Firefox Update Fixes Zero-Day Vulnerability

Firefox Update Fixes Zero-Day Vulnerability Featured Image
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January 09,2020

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The latest update to Firefox (v72.0.1) patched up a ‘type confusion’ vulnerability in Mozilla’s beloved browser.

The zero-day vulnerability impacted IonMonkey, which is a JavaScript JIT compiler for SpiderMonkey.  

A ‘type confusion’ exploit manipulates the memory allocation of inputs. An input gets allocated to a certain type of memory space. The type of memory space is then switched, which leads to unwanted consequences and leaves the entire system vulnerable.

This is the third zero-day that the Firefox maker has fixed over the last year after patching up two major security loopholes in June 2019.  

The most recent problem was discovered by Chinese cyber-security firm, Qihoo 360.

Qihoo 360 also said in a tweet that Internet Explorer had a similar vulnerability but subsequently removed the post from the social network. Microsoft did not release an update for the browser nor did it issue any statements on the matter.

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