Researchers Uncover Another Rootkit Certified by Microsoft
A group of cybersecurity researchers at Bitdefender uncovered another rootkit that managed to get through Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) signing process. The FiveSys rootkit is the second rootkit that Bitdefender’s researchers ran into, which managed to bypass Microsoft’s
New Data Loss Prevention Rules to Combat Data Leaks via Google Chat
Google recently announced that it is working on a feature bound to help its users share sensitive information through Google chat and Chrome and keep their data protected. In an attempt to do so, the tech giant is developing Google Data Loss Prevention rules for chat administrators. The company anno
Big Vulnerability Found in Popular WordPress Plugin
WordPress users are now a potential target of takeover attacks due to a bug found in the Brizy - Page Builder plugin. Security provider and WordPress-plugin developer Wordfence published its findings on this major vulnerability in its latest blog post. According to the company, the bug has been p
Apple Report Warns Against Sideloading
A new Apple white paper is trying to make the case against sideloading apps on iOS by warning of potential security risks associated with the practice. The 28-page document titled Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps analyzes current smartphone technologies and possible threats for m
New Backdoor Linked to Infamous Sunburst Hackers
Researchers at Kaspersky Labs believe they’ve detected new activity from the supposedly dormant hacker group DarkHalo. They discovered a brand-new backdoor called Tomiris, a so-called “advanced persistent threat” (APT). It was found during a recent DNS redirect attack aimed at several undis
Members of a Ransomware Gang Arrested in Ukraine
Two individuals connected to a “prominent ransomware gang” are now in the custody of Ukrainian police. Police arrested two men, age and name undisclosed, on September 28 as part of a big international crime-busting operation. During this operation, a collaboration between the FBI, French cybe
Kaspersky Rates Gamma’s FinSpy Updates as Highly Concerning
Upon running an eight-month analysis into the FinFisher spyware toolkit, Kaspersky revealed its findings at the Security Analyst Summit 2021 on Tuesday, 28. September. The toolkit includes a four-layer obfuscation, a two-stage loader, and a new UEFI “bootkit” attack. FinSpy, also known as Fin
NETGEAR Broadband Routers Affected by High-Severity RCE Flaw
NETGEAR, a multinational networking equipment company, has released patches to fix a dangerous vulnerability to remotely executed codes, which affects multiple routers and can expose users to various remote attacks. A significant number of NETGEAR’s broadband and WiFi routers are susceptible to
Millions of HP Omen PCs Affected by Severe Flaw
On Tuesday, cybersecurity researchers revealed details about a severe flaw in the driver software of HP’s OMEN line of laptops. This flaw affects millions of gaming PCs, exposing them to an array of cyberattacks. The vulnerability, also known as CVE-2021-3437, could allow cybercriminals to acce
Amazon AWS Launches Amazon Managed Grafana
On September 1, Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of its fully managed data visualization service, Amazon Managed Grafana. The data visualization software created by Amazon AWS is expected to assist general users in translating their business metrics into useful statistics fo
Only 16% of Homeowners Protect Wi-Fi Routers
Unsettling data compiled by NordVPN reveals that only 16% of homeowners who have a Wi-Fi router actually do something to protect them. According to the VPN service, more than 64% of homes have a Wi-Fi router. The news comes at a time when hackers are targeting home routers with alarming frequency
Senate Appropriates Over $1.9B for Cybersecurity in Infrastructure Bill
As a part of the $944 billion funding package meant for the nation’s infrastructure, including the electric grid, water systems, roads and bridges, airports, and ports, among other priorities, the US Senate allocated $1.9 billion for cybersecurity. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs