Panda Dome Review

An all-in-one cybersecurity suite for your home or office

Updated: September 08,2022

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Pandas may be known as cute, bamboo-eating black-and-white bears, but when a panda has to protect its home, you don’t want to mess with it. Similarly, Panda Dome is a suite of security tools designed to protect your home or office computer network from all kinds of online threats, and it’s quite good at it.

In our Panda Dome review, we'll take a look at all of the features that this security suite offers and see how it stacks up against the competition. We'll explore its features and security options, but also look at its pricing plans and check how good of a deal you're getting with this piece of software.

Is Panda Dome worth your money? Keep reading to find out!

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Panda Dome
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  • Upgradeable from one to an unlimited number of devices
  • VPN and firewall
  • ID protection
  • Data Shield
  • Password manager
  • Cleanup tools
pros thumb up Pros
  • Good pricing model
  • Free version and trial available
  • Lots of great security features
  • Renewal discounts
  • Free 30-day trial
pros thumb down Cons
  • Lacks Linux support
  • Limited customer support outside of the Premium plan

Panda Dome Security Features Overview

Panda Security is a company with a long tradition of making cybersecurity products. It launched its first antivirus software in 1998 and has been upgrading its tech ever since. Today, its main product is Panda Dome, featuring an in-house developed TruPrevent technology and cloud-based scanning, among many other things. Hence it comes as no surprise that over 30 million people use this software.

Panda Dome is a comprehensive security tool, not just a simple antivirus. It offers a wide variety of security features designed to keep your computer safe from online threats, all in real-time.

First and foremost, the program has an antivirus engine capable of detecting and blocking viruses, spyware, trojans, and other malware. Panda’s software components aren’t just about anti-malware protection, as we mentioned earlier.

The software suite also comes with a firewall to protect your computer from hackers and other online threats. There’s a VPN, too, but also Wi-Fi protection, parental controls, a computer cleanup tool, password manager, and ID protection.

As for the availability, Panda Dome can be installed on a Windows PC, a Mac, Android smartphones, or iOS devices. So, it’s not just security for your computers, but smartphones and tablets, too.

Panda Dome Features - A Detailed Look

With Panda Dome, especially if you go with the Complete or Premium version, you’ll have many cybersecurity tools at your disposal, some of which we’ve already mentioned.

Let's take a closer look at all of the features that this security suite offers.

Antivirus Protection

Starting from the top, then. The core of the whole suite is the antivirus, obviously, as that has always been the main portion of the Panda Dome. The antivirus has an impressive detection rate, especially with up-to-date virus definitions, so you can be sure that your computer is protected against online threats.

panda dome antivirus program

Since the Panda Antivirus reviews each file and internet address in real-time, it offers protection against new and unknown threats. This means that your computer will be scanned for potential infections every time you try to open or download a new file. If any suspicious activity is detected, Panda Dome will take action to block the threat and protect your computer.

All your USB ports are also covered by this real-time protection, which is very important since many types of malware try to sneak up on the computer using auto-run routines on USB drives.

Protection against ransomware is another key point of our Panda antivirus review. The software blocks anything that looks like ransomware, and it has proven to be highly reliable in this respect, going toe-to-toe with the competition.

On mobile, the antivirus can scan both the phone's internal and extended storage without impacting the phone’s performance. You’ll also know what permissions are given to each app; you’ll be able to easily manage them, as well as run the optimizer tool to extend the battery life. The app is even able to track a lost phone.

Firewall Protection

Another important security feature offered by Panda Dome is its firewall protection. Like every other firewall, its main purpose is to block unauthorized access to your system and keep your privacy intact while you use the internet.

firewall enabled

While testing the firewall for our Panda Security review, we noticed that it works across the local network, too. This is incredibly important nowadays, as most of us have some sort of IoT devices in our homes, or even just have our printers connected over LAN or Wi-Fi. Since these devices are common entry points for hackers, it’s great that Panda provides a local firewall, protecting the PC from potential localized breaches.

