G DATA Review

The European progenitor of antivirus solutions fails to fully keep up with top-tier competitors

Updated: August 15,2022

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“Trust in German Security.” Well, according to G DATA Cyberspace, that’s the one thing you should be doing if you want good internet security. How true that is remains to be seen. But we do know that protecting your personal information is paramount, so you should only consider the best software for this task.

G DATA is one company among the large pool of similar providers that claim to offer the best internet protection. In this G DATA review, we’ll take a look at the company, its entire cybersecurity suite, and the overall quality of its real-world application to see just how true this claim is.

Price Range:
$29.95 - $49.95/year
ios logo
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  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-phishing tool
  • Email protection
  • Adware/grayware protection
  • Phone and email support
  • Parental control features
  • Anti-spam
  • Safe banking
pros thumb up Pros
  • Offers antivirus protection against keyloggers, banking trojans, exploits, and ransomware
  • Features an additional spam filter and file shredder
  • Ranks highly in proactive protection against malware
  • Setting up the suite is easy and fast
  • Comes with firewall protection
  • You can back files up to a third-party cloud storage
pros thumb down Cons
  • Its antivirus ransomware protection is only semi-protective
  • Parental control features are not so effective

G DATA Overview

G DATA is considered to have developed the very first antivirus in existence, at least according to its own website. This was supposedly way back in 1988. Of course, due to the fact that this cybersecurity company isn’t famous outside of Germany, there’s plenty of disagreement with other providers claiming that title. What’s not in doubt is G DATA’s long history. For decades, the company has provided security to its users, and it doesn’t look like that will stop anytime soon.

Our review of G DATA focuses on its internet security product, the G DATA Internet Security suite. At face value, the suite offers every feature you would expect from a product of its class: parental controls, firewall, antivirus, spam filtering, and more.

About G DATA

For more than 30 years, this German security company has provided security products typically scaled to serve homes and businesses. G DATA carries out its operations using an array of scanning engines: CloseGap, a patented engine developed by the company itself, and two other scanning engines developed by Bitfender and Avast. The company is headquartered in Germany, but has a North American subsidiary located in Atlanta, Georgia.

G DATA boasts a lineup of different products, such as TotalSecurity, AntiVirus, and MailSecurity.

G DATA Review

The first thing that pops out on the G DATA website are the colors. The red, black, and white give you a sense of the seriousness with which this service operates, and that’s entirely understandable. Internet security is no joke, and G DATA emphasizes that.

“Digital security for your successful future…” is the hookline, and from the get go, G DATA promises to protect you against cyber threats and keep your system performing at its optimum level. This is a pretty serious promise, and you get the sense that the company intends to keep its word.

How does G DATA work? Well, G DATA reviews all content within a user’s cyberspace, then it scrutinizes all of them for any threats using its dedicated scanning engines. In our research we found that more than 600,000 malicious files are examined for threats by G DATA experts every day, and in more than three decades, the company claims to have saved its users trillions of euros. In 2017 alone, more than €143 billion in damages was prevented by G DATA and its solutions.

G DATA’s services have also received independent certifications from a number of sources. G DATA is certified by Microsoft Azure, recognized as a top product by AV Test, and certified as excellent by techconsult GmbH in terms of malware protection and email security.

G DATA Internet Security Review

The first thing that pops up is an overview of the options you’re entitled to under the protection of the G DATA Internet Security suite. You’re introduced immediately to the first two sections to help with the setup process. With just two successive clicks, you’ll be able to check your status of your system, carry out various types of scans, and create a bootable rescue disk. It’s perfect in case things go kaboom one day.

Now we move on to the next popup section. This third section is reserved for setting up the proprietary G DATA firewall. Interestingly, it is fully customizable, so you can tweak all you want according to your personal tastes or preferences.

