IoT vendor accidentally exposes data of 2.4 million users
Wyze, an American IoT vendor, confirmed a server leak that exposed the records of approximately 2.4 million customers.  The company’s co-founder Dongsheng Song said the leak was accidental and was most probably the result of human error.  The exposed database, an Elasticsearch system, was
Greta Thunberg’s name used in malware attack
Hackers used Greta Thunberg’s name to try and steal financial credentials during the Christmas season. Researchers from SophosLabs unveiled a coordinated campaign that attempted to deliver Emotet malware to unsuspecting victims around the globe. The cybercriminals behind the scheme sent out mali
Chinese hackers bypass two-factor authentication 
A Chinese government-linked hacking group is believed to be behind a wave of worldwide attacks, bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) in the process.  According to a report by Dutch cyber-security firm Fox-IT, the group is targeting government entities and service providers in fields like he
Scammers get creative with Christmas sextortion attack 
“I know what you were doing the past couple of days,” read an email sent as part of a sextortion scam.  It was the second time the extortionists had contacted the victim claiming spyware had been installed on his computer and that hackers were in possession of potentially embarrassing conten
New Trojans sneak into Google Play Store
Researchers have found new malware in eight Android apps distributed through the Play Store. The tech giant Google responded to the revelations by deleting only one. The Venus malware was discovered by French cybersecurity agency Evina, which warned users that the malicious software takes the for
Chat app ToTok exposed as UAE spying tool 
A New York Times investigation is alleging that the messaging application ToTok is being used as a surveillance tool by authorities in the United Arab Emirates. The investigation, aided by unnamed US intelligence officials, found that the UAE is using the chat app to follow users' conversations,
Thousands of Ring accounts exposed in data leak
More than 3,000 Amazon Ring camera users reportedly had their personal information exposed in a recent data leak.  According to BuzzFeed News, the leak compromised the login credentials of Ring customers, potentially allowing hackers access to payment information, addresses and even camera foota
Phishing attacks target Star Wars fans
Star Wars fans are being lured over the dark side by cybercriminals hoping to cash in on the latest installment of the lucrative franchise. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” was officially released on Friday. But in the days leading up the premier, researchers at Kaspersky found over 30 phis
Hackers steal credit card info in Magecart attack on Rooster Teeth online store
A popular Texas-based video and podcast streaming company was hit by a payment-card attack earlier this month.  Rooster Teeth’s video-streaming service fell prey to a Magecart attack that enabled hackers to siphon off credit card details and other payment information from customers who had pat
Canada’s leading lab-test provider hit by massive data breach
One of Canada’s largest medical services companies revealed that millions of customers had their personal information stolen in a data breach in late October.  Hackers may have obtained addresses, passwords, dates of birth, and health card numbers of 15 million LifeLabs customers. The private
Epilepsy Foundation targeted with seizure-triggering tweets
The Epilepsy Foundation of America is facing a disturbing new trend on Twitter, where miscreants are posting seizure-inducing GIFs to the organization’s feed.     The foundation filed a criminal complaint against unnamed social media users this week for exposing its Twitter followers to pot
New Jersey’s largest hospital system falls victim to ransomware attack
New Jersey’s largest hospital system paid an undisclosed sum last week to regain control over its systems after being hit by a ransomware attack.  Hackensack Meridian Health, which operates 17 medical facilities, said in a statement that  it was insured for such emergency situations. The c