines entirely.

There are also features to optimize your privacy settings on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as your default browsers. The scanner highlights privacy concerns and offers a fix-all button.

Another feature is the Trend Micro system cleaner that will review your system’s cleanup processes and handle all the cleaning tasks. It considers four file categories: Windows Update History, Temporary Windows Files, Temporary Application Files, and Temporary Web Browser Files.

There are other PC health features like this, such as the Security Vulnerabilities Section (highlights missing program updates and poorly configured Windows Firewall settings), Potentially Incompatible Programs (highlights apps that might interfere with your internet security), Reduce Computer Startup Time (helps to reduce the amount of time spent on booting), and the Clean Privacy Data feature (removes personal data from instant messaging apps, web browsers, and media players).

Social Network Protection identifies risky links that appear in feeds, search results, and web pages.

Trend Micro Maximum Security Review

trend micro review maximum security

Trend Micro Maximum Security covers up to five devices, which can now include Macs, Android, and iOS devices, as well as PCs.

Pricing is reasonable at $39.95 for the first year, $89.95 on renewal. The two-year subscription is better value than the rest of the range, at $69.90 for the first term (the same as Internet Security), $139.95 on renewal.

In addition to the features of the lower-tier suits, Trend Micro Maximum Security also offers a Trend Micro password manager, along with a Vault Tool that creates password-protected folders and prevents others from viewing files you consider confidential. On the flip side, there is no firewall and no microphone and webcam protection.

Trend Micro Premium Security Review

trend micro review security scan

Trend Micro advertises this suite as the “ultimate defense” solution for internet security. It protects laptops, tablets, smartphones and provides 24/7 support. It also offers safeguards that are anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-spyware, and, of course, antivirus. The package also includes a VPN and dark web monitoring for personal information in case of identity theft.

Trend Micro Premium Security protects up to 10 devices. The one-year subscription costs $69.95 for the first year and $129.95 after that.

How Has Trend Micro Changed Over Time?

Even when you have a comprehensive all-in-one protection solution like Trend Micro, there’s always some room for improvement. Trend Micro is a virus protection software, which incorporates a long list of advanced features.

It recently launched a free innovative tool to help parents monitor their children’s screen time and ensure their safety online. Trend Micro Family allows parents to check whether the content is age-appropriate and adjust privacy settings across multiple apps. The new tool comes in two packages: Trend Micro Family for Parents and Trend Micro Family for Kids.

To ensure complete protection, parents should download the Parents app on their device and then download the Kids app onto their child’s device.

Customer Support

Trend Micro has a variety of customer support channels, including phone, email, live chat support, a FAQ section, and a community support forum. During our review of Trend Micro, we were especially impressed with the phone support options. Standard phone support is available from Monday through Friday between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. (PST), while premium and home network security support operate 24/7.

Additionally, there’s live chat support you can connect to through Facebook Messenger and a community forum packed with helpful videos and guides. Trend Micro’s support agents are knowledgeable and ready to help.

How Does Trend Micro Compare to Other Antivirus Solutions?
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Trend Micro
$19.95 - 39.90/year
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Only for specific tools
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$29.99 - 64.99/year
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After covering Trend Micro’s key features, the price tag, and its principal functions, it’s time to see how the software compares to similar programs.

Trend Micro vs Avast

Avast is widely known as one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity industry. However, there are a few areas where Trend Micro has the edge over Avast. For starters, Avast offers fewer support channels to its customers, and unlike Trend Micro, it doesn’t have the live chat option.

Also, Trend Micro offers customizable parental controls, while Avast has a regular site-blocking feature. On the other hand, Trend Micro has a lot of free downloadable tools on its website, but it doesn’t offer a free plan, which is available with Avast.

Trend Micro vs Norton

The Norton family is hard to ignore when evaluating computer security products. The software comes with advanced features that focus on threat detection and removal while efficiently preventing zero-day attacks. Its anti-malware engine combines a massive malware directory with machine learning solutions to stop any potential threats.

On the other hand, Trend Micro implements data theft prevention tools and offers a social media optimization tool designed to enhance online security. As per pricing, Norton’s plans come with a higher price tag, which can be a dealbreaker for some.

Bottom Line

Our Trend Micro review has revealed that, while this antivirus solution may be missing some key features you would expect from a comprehensive security suite, it delivers quite well with the features it does have. Of note are its multilayered anti-ransomware, the firewall booster, and the protection for online banking and shopping transactions.

Is Trend Micro better than Norton?

When it comes to prices and features, Trend Micro and Norton aren’t far apart. However, Norton has the upper hand with its platform support being available for all types of devices, while Trend Micro virus protection is primarily for Windows unless you purchase the most expensive of its subscription plans.

Is Trend Micro a good antivirus?

Yes. Trend Micro antivirus offers reliable antivirus protection. It enhances whatever existing security protocols there are and protects devices against all kinds of malware.

Which is better, McAfee or Trend Micro?

It really depends on what you’re looking out for. McAfee has a higher malware detection rate and offers better security with extra features. However, it doesn’t come so cheaply. On the other hand, Trend Micro is quite intuitive and doesn’t cost as much. As you can see from our Trend Micro review, its features might be limited, but it offers robust and solid protection at an affordable price.