G DATA internet security reviews online agree that this individuality is a major selling point. We especially liked the fact that we could fashion our own security rules, and we’re willing to bet that most users appreciate this kind of freedom. However, it can be tricky toggling through the program, because all the controls you need are scattered across three tabs located in the main interface and four other panels in the Settings dropdown.


Next, we’re introduced to a number of the suite’s features. Before G DATA lets you proceed to any other function, it prompts you to protect your data using its cloud backup feature. The big snag here is that you have to provide the cloud storage yourself, either via Google Drive or Dropbox.

g data review security center

G DATA ransomware protection for your files and data is guaranteed when you set this function up, but the system is frankly not as efficient as it looks. There are lots of other backup tools that are free and offer more by way of services. Some even offer support enabling you to manage numerous backup sets and local destinations.

Parental Controls

G DATA’s parental control service also isn’t as extensive as you might expect. It performs simple web filtering and allows you to set time limits for local Windows users, so if controlling your children’s internet usage is what you are looking for, you’re covered. You can also specify usage times and approve certain sites of your choosing. However, the problem is that extending this to an Android device requires an extra subscription fee.

In a G DATA vs Kaspersky parental control comparison, G DATA falls a way behind. G DATA controls screen time and filters websites purely based on content, but unfortunately its content filter often misses inappropriate sites and blocks kid-friendly ones. You’d get more by opting for Kaspersky Safe Kids. Users have long hoped that G DATA would improve its parental control offer, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened recently.

g data review parental controls

File Shredder

Sometimes when we’re finished with something, we want it totally destroyed. Obviously, the standard Recycle Bin doesn’t achieve this, but thankfully G DATA permanently deletes files by overwriting their data before deleting them. Seven overwrites is the recommended amount, but G DATA lets you perform 99. Overkill? We’d rather be safe than sorry.

G DATA Malware Removal Review

G DATA takes malware checks seriously. With its accompanying antivirus, it can save your PC from malware attacks. G DATA does this by blocking access to websites hosting malware, eliminating the threat during downloads, detecting familiar malware based on known signatures, and deleting existing malware. G DATA can even detect unfamiliar malware by its behavior alone. In recent times, it has also added a behavioral monitor named BEAST.

G DATA scans every file when you try to access it, as well as performing scans on your computer during idle times. In a nutshell, whether or not you’re currently using your PC, G DATA malware protection covers all bases, removing the need for nagging prompts to scan. If you really need a full scan, you can simply click on the ‘Idle Time Scan’ button and select ‘Check Computer’.

Autostart Manager

This is another feature that gives you extra control over your programs. With this, you choose which programs boot, allowing you to stop programs from launching when you start up your PC, or set them to launch after a delay. This also comes with a keylogger protection tool, which is a necessity for cybersecurity. This tool helps protect your information and keylogs in the event of a program capturing your keyboard input. With it, your input is safe from grubby, unwanted hands.

G DATA Firewall Review

All of the latest versions of Windows come with their own built-in firewall, which handles threats well and can block simple attacks from the outside, as well as setting the system’s ports to stealth mode. If you’re getting an external firewall, then at the very least it should be able to handle this. And handle it G DATA does, effectively fending off port scans and web attacks.

G DATA’s firewall has a simple settings page that lets you choose from five levels of security. The levels are maximum, high, standard, low, and disabled. If you’re looking for detailed settings, then there are three other pages containing those. However, we found that these settings are automatically disabled. G DATA’s firewall reviews these settings, changing them every time you alter your level of security. Unless you happen to be an internet security guru, we recommend that you set the firewall to standard and let sleeping dogs lie.

G DATA’s firewall operates on autopilot and seldom shows you any queries, meaning you won’t get hassled by prompts to block incoming connections. If you’re the type who likes to see programs in action, you can turn off the autopilot feature. However, G DATA will turn it back on if you run an application that requires fullscreen mode so it doesn’t interrupt you.

When it was first published, this version of G DATA didn’t offer much protection against some malware that could interfere with its processes. However, an update has since fixed that.

g data firewall

G DATA Antivirus Review – the Best Antivirus for 2021?