The firewall is mostly autonomous, applying rules based on each application’s requirements and default permissions. You can also choose three levels of protection, depending on whether you’re using it at home, in a public place, or in an office environment. If you dig deeper in the settings, you’ll find various customization options and behavior settings.

Data Shield

Continuing with our Panda Dome Antivirus review, let’s now look at the Data Shield protection included with the main app. It is another layer of security and an incredibly handy tool to have to prevent data loss and quarantine ransomware before it can do any damage.

New forms of malware leave residual traces when they’re removed, often damaging your files. Enabling the Data Shield, you can select what data on your computer to protect, including specific file types, and even blocking select apps from accessing the secured documents.

data shield featured in panda dome

Password Manager

One of the biggest security issues that many people face comes from the frequent reuse of passwords. That means we’re just one data breach away from losing our accounts and confidential information. This is why many experts recommend getting a password manager app and using a high number of complex passwords.

The password manager is one of the most popular Panda Dome products. Available both separately and as part of the higher-priced Panda bundles, it’s a great tool to have if you have many accounts whose details you need to keep safe. All you need to do is set up a master key and let the app generate and fill out passwords for you.

Panda VPN

Since it has become popular to offer VPNs as part of PC security suites, Panda has included one in all of its premium plans. Although it can’t really compete with dedicated solutions, for people who only need a VPN from time to time, it’ll do the job. Sadly, you’ll be limited to just 150 MB of traffic a day unless you subscribe to the most expensive Panda Dome Premium plan or the separate VPN app.

Panda Dome Mobile App

Protecting our smartphones is as important as keeping malware off our desktops and laptops. Panda Dome is available for Android and iOS, too, although it features only the antivirus and VPN parts of the suite. 

The mobile antivirus offers equally good real-time protection from intrusions and malware, with an on-demand deep scanner for internal and extended storage. It adds a variety of alerts to your phone, too, preventing phone and data theft. Remote access via desktop app even allows you to wipe sensitive data in the worst-case scenario.

panda dome mobile app

Panda Dome Pricing Plans

Panda Dome offers several pricing plans to choose from, depending on your needs, and each higher-priced tier offers more features than the last. 

You can either subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. If you opt for an annual plan, you can save 25% of the regular monthly subscription price. Additionally, there is a 30-day free trial, so you can always try the service out before committing to a long-term plan.

At the time of writing, Panda offered four distinct pricing plans for home users and also the free version of the antivirus. We’ll go over each option and individually review Panda Dome’s plans. The prices mentioned are for just one device per plan. You can choose to extend each plan to three, five, 10, or even an unlimited number of devices, with the pricing scaling up accordingly.

panda dome pricing plans

Panda Dome Essential

The entry plan is called Essential and costs just $3.99 a month. If you choose this tier, you’ll get the antivirus and firewall tools with external protection, a VPN with a 150 MB daily limit, and a Wi-Fi scanner. That said, it’s pretty basic, but it will do the job just fine for many users.

Panda Dome Advanced

For $4.99 a month, you can upgrade your Panda software to the Advanced version that adds a few useful features. The biggest additions are ransomware protection and identity protection features. You also get parental control tools that allow you to set restrictions and monitor the activity on your family PC.

Panda Dome Complete

This is the most popular plan and also the best one value-wise. It includes everything we’ve mentioned so far, but it also comes with three important tools - password manager, Data Shield, and a computer cleanup tool. If you’re looking for a comprehensive home cybersecurity package that doesn’t cost a lot, then this is the plan to choose. It costs $7.99 a month, or $64.49 if you subscribe for a whole year.

Panda Dome Premium

Lastly, there’s the Premium plan that ramps up the price to $12.99 a month. With it, you’ll get full, unlimited access to the Panda VPN on five devices, 24/7 technical support, and an automated system updater. Of course, this includes all the perks of the Panda Antivirus Complete plan, meaning you’ll be getting the company’s ultimate software package.

