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Treaty endorsing state internet control passes UN hurdle
The United Nations has taken the first step toward enacting a cybercrime treaty that could justify human rights violations where internet access is controlled by authoritarian regimes. In November, the UN voted to support the Russia-sponsored treaty. The resolution has been backed by countries li
Police arrest underage hacker suspected of cyberattack on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
A hacker who is believed to have helped hijack Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account has been arrested. Representatives of the Santa Clara County (California) district attorney’s office have confirmed that the hacker - whose identity has not been disclosed because he is a minor - was appr
FakeAdsBlock floods Android devices with fake ads
FakeAdsBlock is the ironic name of a Trojan spreading rapidly through the Android user community. Malwarebytes discovered the malware in October 2019, estimating that only about 500 mobile devices had been affected at that time. The Trojan is disguised as an ad-blocking app, but in fact its effec
Women in tech statistics: Girls get tech
“By teaching our girls to code, we’re not just preparing them to enter the workforce — we’re preparing them to lead it.” — Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that aims to close the gender gap in technology If we want to pinpoint the moment women beg