Avira Antivirus Review

Another great antivirus tainted by the addition of crypto-mining tools

Updated: March 24,2022

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Avira is one of those names in the antivirus industry that you just can’t help but know about. And, honestly, how could it not be when it’s been providing its quality products to people from around the world for more than 30 years now? During this time, the company has won numerous accolades, including Stiftung Warentest’s “Best Protection” award, AV-TEST’s “Top Product” title, and the “Advanced+” status in the Real-World Protection test conducted by AV-Comparatives.

If you’re curious to know if this antivirus program is as good as it sounds, read our Avira antivirus review to find out.

Price Range:
$4.99 - $360.99/month
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  • Unlimited VPN with Prime package
  • Available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices
  • Many privacy protection features
  • Exceptional mobile apps
  • Highly customizable
pros thumb up Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Great detection rates
  • Useful browser extensions
  • Ransomware protection
pros thumb down Cons
  • No extra firewall
  • No customer support with free version

Avira Pricing

First, let’s take a look at the pricing plans that Avira offers and what each one of them entails. You can choose to download the Avira Free, Antivirus Pro, Internet Security, or Prime package.

Avira Free Security

Avira Free includes a surprising number of features such as antivirus scanning, harmful website blocking, PC optimization, and VPN protection. What impressed us even more is the fact that the subscription doesn’t have an expiration date. However, as is the case with all freeware, the free Avira Antivirus Security package has its limitations. Namely, it doesn’t come with email or internet protection, and some of the extra functionalities can’t be considered as anything more than previews of their premium counterparts.

For example, the software updater will scan your device for outdated programs, but it won’t let you update them from within the Avira dashboard, and the free version of the VPN has a data cap of 500 MB per month, which is below what an average VPN user would need in a day.

Avira Antivirus Pro

The Antivirus Pro plan costs $4.99 per month, but you can get a discount by purchasing a 1-, 2-, or 3-year subscription. You can also get a lower price if you buy in bulk. To make it a bit simpler, we’ve put all this information into a table.

Antivirus Pro 1 device 3 devices 5 devices
1 month $4.99 $5.99 $7.99
1 year $44.99 $57.99 $70.99
2 years $77.99 $99.99 $121.99
3 years $103.99 $132.99 $162.99

By upgrading to the Pro package, you only get unlimited customer support and web and email protection, which is why we feel that the two following pricing plans offer more value for your money.

Avira Internet Security

The Internet Security plan comes with all the features included in the Pro package, plus a password manager and an automatic software updater. Discounts for longer and bulk subscriptions are available here as well.

Internet Security 1 device 3 devices 5 devices
1 month $5.99 $7.99 $8.99
1 year $57.99 $70.99 $83.99
2 years $102.99 $125.99 $148.99
3 years $129.99 $158.99 $186.99

If, by looking at this and the previous table, you concluded that Avira might be on the expensive side, keep in mind that, when you compare its prices to those of other security software products with similar features, it actually falls somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Avira Prime

Along with everything in the Internet Security plan, Avira’s top-tier package will also provide you with PC speed and tune-up tools, an unlimited VPN, and premium Android and iOS apps. The Prime subscription can only be purchased for either five or 25 devices, and out of the three paid plans, it offers the most features for the least amount of money.

Prime 5 devices 25 devices
1 month $9.99 $12.99
1 year $99.99 $129.99
2 years $189.99 $249.99
3 years $279.99 $360.99

For just a little under $100 per year, you can get the entire Prime bundle for up to five devices.

Free Trial

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a paid Avira antivirus option or you simply haven’t made your mind up yet, you can always take advantage of the 30-day free trial that is available for the Prime package and make your decision after you’ve tested it. To activate the free trial, you are required to submit your payment information but know that you can cancel or change your plan at any time during the trial period. You also needn’t worry about forgetting to do so because you’ll receive an email reminder 10 days before the trial expires.


Another important detail is that the Avira antivirus software is refundable. So, if for any reason, you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase, you can submit a request to get your money back. Subscribers with a 1-, 2-, or 3-year license have 30 days to contact customer service, while those with a 1-month license have 14 days at their disposal.

Payment Options

To buy one of Avira’s products, you can use the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB)
  • Direct debit (only available for customers based in Germany)
  • PayPal


In this part of our Avira antivirus review, we’ll take a deep dive into the main features of this protection software.


Avira’s primary purpose is to guard your device against malicious programs, so that’s where we’ll start our assessment.

avira antirirus review security features

Antivirus Scanner

You can choose from two scan options: full scan and quick scan. The full scan will check every little nook and cranny of your system, and because of that, it can take several hours to complete. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can opt for the quick scan, which examines the most vulnerable areas of your device in a few seconds.

The antivirus, Avira, also lets you customize your scans. You can create new ones targeted at specific folders, schedule them to run on daily, weekly, or monthly cycles, and keep track of your previous scanning activities in the Manage scans section.

