Amazon AWS Launches Amazon Managed Grafana
On September 1, Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of its fully managed data visualization service, Amazon Managed Grafana. The data visualization software created by Amazon AWS is expected to assist general users in translating their business metrics into useful statistics fo
Only 16% of Homeowners Protect Wi-Fi Routers
Unsettling data compiled by NordVPN reveals that only 16% of homeowners who have a Wi-Fi router actually do something to protect them. According to the VPN service, more than 64% of homes have a Wi-Fi router. The news comes at a time when hackers are targeting home routers with alarming frequency
Senate Appropriates Over $1.9B for Cybersecurity in Infrastructure Bill
As a part of the $944 billion funding package meant for the nation’s infrastructure, including the electric grid, water systems, roads and bridges, airports, and ports, among other priorities, the US Senate allocated $1.9 billion for cybersecurity. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs
‘Master Faces’ Bypass Over 40% of Facial Authentication Systems
Researchers from Israel have built a neural network that can create ‘master faces’ - generalized facial images that can bypass facial ID authentication. According to their findings, face ID for 40% of the population can be tricked using only nine ‘master faces’, spelling a grim future for th
Vultur Malware Steals Banking and Cryptocurrency App Credentials
A new form of Android malware called Vultur uses device screen recording and keylogging to snatch login credentials from banking and cryptocurrency applications. Vultur was first detected by the Amsterdam-based cybersecurity research company ThreatFabric in late March. The malware got its name du
FBI on High Alert for Cyberattacks During Olympics
On July 19, 2021, the FBI issued a notification to service providers and other organizations connected to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics about potential cyberattacks. According to the alert: “Cyber actors could use ransomware or other malicious tools and services available for purchase on the i
Two Years After the Texas Ransomware Attack: What’s Changed?
In August 2019, the emergency management coordinator in Borger, Texas, Jason Whisler, received a phone call informing him that the city’s entire computer system had been hacked. The attack effectively crippled day-to-day operations, freezing workers out of their files and preventing residents f
Up to 1,500 Small Businesses Compromised in Kaseya Ransomware Attack
Kaseya, an IT solutions developer that was the victim of a huge ransomware attack on July 2, said that up to 1,500 of its clients have been compromised. This was only the latest in the string of ransomware attacks that have hit US businesses and services, taking an increasingly large toll on their b
Security Vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux Revealed on Same Day
Security vulnerabilities for two popular operating systems - Windows and Linux - were both revealed on the same day, July 20th. These security flaws can allow hackers with toehold access to bypass security and elevate access, letting them extract passwords and other sensitive data. Toehold access
Pegasus Spyware Used to Spy on Journalists, Politicians, and Activists
Pegasus, military-grade spyware created by a private Israeli cybersurveillance company called NSO, has been used to spy on over 50,000 people around the world, including journalists, politicians, and human rights activists. This information comes from an investigation coordinated by Forbidden Sto
Webroot Warns – Streaming Sites Full of Malicious Content
The famous cybersecurity software company, Webroot published results of its research in May 2021, showing that 92 percent of illegal sports streaming sites had malicious content. Webroot has identified Bitcoin and mobile apps scams, notifications and search results hijacking, and fleeceware on these
Kaspersky Warns About Dangers of Dating Apps in Latest Report
In her latest report on dating apps called “Love in the digital age: What does the future hold for us?” Kaspersky’s security expert Tatyana Shishkova shed some light on the dangers of dating apps following a year of people sitting at home, “swiping,” and “hearting” one another. Shis