Dutch Team Launches CDN Alliance With No Active Members
A group of Dutch content delivery businessmen founded the CDN Alliance on September 1, with the aim of bringing together CDN networks interested in working on common concerns and problems. However, as of today, the alliance has no members yet. The CDN Alliance was launched by Thijs de Zoete, Rico
AOMEI Is Launching a Free Giveaway of the MBackupper Pro
Software development company AOMEI decided to mark the release of the new iPhone 13 on September 14 by giving away its MBackupper Pro software. This handy app will help users seamlessly migrate their old iPhone data to the new device.  The Pro version of the software is normally worth $29.95 but
Russia Blocks 6 VPNs in Attempt to Limit Access to Prohibited Content
Russia has blocked access to six popular VPN providers, including NordVPN and ExpressVPN, in a bid to gain control over the flagged content on the Internet, it was announced on Friday, September 3. Six virtual private network providers were blocked due to allegations of providing access to subver
Broadcom Updates Its Network Monitoring Tool
On Wednesday, September 1, Broadcom released an updated version of its DX NetOps network monitoring and analytics software. The new version is called DX NetOps 21.2 and was released to help with managing networking at scale. The latest addition to the Broadcom software boasts new features and enh
CLEAR Biometrics to Improve Background and Vaccination Status Checks
CLEAR has partnered up with Checkr, an employee background-check company, to enable easy identity verification using its biometrics tools. Its integration in Checkr’s platform gives employers an all-in-one hiring solution for achieving faster and more reliable hiring processes. Both companies a
Surfshark Adds Antivirus to Cybersecurity Bundle
Surfshark, a renowned VPN service provider that helps users establish a secure internet connection, has decided to launch an antivirus feature to improve its level of protection and help users secure all their devices from online and offline threats. The company’s cybersecurity bundle called Su
Kaspersky Prevents 5.8 Million Malware Attacks in Less Than a Year
Russian cybersecurity and antivirus provider Kaspersky detected and prevented 5.8 million attacks between Q3 2020 and Q2 2021. Kaspersky reported in August that the malware and unwanted software were disguised as popular PC games, making gamers the prime target. The COVID-19 lockdowns transformed
Arqit Releases QuantumCloud™ Encryption Service
Arqit, a cybersecurity company specializing in quantum encryption, has announced the release of their encryption service, QuantumCloud version 1.0. It is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software whose purpose is to help customers protect communication channels or data on any end-point, cloud, or edge
Cybersecurity Startup Nozomi Networks Raises $100 Million
Nozomi Networks, an industrial cybersecurity startup headquartered in San Francisco, said it raised $100 million from its ecosystem of customers and partners. The raised funds will be used to create new products and promote sales. The pre-IPO funding round was led by Triangle Peak Partners, a rep
House Committee Approves Cybersecurity Bills
The House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a suite of cybersecurity bills that should address vulnerabilities in networks and supply chains. These bills are meant to bolster telecommunications security against attacks in cyberspace and educate people on good cybersecurity practices. Accordi
Deloitte Acquires TransientX and Sentek to Boost Cybersecurity
Earlier this week, Deloitte issued a press release announcing it has acquired two companies, TransientX and Sentek. These two deals will help improve Deloitte’s cyber threat remediation and secure networking solutions. Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory has acquired TransientX, a zero trust
Microsoft Acquires CloudKnox Security Startup
On Wednesday, July 21, Microsoft announced that it had acquired the Californian startup CloudKnox Security. CloudKnox develops software that helps companies and organizations manage the level of access to cloud resources that they give to machines and users. This move by Microsoft signals that the c