A classical literature graduate and prolific writer, Nikola contributes to publications on many topics. He finds pleasure in descending into unlikely rabbit holes as he explores different industries and technologies. He tells us he sees links between the anarchic thinkers of the 19th century and today’s privacy advocates and blockchain innovators. You may find Nikola’s fascination with the dark web and the internet’s criminal underbelly disturbing, but you can’t argue with the rigor of his research or the attention he pays to detail.
US Cyber Command’s campaign to hack ISIS faced bureaucratic & data storage challenges 
Newly declassified documents show that US Cyber Command had to overcome intense bureaucratic hurdles in order to launch its flagship operation against the so-called Islamic State.  The trove of documents made public this week reveal numerous challenges with Operation Glowing Symphony including d
FBI to notify state election officials about hacks 
The FBI will be notifying state election officials about cyber breaches to election systems in their jurisdictions. The announcement by the Bureau comes as Americans prepare to head to the polls later this year.    According to the Justice Department, the move is designed to increase transpare
Senators introduce bill to coordinate cybersecurity at all levels of government
State governments need to get serious about cybersecurity - and the federal government is stepping in to make sure they do. A bipartisan group of four US Senators has introduced the Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act, which would create a federally funded program to make sure every state has a c
30 big data statistics everybody’s talking about
Have you ever looked at the night sky and thought to yourself: How many stars are out there? Well, you could ask a similar question about big data. While nothing quite compares to the infinity of the universe, the amount of data generated throughout the expansion of the internet certainly comes clos
Evil Rebranded: New Version of Satan Ransomware Resurfaces in China
The son of Satan has emerged on the scene in China in the form of a new ransomware virus. The malware dubbed 5ss5c is reportedly the rebranded version of the infamous rent-a-ransomware service, Satan.   Its creators offered Satan for tailor-made ransomware attacks by third parties. The malware
30 mobile app statistics for the informed smartphone user 
Check out DataProt's guides for the best smartphone security software: Best VPN for Android Best VPN for iOS Best Antivirus for Android Remember life before smartphones? Your iPod was full of R Kelly and 50 Cent. You chatted with friends via SMS. You were thinking about opening an acc
Chinese authorities arrest 29-year-old who made $1.6 million selling VPN services
A 29-year-old Chinese man is facing a lengthy prison sentence after making a fortune by selling software that bypasses China’s internet censorship controls.   The Taizhou resident reportedly pocketed $1.6 million by running a virtual private network that he rented out to 28,000 regular custom
Dating apps face fines for sharing users’ personal details
Popular dating sites are sharing highly sensitive information pertaining to their users’ sexual preferences, political views and even drug use.    According to a report from the Norwegian Consumer Council, the data is being divulged to advertisers and marketers to help them send consumers mo
Russian hackers target Ukrainian gas company at heart of Trump impeachment saga
Russia’s military intelligence organization, the GRU, is being accused of successfully hacking a Ukranian gas company that is at the center of impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump.  The Russian hackers reportedly tricked employees at Burisma Holdings into giving up their c
Daughter of late Republican gerrymandering mastermind exposes his personal files    
Image source: Youtube screenshot Should the privacy of a person's data be preserved post mortem? This curious case illustrates the best case scenario when the answer is - no. The estranged daughter of late Republican political strategist and gerrymandering mastermind, Thomas Hofeller, made thou
Homeland security warns of possible Iranian cyberattacks 
US authorities are on heightened alert for cyberattacks amid fears Tehran may target government institutions and businesses to avenge the killing of top Iranain commander Qasem Soleimani.  Iran vowed retaliation over the assasiation of Soleimani, who was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad la
25 internet privacy statistics that will make you rethink your surfing habits
Protect your internet privacy, find the Best VPN on the market. The internet. It’s hard to imagine life without it. From basic communication with friends and loved ones to instant transactions that make standing in line as outdated as fax machines, the web has become intricately interwoven into