Zeppelin ransomware targets Western tech & healthcare companies
A new kind of ransomware is going after technology and healthcare companies across Europe, the US and Canada. The malware goes by the name Zeppelin and is based on VegaLocker, another family of network-encrypting malware.   Described as highly configurable, Zeppelin has experts worried since
Creepy hacks target Ring security cameras
The world of IoT is teeming with nightmares as hackers gain remote access to family homes through security cameras.  Families from Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, and Texas have reported unauthorized logins and widespread misuse of their Ring security-camera systems. One chilling story comes f
Over 750,000 Birth Certificates Exposed Online
More than 750,000 Americans had their personal details exposed on the internet after an online platform, which allows residents to request copies of vital records, failed to properly store the data.  The third-party supplier handled applications for copies of birth certificates and other records
Class action suit accuses TikTok of transferring US user data to China
TikTok, one of the world’s most popular video-sharing apps, has been slapped with a class action lawsuit that claims the company transferred private user data to China without consent.  The complaint was filed by a California-based university student who alleges she downloaded TikTok but did n
Facebook Sues Ad Company for Hijacking Accounts
Facebook is suing a Hong Kong-based company that it alleges used malware to compromise hundreds of thousands of user accounts to target users with fraudulent ads. According to the filed lawsuits, ILikeAd Media International Company Ltd. used the ads to promote counterfeit goods. Chinese software
South Korean crypto exchange loses $50 million in cyberattack
UPbit, the leading South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, experienced a cyberattack causing it to lose nearly $50 million worth of Ether.  The exchange promised to cover the losses with its own assets. However, UPbit announced that it will take “at least two weeks” for services to get back to
Stantinko botnet used YouTube for cryptomining
A Slovakian cybersecurity firm has revealed that the Stantinko botnet, which has infected over 500,000 devices worldwide, is being used for mining Monero cryptocurrency via Youtube.  Slovakian antivirus software supplier Eset found that Stantinko botnet operators moved beyond fraud, stealing pas
Beware of the Black Friday scammers
Black Friday is just around the corner and retailers expect the holiday weekend to drive sales through the roof. However, countless scammers are looking to grab a piece of the pie.  False coupons, promotions, discounts, and other disguised malware mechanisms are already circulating the web and l
Two Android SDKs caught collecting user data
If you used your Facebook or Twitter login on Android apps there is a pretty good chance your personal data ended up in the hands of third parties. OneAudience and Mobiburn are third-party software kits that allow integration of ads into Android apps. Many developers use these SDKs, which have be
Millions of healthcare records exposed through cyberattacks
More than 30 million Americans have had their medical records exposed due to cyberattacks on the healthcare industry throughout 2019.  According to research reported in HIPAA Journal, a periodical devoted to healthcare privacy, the number of exposed, lost, or stolen healthcare records hit the 38
French hospital targeted by ransomware returns to pen and paper
University Hospital Center of Rouen, France, suffered a ransomware attack in mid-November, rendering the hospital’s PCs unusable.  Although the cyberattack caused delays in care, representatives of the 1,300-bed hospital stated that no patients were put in danger. Thanks to the hospital staff
Catch restaurants hit by point-of-sale malware
Catch Hospitality Group has announced that a point-of-sale malware attack may have exposed customer data.  Popular New York City restaurants Catch NYC, Catch Roof, and Catch Steak initiated an investigation after discovering unauthorized activity on payment processing systems. The investigation