Is There a Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

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A reverse phone lookup allows individuals to gather information about a phone number’s owner. 

People search sites often have reverse phone lookup services that give users access to specific data, such as the name, address, and additional private information of those who own the number (you can even find someone on OnlyFans!).

While it’s hard to say whether there are real “free” reverse phone lookup sites, we do know that there are sites that can provide you with the data you need for almost free!

In this article, discover if there is a free reverse phone lookup and what the best ones are in the market today. 

Is There A Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

While obtaining information about a phone number without cost is appealing, free reverse phone lookup tools are scarce or nonexistent.

Several websites may claim to offer free services, but they are often limited and insufficient for the purpose. Paid reverse phone lookup tools can give you more in-depth information. 

Many websites offer “free” reverse phone lookup tools but are trying to steal data from you. 

It is essential to mention numerous cases of hacking, phishing, and other forms of cyberattacks when you use fake websites. Such websites can also try to take personal information from you and use it for fraud or even identity theft.

There are a lot of ways to use reverse lookup tools for almost no cost at all! Read on to learn more. 

Affordable Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

While traditional reverse phone lookup services have been popular for years, several alternatives offer innovative features and improved accuracy. 

As we’ve mentioned, paid reverse phone lookup sites offer more information than “free” sites. But don’t worry. Most of these sites offer a trial period that will cost you almost nothing!

These are the best reverse phone lookup tools in the market today:


BeenVerified is a reliable and popular reverse phone lookup alternative that offers a comprehensive database for recognizing anonymous callers.

The service also provides access to public information, criminal records, and other relevant data. BeenVerified stands out for its user-friendly interface and ability to provide extensive reports.

BeenVerified offers a $1 trial that lasts for seven days. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience before committing to their monthly subscription. 


Intelius is another trusted reverse phone lookup service that offers in-depth information about phone numbers and individuals.

Along with basic contact details, it can uncover additional information such as education, employment history, social media profiles, and more.

You can access their unlimited searches and premium features for $19.95 monthly. But you can also get a 5-day trial with the same perks for only $1.99.


Spokeo is a service that focuses on gathering extensive information about individuals. It combines data from different sources to provide a detailed report for a given phone number.

It can be advantageous if you’re trying to gather more information about someone beyond their basic contact details.

Spokeo’s rate starts at $19.95 if you directly sign up for the monthly subscription, but they also offer different promo rates if you are new to the website. 


TruthFinder is a highly reliable reverse phone lookup service that offers intense background checks beyond essential caller identification.

An intuitive interface and a commitment to data accuracy provide users with up-to-date information about unidentified callers.

It employs advanced security measures to protect data, ensuring that searches remain confidential.

While TruthFinder is also a paid service, it offers a $1 trial for five days

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate’s thorough information gathering will help you better understand the person behind the call.

It also offers various background check tools, primarily if you need to do a background check on someone.

Your searches and personal details remain confidential, ensuring peace of mind while you delve into their database.

Instant Checkmate’s rates range from $5.99 to $35.12 monthly. However, the website also offers a $1 trial for five days. Therefore, you can experience the website for yourself. 

US Search

The US Search website is a reliable, feature-rich reverse phone lookup alternative.

Their background check allows users to dig deeper into a person’s history, uncovering criminal records, civil judgments, and other public records.

It ensures a higher probability of finding accurate information about the caller.

US Search costs $1.99 for a five-day trial and a monthly subscription of $19.86.


PeopleFinder excels in providing details of the caller, making it easier to uncover the identity behind an unknown phone number.

Apart from basic details like names and home addresses, it can often provide added data such as age, email address, social media profiles, and possible relatives.

People Finder’s background checks can provide valuable insights, including criminal, court, marriage, and divorce records.

You can access the website’s features for $24.95 per month.

With the increase of unknown and spam calls, reverse phone lookup services have become fundamental tools for identifying callers and protecting ourselves from potential scams.

Social Media as Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

Social media platforms can be an excellent option if you want to try other methods that cost nothing. 

Social media also contain publicly available information, including profile names, pictures, and contact details.

Here are numerous examples that showcase how social media can serve as a reverse phone lookup tool:


Facebook is a great place to begin since numerous people use Facebook for personal use. 

You just have to put in the number on the search bar. If a phone number is affiliated with a person’s Facebook profile, their profile will appear in the search results.

You can also try searching for it within the Messenger app. If a number is linked to a Messenger account, there’s a chance that it will show up. 


If you have the phone number of the person you want to locate on Instagram, you can find what you’re looking for. 

You can use the Instagram app or website to utilize its search bar. Input the phone number to see if anything will come up. If the person has their phone number on their profile, you should find them on the results page. 

It is important to remember that using social media platforms as reverse phone lookup tools is possible, but it can be challenging. Most of the time, these sites don’t show results because users tend to protect their online privacy. 

It is worth a try, but paid lookup services still work better than this method.

Also, remember to respect the privacy of others and use the details responsibly. 

Using Google Search

Although it doesn’t have a dedicated search box, Google is a powerful tool for conducting reverse phone number lookups.

With its vast index of over 56 billion web pages, including publicly available resumes, Google can often help you identify the owner of a phone number.

Just like any other search, you just have to input the number on the search bar and let Google do its thing. If the person has publicly uploaded their number on the internet, there’s a huge chance that you can locate them. 

Using Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has a top-notch, free reverse phone lookup app for local businesses and charities. 

You can search by organization name, business category, or phone number. You can also include a location to refine the results.

The BBB is flexible with number formats. The app sorts results by Best Match but offers filters for distance, rating, and category. You can also view only BBB-accredited companies. 

This option can be great if you suspect an organization is calling you. But even if you’re not, it’s still a great method to try. 

Bottom Line

Reverse phone lookup services offer valuable information about phone numbers and their owners, allowing users to identify unknown callers or reconnect with lost contacts.

By leveraging various data sources and social media platforms, these services provide precise insights into the identities behind phone numbers.

With a range of trustworthy alternatives available, individuals have access to vast databases and innovative features.

Reverse phone lookup is essential in protecting oneself against scams and effectively overseeing incoming calls.


Is it safe to use reverse phone lookup?

The security of phone number lookup services depends on your usage. Most paid reverse phone lookup tools are safe to use. However, be careful using those that say “free” because they could be a scam.

Are using reverse phone lookup tools lawful?

Yes, as long as they gather data from public and shared databases. Most paid reverse phone lookup tools are legal if you don’t use the information for illegal activities such as stalking. 

Are the reverse phone lookup tools precise?

The reverse phone number lookup accuracy depends on your service, as some providers focus on information accuracy.

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