G DATA Antivirus has an AA certification in simulated real-world attacks from independent testing labs and performed well in our own tests. But while that’s great tech speak, it doesn’t exactly explain how useful it is for the common man.

The main window of the antivirus suite has sections for the Autostart Manager, Virus Protection, and Security Center. Below all that you can see the rest of its features, marked green to show when a feature is active and gray when it’s not. Partially active features display a yellow exclamation mark.

We’ve already discussed how G DATA Antivirus protects systems against malware attacks as an added feature of the internet security suite. That’s because G DATA Antivirus reviews all processes and offers real-time protection. It’s famous for detecting malware in seconds and notifying its users almost immediately.

The antivirus has a memory and startup scanner to make sure there are no malicious programs running when you start up your PC. Additionally, it has a rootkit scanner that tests for malicious programs running prior to startup. Basically, at no time is your system at risk when G DATA Antivirus is involved, as it scans all the time.

What about protection in more sensitive situations? You’re also covered there. The program has a banking protection tool known as BankGuard, which provides protection whenever you access online banking websites.

G DATA Phishing Protection

While the scanner takes care of all virus-related threats that may arise as you send or receive emails, there are other issues that could be cause for concern. That’s why G DATA comes with a dedicated anti-spam filter. While the antivirus and malware protection ensure that no malicious files are being sent to your inbox, the anti-spam function plays its own role: protecting you from spam mail.

The software checks any email in your inbox for features that are typical of spam. These measured features are used to calculate a value reflecting the likelihood of a message being spam mail. As phishing emails are still the world’s leading means of fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information or data, the G DATA spam filter uses specially adapted signatures to ensure that your inbox remains safe.

Additionally, in the fight against the theft of sensitive data, G DATA combines real-time analysis of internet databases and a cloud blacklist lookup to ensure that users can steer clear of phishing websites or any other hazardous websites that attempt to steal their credentials. The spam filter is available with both the Internet Security suite and the standalone antivirus package.

Exploit Protection

This additional feature helps protect your PC against malware that uses exploits to infect your device and spread viruses throughout your system. Exploits are pieces of software that use bugs to cause problems.

G DATA Total Security Review

This package is entirely different from the Internet Security suite and the Antivirus package. According to G DATA, it offers “even more protection” – you could say this is the premium package solution for ensuring your digital life is completely covered. It offers flexible encrypted storage, is great at blocking malware, has enhanced backup features, gives users complete control of their devices, performs routine system tune-ups, and is a steal at the relatively inexpensive price of $49.95 per year.

It also comes with a password manager to help reduce the risk of losing passwords or having your information breached. All in all, this gives you a sense of complete protection. G DATA Total Security reviews its protection processes using two new technologies: DeepRay® and BEAST. These programs make use of AI and behavioral analysis to detect disguised and previously unidentified malware.

This package does have a few cons, however. For one, the parental control feature remains pretty much ineffective. On top of this, the password manager itself has very limited features, device control might be too hard to handle for non-experts, and the anti-phishing features are only just above average.


Point blank, G DATA is less expensive than most of its other competitors. For what you’d pay for three licenses from other providers, you could get as many as six with G DATA. If you’re looking to buy G DATA, here’s a rundown of the prices for the three packages

G DATA Price List
G DATA Antivirus G DATA Internet Security G DATA Total Security
Cost: $29.95 Cost: $39.95 Cost: $49.95
Duration: 1 year Duration: 1 year Duration: 1 year

Ease of Use

The download, installation, and usage processes for G DATA are all fairly easy. While there is an abundance of features, it can be annoying to find them bunkered behind advanced menus. Some of the settings can be daunting for the average user, but that’s only the case for advanced settings. Upgrading from package to package requires you to uninstall and reinstall, but beyond that it’s a seamless switch, seeing as they all share the same interfaces.

