A classical literature graduate and prolific writer, Nikola contributes to publications on many topics. He finds pleasure in descending into unlikely rabbit holes as he explores different industries and technologies. He tells us he sees links between the anarchic thinkers of the 19th century and today’s privacy advocates and blockchain innovators. You may find Nikola’s fascination with the dark web and the internet’s criminal underbelly disturbing, but you can’t argue with the rigor of his research or the attention he pays to detail.
IoT vendor accidentally exposes data of 2.4 million users
Wyze, an American IoT vendor, confirmed a server leak that exposed the records of approximately 2.4 million customers.  The company’s co-founder Dongsheng Song said the leak was accidental and was most probably the result of human error.  The exposed database, an Elasticsearch system, was
Scammers get creative with Christmas sextortion attack 
“I know what you were doing the past couple of days,” read an email sent as part of a sextortion scam.  It was the second time the extortionists had contacted the victim claiming spyware had been installed on his computer and that hackers were in possession of potentially embarrassing conten
These WordPress statistics show just how huge the platform is
If you ever tried setting up a website or blog, chances are you’ve come across WordPress. This is the simplest and most popular content management system on the planet. Powering more than a quarter of all websites on the internet, the platform’s impact is extensive. But with this great power com
Chat app ToTok exposed as UAE spying tool 
A New York Times investigation is alleging that the messaging application ToTok is being used as a surveillance tool by authorities in the United Arab Emirates. The investigation, aided by unnamed US intelligence officials, found that the UAE is using the chat app to follow users' conversations,
Phishing attacks target Star Wars fans
Star Wars fans are being lured over the dark side by cybercriminals hoping to cash in on the latest installment of the lucrative franchise. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” was officially released on Friday. But in the days leading up the premier, researchers at Kaspersky found over 30 phis
Hackers steal credit card info in Magecart attack on Rooster Teeth online store
A popular Texas-based video and podcast streaming company was hit by a payment-card attack earlier this month.  Rooster Teeth’s video-streaming service fell prey to a Magecart attack that enabled hackers to siphon off credit card details and other payment information from customers who had pat
Epilepsy Foundation targeted with seizure-triggering tweets
The Epilepsy Foundation of America is facing a disturbing new trend on Twitter, where miscreants are posting seizure-inducing GIFs to the organization’s feed.     The foundation filed a criminal complaint against unnamed social media users this week for exposing its Twitter followers to pot
Energy grid gets improved cyber protection with new legislation
Legislation designed to safeguard the US energy grid from cyberattacks has been adopted by the country’s lawmakers.  The Securing Energy Infrastructure Act falls under the provisions of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, which passed the House on December 13 and the Senate three days
New Jersey’s largest hospital system falls victim to ransomware attack
New Jersey’s largest hospital system paid an undisclosed sum last week to regain control over its systems after being hit by a ransomware attack.  Hackensack Meridian Health, which operates 17 medical facilities, said in a statement that  it was insured for such emergency situations. The c
Video surveillance in U.S. described as on par with China
Research analysis conducted by London-based information provider IHS Markit found that video surveillance in the US is “nearly on par” with China.  According to the IHS Markit report, China had 349 million cameras last year, which translates into one camera for every 4.1 of its citizens. Mea
The internet statistics that matter in 2020 and beyond
Over the past few decades, nothing has had a greater influence on our lives than the internet. But how much do we really know about the vast network that now runs the world? To find out, the team at DataProt scoured the World Wide Web for facts and stats about… the World Wide Web. Check out our
Evolving technology leaves users, companies vulnerable
Deepfake video technology, the Internet of Things, and new ransomware schemes are poised to wreak maximum damage on companies and individuals in 2020. That’s the assessment of Forrester, which has prepared an analysis of upcoming cyberthreats for ZDNet. Forrester believes deepfake technology