Vietnamese Hackers With Government Ties Target Auto Makers
Corporate espionage may have been the motive behind the hacking of networks belonging to leading global car manufacturers BMW and Hyundai. German media reported last week that the attacks are believed to have taken place earlier in the year, involving a group with alleged ties to the Vietnamese g
Beijing to dump foreign tech as trade war heats up
The trade war between economic powerhouses China and the US could soon spill into Chinese state offices where Beijing plans to ban foreign software and computers.  The Financial Times reported that the Chinese government ordered the removal of all foreign hardware within the next three years. Th
Avast and AVG browser extensions caught collecting user data
Online security browser plug-ins created by Avast and AVG to protect users have been caught spying on them instead.    The culprits, Avast Online Security, Avast SafePrice, AVG Online Security, and AVG SafePrice, were found to be unnecessarily collecting vast amounts of data about users’ bro
Chat app Discord becomes the next generation Silk Road
The infamous dark web marketplace Silk Road might be dead, but its spirit has been resurrected in an unusual place - on a gaming chat app. CBS News recently discovered an underground ring of cybercriminals selling illegal goods through a gaming network called Discord. Crooks have set up private g
DOJ rolls out indictment against Russian ‘Evil Corp’ members
The US Department of Justice announced charges against two Russian nationals who are accused of developing the Dridex banking Trojan to steal more than $100 million. The indictment names Maksim Yakubets and Igor Turashev as members of a Russia-based cybercriminal group known as "Evil Corp." It
Chinese made smart watches expose the location of 5,000 children
Researchers are warning that a Chinese-made watch is putting thousands of children around the world in ”real danger.” AV-Test, an independent research laboratory devoted to the detection of malware, examined children’s smart watches, which are manufactured by China’s Shenzhen Smart Care T
Microsoft contains most complex cryptomining malware
Microsoft has managed to significantly reduce the number of Windows PCs infected by a stealth cryptomining program after the malware infected more than 80,000 devices.  Dexphot uses the host computer to mine cryptocurrency for the hackers’ financial gain. It used a very complex attack vector a
Suspect in child-pornography case not compelled to disclose password, court rules   
A controversial court ruling recently shook the US state of Pennsylvania where a suspect in a child-pornography case was granted the right not to disclose a 64-character password to his computer.  The ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a lower court order for the suspect, Joseph
Here are the 25 most dangerous software vulnerabilities
A system designed to identify software flaws has published an updated list of threats that need to be addressed by software developers, designers, and cybersecurity experts.  The list was compiled by Common Weakness Enumeration with support from the US Department of Homeland Security. It ranks t
Senate Democrats propose Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act 
Senate Democrats are at work on a bill intended to provide federal privacy guarantees for the personal data of US citizens.  Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington State, along with Democrats from four key Senate committees, introduced the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act.  COPRA is intended
Venezuela’s political crisis turns country into cybercrime safe haven 
Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly popular way to make a living in crisis-stricken Venezuela.  According to IntSights, a company specializing in detecting and neutralizing cyberattacks, a growing number of Venezuelans have been caught running large-scale and sophisticated cybercrime operatio
California’s DMV makes millions by selling personal data
An investigation by Vice News found that the California Department of Motor Vehicles is earning over $50 million annually by selling personal information to so-called “commercial requesters.”  The data being sold contains information motorists provide to the DMV when applying for a driver’