Protection Options

As far as preventive measures are concerned, Avira offers:

  • Real-time protection – it notifies you if any of the files you used, copied, or accessed contain malware.
  • Email protection – this feature scans your emails for harmful attachments.
  • Web protection – you can view Avira web protection as your internet surfing guard dog. It prevents online threats from getting near you.
  • Ransomware protection –  Avira detects ransomware, which is malicious software that sends you a message demanding payment to not publish your personal data or to allow you to access it again.

Over the past several years, Avira has proven exceptionally reliable in detecting real-world threats. During the 2021 February-March testing session conducted by AV Comparatives, the antivirus software blocked 98.9% of the latest malware and viruses that were thrown at it.


Even among the best antivirus software, a few false positives are bound to turn up, which is why Avira doesn’t automatically delete files it detects as infected. Instead, it stores the files into a quarantine folder where you can delete or restore them.

Software Updater

The name says it all – the Software Updater scans your computer for outdated applications and lets you know how urgent it is to update them. We consider this a very handy tool seeing as out-of-date software makes you more vulnerable to cyberattacks, and not everyone has the time to thoroughly check their devices on a regular basis.


Compared to those of other top antivirus solutions, Avira’s firewall feature is a bit disappointing since it doesn’t actually provide you with an additional firewall. It simply enables you to manage your Windows firewall from within the Avira app. On the bright side, the app’s intuitive user interface makes the process much easier.


If you think that we’ve already mentioned everything that one could possibly want in an antivirus program, you’d be wrong because Avira has even more to offer in its Privacy tab.

avira antivirus privacy features

Browser Safety

The Avira Browser Safety extension is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Aside from blocking ads and web tracking, it also highlights infected sites and makes sure that you don’t get redirected to an unsafe search engine. The add-on contains an optional safe-shopping feature as well. By enabling it, you allow Avira to compare offers and product prices from verifiably secure websites.

File Shredder

You’ve probably seen it in movies or TV shows: a person deletes a file from their computer and an IT expert somehow still manages to recover it. Well, this is possible in real life, too. However, with Avira’s file shredder, you can make your sensitive files disappear forever.


We can’t say that the Avira Phantom VPN is the best VPN we’ve ever tried out, but it certainly gets the job done. It hides your identity at all times, doesn’t keep any logs, and if you’re a Prime user, you get unlimited data. Our main issue with this VPN is that it isn’t particularly fast, which became even more apparent when we compared its speed test results to those of ExpressVPN and NordVPN – VPNs known for their exemplary connection speeds.

Privacy Settings

If you click on the Privacy Settings button, you’ll enter a menu from which you can configure the amount of personal information that your operating system and installed apps can access. You can choose between recommended and custom settings.

Password Manager

The Avira Password Manager is another great extension that can make your online life easier and, more importantly, safer. Not only does it encrypt and store your passwords in a secure cloud, but it can even create new ones for you. To access and manage them, you just need to remember a single master password.

If you’ve gotten tired of constantly having to type in the same information over and over again, you can just turn on Password Manager’s autofill feature and it can automatically log you into your accounts. The extension works on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers.


Considering how impressive the numerous Avira security features are, we weren’t expecting much from the software’s performance-boosting section. We’re happy to report that it exceeded all of our expectations.

To assist your device in running smoothly, Avira provides the following tools:

  • Optimizer – it cleans up browser cookies and unnecessary files that could potentially prevent your computer from running smoothly
  • Battery Saver – a feature that, when activated, makes sure that your laptops and smartphones last longer by performing actions such as reducing screen brightness, closing unused applications, and blocking push notifications
  • Driver Updater – this option helps you find and update vulnerable drivers
  • Duplicate Finder – it reduces clutter by deleting identical files
  • Advanced Tools – these are the Avira system speedup and analysis tools

Although it’s true that the majority of smartphones these days have at least some of these features built-in, they tend to be able to do only the most basic of tasks. Avira, on the other hand, is capable of achieving much, much more.

Ease of Use and Setup

Due to the sheer number of features that the program offers, it may seem like you’d need to spend days tinkering with it to learn how to properly use it. However, you’ll know exactly what to do from the very moment you download Avira. The software is that intuitive.

The installation process takes only a few minutes, and once it’s done, Avira will jump right into action and perform a quick scan. After you’ve taken care of the issues that the scan presents you with, you can begin exploring the app. You’ll quickly see that every tab and button is self-explanatory and that you only need a few clicks to execute complex tasks.

avira antivirus review scanning


Avira is an exceptionally lightweight antivirus program that can be installed on:

  • Desktop devices running Windows 7 or higher
  • Desktop devices running macOS 10.13 or higher
  • Smartphones and tablets running Android 5 or higher
  • All devices running iOS 11 or higher

Mobile Apps

The Avira mobile applications are quite similar to the desktop ones, except for a few mobile-only functionalities. We’ll now go over the most noteworthy ones.

