A Year in Cybersecurity: Investments Grow, but So Does the Number of Cyberattacks
A new report by Canalys about the state of the cybersecurity industry in 2020 shows that even though companies are spending more money than ever to protect their data, the number of data breaches continues to rise. The report states that during the 12 months of 2020, approximately 30 billion file
30 million credit cards leaked in the biggest Wawa breach to date
Credit card details of over 30 million Americans are being sold on the dark web following a massive data breach at convenience chain store Wawa.    Gemini Advisory, a New York-based fraud intelligence firm, revealed that the data was being uploaded to the Joker’s Stash site. The dump has bee
Chris Hadnagy announces new conference to tackle human hacking issues
The man behind the Social Engineering’s Capture the Flag contest at DEF CON announced he was launching the first social engineering event geared towards the business, security, technology and psychology industries.  Chris Hadnagy is a leading cybersecurity expert who keeps Fortune 500 companie
Russian hacker pleads guilty to running a black market website
A 29-year-old Russian national accused of running an online criminal marketplace devoted to credit card fraud and other cybercrimes pleaded guilty last week.  According to the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, Aleksei Burkov was charged with conspiring to commit comput
New York senators propose banning government agencies from paying ransomware demands
Lawmakers in the state of New York are trying to ban local entities from using taxpayer money to pay ransomware demands.   The ban was proposed by Republican New York State Senator Phil Boyle and Democrat David Carlucci who tabled two separate bills last week that are currently under discussion
US Cyber Command’s campaign to hack ISIS faced bureaucratic & data storage challenges 
Newly declassified documents show that US Cyber Command had to overcome intense bureaucratic hurdles in order to launch its flagship operation against the so-called Islamic State.  The trove of documents made public this week reveal numerous challenges with Operation Glowing Symphony including d
Montreal teen charged over $50 million cryptocurrency theft 
Even the most security-savvy individual can fall victim to a SIM swapping hack performed by a teenager. One such teenager is Samy Bensaci from Montreal who is facing four criminal charges in connection with a $50 million scam. The 18-year-old is accused of being part of an organised crime ring th
Ubisoft files lawsuit against DDoS attackers  
Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against the owners of SNG.ONE, an alleged distributed denial-of-service attack website. The lawsuit filed in a California court last week lists a number of people from across the globe as defendants.  Ubisoft is behind blockbuster video game franchises like Far Cry, Rainb
FBI to notify state election officials about hacks 
The FBI will be notifying state election officials about cyber breaches to election systems in their jurisdictions. The announcement by the Bureau comes as Americans prepare to head to the polls later this year.    According to the Justice Department, the move is designed to increase transpare
Senators introduce bill to coordinate cybersecurity at all levels of government
State governments need to get serious about cybersecurity - and the federal government is stepping in to make sure they do. A bipartisan group of four US Senators has introduced the Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act, which would create a federally funded program to make sure every state has a c
Chinese authorities arrest 29-year-old who made $1.6 million selling VPN services
A 29-year-old Chinese man is facing a lengthy prison sentence after making a fortune by selling software that bypasses China’s internet censorship controls.   The Taizhou resident reportedly pocketed $1.6 million by running a virtual private network that he rented out to 28,000 regular custom
Dating apps face fines for sharing users’ personal details
Popular dating sites are sharing highly sensitive information pertaining to their users’ sexual preferences, political views and even drug use.    According to a report from the Norwegian Consumer Council, the data is being divulged to advertisers and marketers to help them send consumers mo