Kaspersky Review

Quick, effective, with a nearly unnoticeable impact on performance

Updated: March 25,2022

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In the world of cybercrime, the name Kaspersky instantly rings a bell. A bit dodgy at first, with a tint of Russian Cyrillic and the Cold War, it evolved into the most awarded and most trusted antivirus and a synonym for antivirus protection. Kaspersky will review all the cyber threats and give them what they deserve: a quick drop and a sudden stop.

Kaspersky antivirus is a one-stop shop and a no-brainer solution that helps you get fully protected against all those invisible attackers that lure you into the deep waters of the dark web. It’s a well-rounded package that lets you put your mind at ease and deals with villains while you sip your coffee.

There are several packages on offer, from the entry-level one to the top-shelf Total Security. No matter which one you opt for, you’ll feel genuinely safe online. After testing this computer security software, we can safely say it can shield you against all online dangers out there: hackers, viruses, ransomware, and spyware.

Price Range:
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  • Free version: Yes
  • Available on: Mac, Windows, Android
  • Additional tools: Password manager, GPS child control, VPN, ad blocker, and more
  • Price range: $0-$59.99 (for Kaspersky Total Security)
  • Best price: $29.99 (Kaspersky Antivirus)
pros thumb up Pros
  • All-around cybersecurity solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent multifactor authentication
  • Up to 15 passwords stored for free
pros thumb down Cons
  • Limited VPN usage
  • Light to moderate system impact

Company History

Founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky, and headquartered in Moscow, Russia, Kaspersky Lab was initially conceived as a response to the Cascade virus but ended up as one of the best internet security software on the market. The company evolved into a tech giant with over 400 million users and 250,000 corporate clients that trust its products.

Kaspersky’s award-winning products participate in virtual tech pageants every now and then and have elicited kudos from numerous independent experts. Kaspersky ratings are consistently high in PC Magazine’s tests, and AV-TEST’s reports deem Kaspersky a top product. Gartner Peer Insights named it the 2020 Customer’s Choice for secure web gateways and endpoint detection and response. This is just a small cutout from a plethora of industry awards.

The Elephant in the Room

OK, we’ve been talking about all the bells and whistles Kaspersky offers to its users. However, we cannot avoid addressing the elephant in the room. Kaspersky has been dealing with privacy issues since 2017 when the former US president, Donald Trump, banned its products within the government. The decision was made based on the allegations that the company collaborated with the Russian government and gave access to confidential data.

Kaspersky security and privacy issues had an enormous impact on the company’s otherwise stellar reputation. To regain trust, the company started the Global Transparency Initiative for governments that use its services. Even though Kaspersky denies the accusations, it moved its data processing infrastructure to Switzerland to make its US users feel safer.

Kaspersky Pricing Plans

Kaspersky internet security comes at relatively affordable prices, considering the myriad of features it offers. There is a 30-day free trial of each of its packages, so you’ll have an opportunity to try them out before committing fully. We’ll walk you through all the Kaspersky cost plans so that you can decide what’ll work best for your family or business.

1) Hooray! Kaspersky hasn’t given up on its free tier. What’s more, the company has redesigned and repacked it. The freshened-up solution was launched as Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, offering basic antivirus protection for your PC, Android, and iOS devices and a limited VPN functionality.

2) Next in line is Kaspersky Antivirus (Essential Suite) – the basic offer with the most prominent features at your service. For $29.99 per year, you’ll get a virtual guardian that protects you from viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Kaspersky Antivirus will review all suspicious activities. Once the software detects a threat, it will block it before it takes hold, isolate and remove it. The plan covers only Windows OS, but you can have up to three of your PCs protected for the above price. Adding two more PCs will cost you $39.99, and this yearly cost remains the same regardless of the subscription period.

On top of the elementary protection against viruses and malware, you’ll get system tune-up tools, a VPN that is limited to 200 MB daily, a password manager, and the Rescue Disc. It’s only fair to ask yourself: “Is Kaspersky Antivirus a good choice for me?” We think it’s a suitable low-cost option with lightweight and straightforward protective features that can bring you greater peace of mind.

3) If the basic plan doesn’t pique your interest, worry not. The mid-tier plan, Kaspersky Internet Security, will bring you all the features above and more. You’ll get webcam and payment protection, parental control, ad blocker, secure web browser, and screen-time management tools that control how much you or your kids are online.

If you opt for Kaspersky Internet Security, review all the options, as the price depends on the number of devices you want covered and the license period. If you choose to protect three devices, be prepared to spend $39.99 for a one-year license. For five devices, you’ll have to pay $44.99.

Unfortunately, extending the license to two or three years won’t reduce the annual cost, but the company periodically offers discounts on the plans. And not to forget – this pricing tier covers not only Windows but macOS and Android too.

4) The top-tier pricing plan is called Kaspersky Total Security, and this review will glimpse at the robust additional features it boasts. To start with, this premium suite covers Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Parents will love the GPS Child Locator to track their kids’ whereabouts 24/7, while those who tend to forget their credentials will appreciate Kaspersky’s Premium Password Manager that stores an unlimited number of passwords. With Kaspersky Total Security, you’ll also get to back up and restore your data using encrypted storage space.