Customer Support

G DATA reviews complaints through a number of channels. If there are any issues needing resolution, your first port of call should be the online help center that operates primarily in the form of a Q&A page. There’s also a ticket system if you prefer to receive personal assistance from an expert. Alternatively, you can make your complaints known via an international phone call.

We were pleasantly surprised to see so many customer support numbers, all categorized by country, with 31 different countries having dedicated lines. The responses we received via the email ticket system were competent and direct, coming within about 1.5 hours of our reaching out.

How Does G DATA Compare to Other Antivirus Solutions?
G DATA Review Logo
$29.95 - $49.95/year
Free Version:
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$5.99 - $8.25/month
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Now that we know how G DATA works, let’s also see who its main competitors are and how they compare in terms of features, pricing, and compatibility.

G DATA vs Kaspersky

Kaspersky is one of the major names in the internet security industry, and it has some excellent stand-out features. Both G DATA and Kaspersky have some tools the other one doesn’t, so let’s see what differentiates them the most.

Unlike Kaspersky, G DATA doesn’t incorporate the Game Mode feature, which can be a turn off for users who like to maintain extra security while they play games on their device. It does, however, have a file shredder which is a valuable tool when you want to ensure files are permanently deleted.

One thing both G DATA antivirus and Kaspersky lack is a password manager, which is something we would like to see improved in the future.

In terms of pricing, G DATA can be yours for $29.95 a year, while Kaspersky antivirus comes with a price tag of $29.99 a year. Both solutions are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices, and you can download them easily. They also both have a 30-day-free-trial option, so you can check the products out before making a final decision.


ESET is another well-rated and powerful antivirus solution we wanted to compare to G DATA. ESET’s security products have been reknown since 1992, and its Internet Security package provides advanced protection against all kinds of threats. It offers one of the best anti-phishing systems on the market and was rated with the highest security level (AAA) by SE Labs.

On the other hand, one of the things that make G DATA stand out is its proactive approach, as it doesn’t only detect possible threats on your device; rather, it prevents them from penetrating your defenses in the first place. Both G DATA’s security suite and ESET include parental control and password manager feature, which is a great plus.

You already know the pricing details for G DATA packages, and when it comes to ESET, there are a few options to choose from. ESET Internet Security can be yours for $49.99/year for one device. You can also try out the 30-day free trial before opting in for the paid plan. 

How Has G DATA Changed Over Time?

It looks like G DATA has taken things slow in 2021 when it comes to updates. We were unable to find any recent news or announcements in the community section of the site.

However, while writing this G DATA review, we saw that the company has issued a threat report in May 2021. This report has shown cyber attacks are on the rise, and companies are being targeted even more strongly than before.

According to the report from G DATA CyberDefense, the number of averted attacks rose by more than 60% within just a year. Compared to the Q1 of 2020, the numbers between January and March 2021 increased by 61.7 %. These statistics are alarming and confirm how important it is to find the right protection solution and keep it updated.

Final Thoughts

From our G DATA review, it’s clear that this is a worthwhile option when it comes to protecting your digital life. Any of its three solutions get the job done to varying degrees, and while some features might not be quite as effective as others, that doesn’t take away from the fact that G DATA delivers on its primary promises. A few features need to either be greatly improved or scrapped – parental control comes to mind – but overall, everything else checks out.

How do I turn off G DATA internet security?

If for some reason you want to disable your G DATA internet security, you can uninstall the software either through programs and features on Windows, or through G DATA’s setup package.

Does G DATA slow down your computer?

During our G DATA review, we did not experience any performance issues. However, as is the case with most applications of this sort, there are bound to be a few lags, depending on the capacity of your PC. Even the best internet protection suite will slow your system down to a certain extent.

Does G DATA have malware protection?

Yes, it does. All of G DATA’s solutions are equipped with the best tools for scanning malware, and with both real-time and idle-time scanning, your PC is safe from malware at all times.