MysterySnail Malware Exploits Another Windows Zero-day
Update your antivirus and OS, because there’s yet another zero-day vulnerability in Windows operating systems. Researchers at Kaspersky have discovered a string of attacks conducted by Chinese hacking group APT in late August and early September. The attackers focused their attacks on a, at the
Latest Crypto Scam Takes $1.4M Through Fake Crypto Apps
If your internet sweetheart is trying to convince you to download some apps, claiming you’ll get rich by investing, they’re most likely trying to scam you. The latest scam involves an app called CryptoRom, which an unsuspecting person will install under the pretense that it’ll help them inv
Text Messaging Provider Suffers a Massive Breach
If you’ve got a mobile plan on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Vodafone, chances are hackers have been able to read your text messages for years. This shocking revelation comes from a recent document Syniverse filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. On page 69 of the document, S
AG Office’s Investigation Into T-Mobile Data Breach Underway
Attorney General, Maura Healey, launched an investigation into the recent T-Mobile breach, which compromised the data of more than 50 million people nationwide in July 2021. The analysis sets out to uncover whether T-Mobile had appropriate safeguard measures in place before the breach and how the si
Health Care Data Breaches Increased by 51% During COVID-19 Pandemic
Companies in the health care industry saw a significant increase in data breaches and leakages in 2020 compared to 2019, reveals the latest report by Constella Intelligence, a digital risk protection service provider. Published on July 30, the report titled “The 2021 Identity Breach Report, PII
Ransomware Attackers Threaten to Release Stolen Gigabyte Data
The Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has recently suffered a ransomware attack targeting their internal network and the American Megatrends’ Git Repository. Now, ransomware hackers are threatening to release 112GB of captured data to the public unless the ransom is paid. Gigaby
Analysis Reveals Fake Military Vessel Location Data Being Broadcast
A recently published analysis conducted by conservation technology nonprofit SkyTruth and Global Fishing Watch, a website that monitors fishing activity globally, has revealed that the locations or even entire voyages of 100 warships belonging to 14 European countries have been faked since August 20
Security Vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux Revealed on Same Day
Security vulnerabilities for two popular operating systems - Windows and Linux - were both revealed on the same day, July 20th. These security flaws can allow hackers with toehold access to bypass security and elevate access, letting them extract passwords and other sensitive data. Toehold access
Pegasus Spyware Used to Spy on Journalists, Politicians, and Activists
Pegasus, military-grade spyware created by a private Israeli cybersurveillance company called NSO, has been used to spy on over 50,000 people around the world, including journalists, politicians, and human rights activists. This information comes from an investigation coordinated by Forbidden Sto
Lookout Uncovers Crypto-Mining Scams on Google Play
The integrated endpoint-to-cloud security company Lookout revealed on July 7, 2021, a smartphone crypto-mining scam employed by hundreds of Android apps. Researchers separated these apps into two app families, CloudScam and BitScam. In total, 170 apps were used to con more than 93,000 users and pock
Kaseya Ransomware Attack Takes Down Hundreds of Businesses
Hours before the holiday weekend of July 4th, an especially nasty piece of ransomware attacked remote networking tools at Kaseya, a system management provider. It then managed to quickly spread over Kaseya’s client network, affecting businesses that used its software. According to security experts
Malta and US Governments Likeliest to Infringe User Privacy
The VPN provider Surfshark recently published its User Data Surveillance Report. The company analyzed the data requests authorities from various countries have been sending to the most popular apps and services hosted by Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. The data shows the total number of requ