Hackers demand $14 million to unlock nursing home PCs
Each and every file has been encrypted on an estimated 80,000 computers owned by Virtual Care Provider Inc.  VCPI provides IT services to nursing homes in 45 states - including internet access, billing, phones, email, and client records. Hackers encrypted the entire computer networks of 110 nurs
4 billion user accounts exposed on password-free server
A data breach disclosing personal information associated with billions of social media and other accounts has been discovered by security researchers at Data Viper. The numbers are chilling: Data files containing stolen personal information: 1 Terabytes of stolen personal information in t
Postal services a hot target for ID thieves
We’re two decades into the 21st millennium and identity thieves are turning to offline methods of ID theft - good ol’ snail-mail. Analysts at Flashpoint have discovered message-board discussions about mail forwarding and how to abuse it for financial gain.  “Many of these individuals ar
Police arrest underage hacker suspected of cyberattack on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
A hacker who is believed to have helped hijack Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account has been arrested. Representatives of the Santa Clara County (California) district attorney’s office have confirmed that the hacker - whose identity has not been disclosed because he is a minor - was appr
New Jersey school district hit with ransomware
Livingston School District of Livingston, New Jersey, delayed the school day by two hours on Monday, November 25, after its servers were infected by ransomware on November 21. Superintendent Matthew Block wrote in a letter on the district website that school administrators would use the late star
T-Mobile prepaid customers hacked
T-Mobile prepaid customers hacked Telecommunications carrier T-Mobile has disclosed a security breach that targeted users of its prepaid cellular telephone services. In a statement released November 22, T-Mobile says hackers did not access passwords, financial information, or Social Security n
Racoon Stealer malware bypasses spam filters
A new phishing threat is successfully bypassing spam filters and infecting thousands of Windows PCs. Hackers responsible for the Raccoon Stealer exploit have found a simple way to circumvent Microsoft and Symantec anti-spam gateways. They simply mask the malware as a .img file hosted on Dropbox.
OnePlus suffers data breach, delays disclosure
Smartphone maker OnePlus failed to notify customers of a mid-November data breach until more than a week had passed. Unauthorized parties hacked into OnePlus servers, accessing the names, email addresses, and shipping details for about 3,000 customers in India. OnePlus took prompt steps to stop t
Stolen Disney+ accounts reportedly being sold for $3 a piece
Not even a month has passed since Disney’s streaming platform made its first steps, and hackers are already peddling stolen accounts. Where there’s login information to be used, there’s login information to be stolen and sold. This has held true for the more seasoned OTT platforms like Netf