Free Version

Apart from the 30-day free trial on all the paid plans, the Panda Antivirus also comes with a plan that’s completely free. This is a somewhat stripped-down version of the Panda Dome, as it doesn’t come with a firewall, or ransomware and Wi-Fi protection. What it does include is a real-time scanner, USB protection, and recovery tools.

your pc is protected

The free Panda Antivirus download is available only on Windows and Android, though. While it is commendable that the core software isn’t limited in the free version, advanced users are likely to find one of the paid versions’ comprehensive feature sets more appealing.

Ease of Use

With that many features and tools, one would think that Panda Dome is some kind of expert-level software that requires days of learning the ropes. It’s far from it, actually. The whole software suite takes just a few minutes to figure out. Installation is quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes to complete.

However, the UI is the real star here. All of the features we mentioned throughout our review are easily accessible through the main screen. It seems cluttered at first glance, but the icon-based main screen of the app allows a quick overview of all the tools, system status, and access to all the advanced features of this software.

A small downside to this design is the lack of color variety for each button. While keeping it minimalistic and slick, the designers at Panda have made it just a little harder to get used to the UI, especially with the way the button icons are designed. However, once you go through all the buttons and familiarize yourself with the layout, you won’t have any issues navigating the program.

That said, the app does allow some really deep customization. Nearly all of its modules can be finetuned and tinkered with, such as by setting exceptions for the firewall or specifying how the Data Shield will protect your sensitive documents. Panda Dome can become as complex as you want it to be, but still remain easy to use if you’d rather let it sit in the background.

Customer Support

One thing that every user review of Panda Antivirus mentioned as a negative is the customer support. At a glance, it looks like the company covered all the bases - there’s an FAQ on the website, you can send an email, call the support hotline, or chat with a customer support representative directly on the website.

The FAQ and guides section is amazing, no question about it. If you’re unsure about any of the features of the Panda suite, such as how to set up firewall exceptions, you’ll most likely find all the answers there. Even better, many of those answers are presented as step-by-step guides, with details and pictures, so it’s easy to follow the instructions.

But, if you need to talk with Panda Dome’s customer support, then you’ll either have to settle for waiting a lot, or adjusting your schedule to meet the company’s work hours. Email support, as usual, is the slowest. But, we were surprised to see that phone and live chat support availability is quite limited. 

To be more precise, only the most expensive Premium tier comes with 24/7 customer support. Customers who use Panda Antivirus for free or pay less than $12.99 a month will have to get by with standard support that’s available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bottom Line

In the vast sea of all-in-one cybersecurity solutions, especially those designed to work on both computers and smartphones, few have proved to be as good as Panda Dome.

The software has evolved throughout the years and is currently the best it has ever been, with many great tools and easy setup. However, the customers who wish to download Panda Dome will be best off purchasing the Complete version, as it offers the best value for the money compared to the lower-priced tiers.

Unfortunately, the program is lacking in the support department and we’d really like it if the company offered its apps on Linux, not just Windows and Mac. Still, it’s a great piece of software to have, especially with the recent rise of highly damaging ransomware and other malware that poses a threat to your data.

Is Panda Dome Security any good?

Yes, Panda Dome is a legitimate cybersecurity product made by a reputable company. It’s able to detect and protect your computer system against all the latest threats, especially if you get the Complete bundle with all the bells and whistles.

Is Panda Dome free?

There is a free version of the Panda Dome software. It works on Windows and Android, it offers real-time protection against malware, and even includes a recovery mode. Still, we recommend upgrading to one of the premium plans to enable Wi-Fi protection and firewall, among other features.

Can I uninstall Panda Dome?

Yes, like any other software, you can freely uninstall Panda Dome when you decide you no longer need it. The uninstall process is the same as with any other antivirus software and is completely automated.

What does Panda Dome do?

Panda Dome is a full security suite for your computer or smartphone. It includes an antivirus, firewall, data shield, password manager, and a VPN. You can read more about its features in our Panda Dome review.