New York senators propose banning government agencies from paying ransomware demands

New York Coat of Arms - Featured image

Lawmakers in the state of New York are trying to ban local entities from using taxpayer money to pay ransomware demands.  

The ban was proposed by Republican New York State Senator Phil Boyle and Democrat David Carlucci who tabled two separate bills last week that are currently under discussion in committee. 

Both bills essentially propose the same thing, and it remains unclear which one will reach the Senate floor for a vote.  

The only difference is that the text drafted by Boyle proposes creating the so-called Cyber Security Enhancement Fund. The fund would make grants available to smaller communities with a population of up to one million “for the purpose of upgrading the cyber security of their local government.” 

This is the first proposed piece of legislation in the US that explicitly bans ransomware payments. The news comes following a string of ransomware attacks targeting New York’s state and municipal governments.