A degree in philosophy left Luka stranded and lost on the job market until an unpaid internship with a cybersecurity company opened his eyes to an exciting and scary new world. He has since held many jobs and filled various positions in publishing, but the problem of online privacy has stuck with him – both philosophically and practically. Luka has combined his prowess at making complicated topics accessible with his passion for data safety. The result is DataProt: a project that helps folks retain the basics of a fundamental human need – privacy.
More than 70 cybercrime statistics – Soon to be a $6 trillion problem
Gathering precise and reliable statistics about cybercrime is difficult. Assessing the true number of cybercrime victims, for example, is next to impossible. Most of the information comes from two types of sources, both of which are unreliable and biased. Government reports from agencies like t
Free adware scanner drops support for Windows Vista, XP
As of November 26, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner no longer supports older versions of Windows. AdwCleaner 8 is a free tool that detects and removes adware and other potentially harmful software from your computer and browser.  The program scans your browser setup, removing pop-up windows, browser t
Hackers demand $14 million to unlock nursing home PCs
Each and every file has been encrypted on an estimated 80,000 computers owned by Virtual Care Provider Inc.  VCPI provides IT services to nursing homes in 45 states - including internet access, billing, phones, email, and client records. Hackers encrypted the entire computer networks of 110 nurs
Mozilla Firefox to block fingerprinting automatically from January
Mozilla’s new version of Firefox - version 72 - will block fingerprints automatically. The browser already includes fingerprint blocking through its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, but starting from January of next year it will be enabled by default. Fingerprinting is an exceptionally int
Swedish hacking startup secures multi-million euro boost
Ethical hacking startup Detectify has secured €21.5 million in Series B funding. The Swedish company is using a crowdsourcing model to bring cybersecurity solutions to companies from around the world. Detectify’s mission statement is a “safer internet for all,” and the platform has exp
Stolen Disney+ accounts reportedly being sold for $3 a piece
Not even a month has passed since Disney’s streaming platform made its first steps, and hackers are already peddling stolen accounts. Where there’s login information to be used, there’s login information to be stolen and sold. This has held true for the more seasoned OTT platforms like Netf
The all-connecting thread: Internet usage statistics for 2019
Cyberspace. Information superhighway. The web. No matter what you call it, it’s possibly the most important technological innovation since the invention of the wheel. Internet usage statistics demonstrate that the web is interwoven with almost every aspect of our lives: connecting us, providing
On password security: Forget passwords, remember passphrases!
Every new online account is another Jenga block added to the increasingly wobbly structure of our internet personas. Credentials are being leaked left and right, mostly through no fault of our own. The least we can do is ramp up our password safety so our private codes aren’t crackable in a manner
No chill – Netflix statistics illustrate incredible growth
Check out our list of the best VPN for Netflix. Netflix’s co-founders, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, came up with the idea of a flat-fee, unlimited movie-rental service after paying a $40 late fee at Blockbuster’s. At least that’s how the story goes. It was, in fact, a tale made up by Ha
Ransomware statistics in 2020: From random barrages to targeted hits
Check out our list of the Best Ransomware Protection Solutions. Ransomware attacks have come a long way from their brutish and unsophisticated beginnings as “spray-and-pray” email phishing campaigns against randomly selected targets. The overall number of attacks has dropped, but their
Data breach statistics that will make you think twice before filling out an online form
Data breaches are flooding the news. From large hotels and banks to universities and voters’ lists, it seems none of our personal information is as safe as we’d hope. So, how do breaches happen? What kind of information is compromised? Whose fault is it? And what are the ramifications of such ev
Exploring identity theft statistics in the age of data breaches
The internet has created a culture of oversharing. Social media, online shopping, and similar online services have made us reckless with the amount of personal information we make public.  Companies leaking massive amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) in large-scale data breaches