French hospital targeted by ransomware returns to pen and paper

Doctor clipboard - Featured image

University Hospital Center of Rouen, France, suffered a ransomware attack in mid-November, rendering the hospital’s PCs unusable. 

Although the cyberattack caused delays in care, representatives of the 1,300-bed hospital stated that no patients were put in danger. Thanks to the hospital staff’s swift reaction, everything was back to normal in no time. Sort of. 

The medical staff at CHU decided to forego computers and rely upon the “old-fashioned method of paper and pencil” as a response to the cyberattack. According to a statement published on Facebook, this step was taken to spite demands of a ransom payment.

Since most of the hospital’s PCs were rendered inoperable by the attack, staff members handled appointments by phone while prescriptions and reports were issued by hand. 

Le Monde reported that the national cybercrime agency, ANSSI, managed to limit the outbreak. Working with hospital staff members, ANSSI has cleaned up infected computers, re-installed software, and recovered encrypted data files. 

Police are still searching for the criminals responsible for the attack.