All of this comes for $49.99, letting you protect five devices for a whole year. Ten devices per year will cost you $74.99, and you can choose among one-, two-, and three-year subscriptions.

5) If you want to protect your business with Kaspersky Lab, review its Small Office Security for small firms or Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud and Cloud Plus plans for medium companies and enterprises. The prices go from the affordable $75 to the steep $485, so choose your solution wisely.

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Kaspersky Antivirus Features

Kaspersky is filled to the brim with features, which can be overwhelming to new users. However, you’ll be grateful for having them work for you and protect you from the sneaky tactics cybercriminals use to trick you. Below, we’ve outlined this software’s crucial aspects so you don’t get confused by all the tools and options.

Antivirus Protection

Every Kaspersky review starts from the first and foremost feature: scanning for viruses, ransomware, and other malware. Kaspersky uses a multi-layer protection model to combat these invisible enemies:

1) Behavioral detection – Based on recognizing suspicious code behavior, this feature analyzes and blocks malicious patterns found in spam emails, drive-by downloads, adware, pornware, riskware, and crypto-mining software from infiltrating the system.

2) Vulnerability scan – This tool checks your OS and applications for weaknesses. With the free version, you only get a list of suspicious files, and the updates are left to you to handle. Naturally, the premium version will update this virus protection software for you.

3) Cloud analysis – Kaspersky’s cloud infrastructure uses big data statistics and analysis to gather fresh intel, providing swift and thorough protection as a result. You would be required to join Kaspersky Security Network, which will keep you constantly connected to numerous other users, generating a list of trusted and untrusted applications.

Web Protection

Your browsing history can tell a lot about you. While you surf the waves of the internet in search of your favorite content, cyberbullies are watching from the sidelines, ready to cripple your computer. Our thorough Kaspersky Secure Connection review goes into detail to help you better understand the way that this antivirus feature works together with the dedicated browser extension.

Once the tool detects and blocks malicious URLs designed by cybercriminals, it marks the sites unsafe and gives the user the possibility to activate a virtual keyboard to reduce the risk of password theft.

The internet protection that Kaspersky offers with its browser extensions is available for Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, and Safari. Unless you choose to allow data collection, this tool safeguards the information you type into websites, blocks tracking activities from social networks, ad agencies, and web analytics, and prevents ads from popping up.

For online finances, Kaspersky reviews the banking or shopping sites you visit and asks you whether you want them added to Safe Money – a secure browser mode for online payments. Once you agree, you’ll be redirected there. We believe Kaspersky offers the best internet security features for safe browsing, housing the virtual keyboard and strong encryption protocols.

Kaspersky VPN

Installing a good VPN can help you keep your privacy online. Kaspersky’s free VPN comes bundled with the Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security plans. You’ll be able to unblock geo-specific services such as Netflix and use torrenting sites while hiding your online actions. On the flip side, our Kaspersky VPN review showed that this feature is limited to 300 MB of daily traffic.

Those who need unlimited browsing data can purchase Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection for as little as $29.99. With one click, this VPN selects the fastest server for you from 300+ options across 24 countries.

Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection is the company’s another widely praised tool – Speedtest embellished the VPN engine with the World’s Fastest VPN title in 2019 and 2020. What is not to like?

Kaspersky Password Manager Review

Reliable password managers are a must these days. Here, this high-end feature comes with Kaspersky Total Security and offers a private vault secured with AES-256 encryption to keep your passwords and bank details safe. Your credentials are accessible only to you via a master password you create or biometric recognition on your mobile device. Zero-Knowledge Security promises that neither Kaspersky nor anybody else will gain access to your sensitive data.

If you want a separate app, you can download it for free (stores only up to 15 passwords) or purchase the premium version for $14.99 per year. Kaspersky will review your data, send it to the cloud and sync it automatically with all other devices that use the password manager.

Parental Control

In a world full of online dangers, it’s essential to protect your little ones – that’s where Kaspersky steps in. Its parental control tool can be downloaded for $14.99 per year as a separate app, but some of its features also come with the mid-tier and top-tier plans.

Adult Content Blocker will protect your kids from seeing potentially harmful content on various web services, including YouTube. With the GPS Child Locator, you’ll be able to track your kid’s whereabouts round the clock and follow their steps on a digital map. Kaspersky Safe Kids will review the content your kid is exposed to and even provide advice on how to talk with a child about safe browsing.

Additional Features

On top of everything mentioned above, Kaspersky sports several more features to enhance your safety and privacy.

You’ll get webcam protection to shield you from spies and unauthorized access to your web camera. Make sure to give permission to trusted apps and deny it to all others.

With the Backup and Restore feature, users can copy all their documents and back them up via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to encrypted storage space. If you don’t need them anymore, File Shredder can eradicate them forever.

The Kaspersky PC tune-up can review, optimize, and delete all the unnecessary, duplicate, and temporary files and clear your browser history to speed up the system’s performance.