With Avira’s Anti-Theft feature, you can track your phone’s whereabouts, whip all of your data from it remotely, lock specific apps, activate a loud alarm to help you find it, and even leave a message for whoever locates it. Hopefully, you won’t need any of these options, but seeing as how common identity theft has become nowadays, it’s always good to have a safety net.

The Network Scanner enables you to detect devices connected to your network, which could be useful if you suspect that someone has guessed your password.

Lastly, the Avira mobile security package also includes microphone and camera protection, which is only available to Prime subscribers. Those extra cautious can use this feature to stop apps from listening or watching them.

Customer Support

Users who have the Avira Free antivirus installed aren’t eligible for tech support, but fortunately, the Avira website is full of useful content, most of which you can find in the help center, blog, FAQ section, and glossaries.

Paying customers, on the other hand, can either call or email the Avira customer support representatives. Know that using the phone is usually the faster option.

How Has Avira Changed Over Time?

With more than 30 years of experience, Avira still manages to find new ways of improving its operations. Earlier this year, Avira launched the new Avira Security for Mac tool for both free and premium users.

This all-in-one solution protects user data with VPN encryption, blocks and removes threats, and enables safe browsing, shopping, and online payment processing.

As one of the best computer protection options on the market, Avira does everything it can to help establish a secure and private environment for all users. Avira Security for Mac tool was designed using the brand new Apple Swift, SwiftUI, and Combine frameworks, resulting in best-in-class protection.

How Does Avira Compare to Other Antivirus Solutions?
Avira Antivirus Review Logo
$4.99 - $360.99/month
Free Version:
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Avast Antivirus Review Logo
$0 - $79.99/year
Free Version:
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Cylance Review Logo
$5.99 - $8.25/month
Free Version:
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Avast and Windows Defender stand out as Avira’s top competitors, which is why we have decided to make a quick comparison between them. In the following part of the review, you will see the key features of these three products, their pricing details, and some other assets that help them outshine the competition.

Avira vs. Avast

Both Avira and Avast offer an advanced level of protection against all sorts of malware. They also both have free versions as well as a couple of pricing plans. So what is their main difference?

One of the first things we noticed about Avira is the lack of an extra firewall, webcam protection, and Wi-Fi protection. If you’re looking to have these features, Avast should probably be your first pick. On the other hand, if you wish to have the possibility of secure banking, file encryption, and AI-powered malware detection, Avira has it all in store for you.

When it comes to pricing, Avast has an advantage. Avira Pro comes with a price tag of $44.99 a year per device and $70.99 if you wish to cover up to five devices. Avast Premium Security can be yours for $49.99 a year, and you can use it to cover up to ten devices. Avira’s Internet Security tier costs $57.99 a year with one device, and its Prime tier is $99.99 a year with five devices. The Ultimate plan Avast offers costs $79.99 a year, and it includes up to ten devices – one of the most affordable plans available.

Avira vs. Windows Defender

Windows Defender is another great option when it comes to securing your assets. However, is it better than Avira?

The first major difference between the two is that Windows Defender can only be used on Windows PCs, while Avira also works on macOS, iOS, and Android devices. Windows Defender comes pre-installed on all Windows PCs and is completely free.

Some of its key features include virus scanning, a basic firewall, and parental controls. It also incorporates phishing protection which automatically integrates with Microsoft’s browsers – Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge – making it one of the best Windows antivirus options you can find.

If, however, you wish to have some extra features, such as a smartphone optimizer, VPN service, gamer mode, or adware prevention, there isn’t much to think about: Avira is the right choice for you.

Bottom Line

Avira may have its flaws, but there’s a reason why it’s managed to stay among the top products in the industry for years now. Unlike most of its competitors, it won’t take up a large amount of your device’s memory, and thanks to its user-friendly interface, you’ll never be confused while using it. Although we weren’t too thrilled about its Pro package, we were more than pleased with everything the Free, Internet Security, and Prime plans had to offer.

All that’s left to say in our Avira antivirus review is that you definitely won’t regret downloading this software. It’s a reliable all-in-one protection and system maintenance solution that anyone could benefit from having.

Is Avira Free?

Yes. There is a free version of Avira that you can use for an unlimited amount of time. It includes plenty of features that you typically wouldn’t find in a freeware product, such as real-time protection and a VPN.

Which is better, Avast or Avira?

Both are great antivirus programs, which is why you can’t go wrong by installing either Avast or Avira. That being said, Avira is a bit easier to use, and its paid services are slightly more affordable.


Is Avira spyware?

Not only is Avira not spyware, but it actually protects you from such threats. Of course, this can only be said, with certainty, for the products sold in the official Avira store. Downloading software from other websites claiming to sell Avira plans is extremely risky.

Is Avira a good antivirus?

Yes. Avira is a good antivirus. Over the years, it has received numerous awards for its exceptional malware detection rates. If you’d like to know more about this topic, you can read our Avira antivirus review.