Tinder introduces panic button to protect users from dangerous dates 
The popular hookup app Tinder updated its security features to include a panic button designed to alert authorities if a date goes terribly wrong. The dating platform also added location tracking and photo verification. The new functions allow users to save details about the person they are meeti
Antivirus software vendors to continue supporting Windows 7
The beloved Windows 7 might have reached its end of life date, but all major antivirus companies confirmed that they will continue supporting the operating system for at least two more years. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it was ending extended support for customers still using Win
Firefox and Chrome remove thousands of malicious browser extensions
Both Mozilla and Google are stepping efforts to clampdown on web browser extensions that steal data, execute malicious code and perform other harmful actions.   For its part, Google disabled all extensions with a monetary component, including those that are paid-for, offer in-browser transactio
Report predicts boost in mobile payments security through increased tokenization
A new report by Juniper Research is forecasting a spike in annual revenue from tokenized mobile payments in the coming four years.  The research published earlier in the week anticipates revenues to climb from $17 billion in 2019 to over $40 billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 23
Google brings its security keys to iPhone
iPhone users can now employ their devices as a physical security key for logging into first-party Google services.  The tech giant extended its Advanced Protection Program to include the iPhone platform, adding another log-in factor to the sign-in process. The two-factor authentication serves as
NSA reveals major Windows security flaw
The US National Security Agency alerted Microsoft to a major flaw in its Windows 10 operating system which could have exposed users to hacking or surveillance. Microsoft quickly responded by announcing that it had rolled out a software update to fix the vulnerability.  The NSA made the revela
Communications firm creates deepfake detection and response team
Comprehensive assistance on detecting, tracing, and responding to misleading “deepfake” media is available from a cross-discipline team at Marathon Strategies of New York and Washington, DC. Deepfakes are fraudulently altered video and audio files that make it seem that targets are doing or s
1 million dollars & a Model 3 up for grabs in Tesla’s hacking challenge
A million-dollar payday and a free electric car are up for grabs in Tesla's latest hacking challenge. Elon Musk’s electric vehicle manufacturing venture announced that it was returning to the “Pwn2Own” hacking competition, which is due to be held in Vancouver in March as part of the CanSec
Microsoft’s new OST says company won’t use data for profiling & advertising
Microsoft published a new version of its Online Services Terms following accusations that the company was violating the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The allegations came from the Dutch Ministry of Justice over Microsoft’s collection of telemetry data from Office 365 Plus a
Firefox update fixes zero-day vulnerability
The latest update to Firefox (v72.0.1) patched up a ‘type confusion’ vulnerability in Mozilla’s beloved browser. The zero-day vulnerability impacted IonMonkey, which is a JavaScript JIT compiler for SpiderMonkey.   A ‘type confusion’ exploit manipulates the memory allocation of inp
Google Assistant updated with new privacy features
Google is rolling out a slew of new features for its YouTube and Assistant apps that are designed to strengthen user privacy.  At the CES 2020 earlier this week, Google revealed that one of the additions for Assistant will allow users to delete their history of voice commands by saying, "Hey Go
Apple set to enforce verification requirements for macOS app
Apple recently announced that developers who create Mac apps outside the Mac App Store will be obligated to submit them for the notarization process starting from February, 2020. The process is designed to ensure that the distributed software has undergone a detailed inspection by Apple for possi