Ease of Use

What we love about Kaspersky is its quick and straightforward installation process and intuitive and neat user interface. Just visit Kaspersky, and download and run the installer. You’ll be asked to register with your email address to create your Kaspersky account. Once you’re all set, the software will perform a quick inspection of your system and recommend some actions.

The Kaspersky security scan will review and analyze all the weak spots. This and other crucial protective measures, such as Backup and Restore, Database Update, and Privacy Protection are easily accessible straight from the main screen. Kaspersky’s Notification Center, where you can customize all alerts, is also a mouse click away.

kaspersky antivirus protection

The supported platforms are Windows 7 and higher, macOS, Android, and iOS, and Kaspersky Lab constantly works on new options to help you protect all the devices you might have.

Customer Support

If you ever encounter any problem with Kaspersky services, don’t hesitate to use its extensive knowledge base, user guides, and FAQ section, where you can find answers to almost all your questions. Kaspersky reviews its users’ problems and presents them in its supportive community as well, which you can join.

If you don’t feel like discussing technical problems with others in forums, you can hit Kaspersky’s staff up for help anytime via email, live chat, or phone. You’ll wait three to six minutes to get a response if you call or start a chat, but the waiting time for email answers is up to one day.

How Does Kaspersky Compare to Other Antivirus Solutions?
Kaspersky Review Logo
Free Version:
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Bitdefender Review Logo
$39.98 - $89.99/year
Free Version:
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Norton Antivirus Review Logo
Norton Antivirus
Free Version:
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Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky

Bitdefender is a Romanian-based internet security company. A vast number of individual users, businesses, and even government agencies use its cybersecurity solutions to protect themselves from online threats.

We compared pricing plans offered by Bitdefender and Kaspersky to check which company has a better offer. In our opinion, Bitdefender beats Kaspersky because it gives more options for the same price.

For example, the basic plan by Kaspersky – Kaspersky Anti-Virus – is limited to just a few features: anti-phishing, antivirus, and performance optimization tools. The basic plan by Bitdefender costs the same but is more comprehensive and includes a set of features like ransomware protection, a password manager, and data protection in real-time.

If we take a look at Kaspersky’s mid-tier package – Kaspersky Internet Security – and review and compare it to Bitdefender’s package of the same name, we can conclude that the latter is more affordable, while the features are similar, the main difference being the password manager offered by Bitdefender but not by Kaspersky. However, Bitdefender only offers to protect three devices on this plan, while Kaspersky’s offer is more diverse, allowing you to select one, three, or five devices to protect.

Kaspersky vs. Norton

With over 80 million users in more than 150 countries, Norton is a well-known internet security provider. Norton 360 is often compared to Kaspersky because they both have an excellent set of security tools like antivirus protection, a password manager, and a secure VPN.

Meanwhile, Norton’s basic plan is designed for one device, while Kaspersky’s basic plan covers three devices, which is a significant difference.

However, Norton’s basic plan is cheaper than Kaspersky’s. It also provides more security tools, like ransomware and firewall protection, a password manager, and 2 GB of cloud backup space. Unlike Kaspersky, Norton also offers anti-ID theft tools, such as dark web and credit monitoring, which may be relevant for some, but not all internet users shopping for antivirus protection.

Recent Upgrades

About the same time we wrote our Kaspersky Total Security review, the company announced it had fixed several application bugs and vulnerabilities. The most recent Kaspersky updates include a UI that is even more intuitive than before.

Kaspersky has also recently announced it’ll be launching a new product called Kaspersky Home Security, that’ll protect smart home devices after being installed on a router by a telecom operator.

Kaspersky Review – Bottom Line

Considering the myriad of features and pricing plans to choose from without paying an arm and a leg, an excellent shield against malware, and an easy-to-navigate user interface, we can safely and sincerely recommend the Kaspersky virus removal tool. When you review all the pros and cons and compare them with competitors’ software, we believe you’ll decide to hang your hat on this tried-and-true company, as Kaspersky might be the best virus protection on the market. Malware, be aware!

Is Kaspersky a good antivirus?

Yes. Kaspersky Lab is a company with a long tradition and a name that’s become synonymous with internet protection. It sports numerous robust features to keep all your devices safe and sound, protecting them from phishing and other cybersecurity threats. It also enables anonymous surfing with its VPN, stores your passwords, blocks ads, and keeps your browsing history private.

Why is Kaspersky banned?

Kaspersky offers virus protection to private customers but businesses and governments, too. Due to alleged data leakage and espionage accusations in 2017, the former US president, Donald Trump, banned the use of Kaspersky Lab products within the government.

Is Kaspersky banned in the US?

Kaspersky Lab products are banned only within the US government. Private customers can legally purchase them.

Is Kaspersky VPN safe?

Yes, it is. Kaspersky VPN encrypts all traffic between its users and the websites they visit with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. All DNS requests are protected from leaking, and Kaspersky will review and safeguard all your sensitive data with yet another handy tool – its kill switch, which will disconnect you from the internet if your VPN connection accidentally drops.